Friday, November 11


I took that word from a recent episode of Big Bang Theory. There are great amounts of other emotions swirling around inside of me right now, but that's the kindest one of the bunch.

I am astounded by the sheer lack of tact and lacking senses of responsibility and duty that seems to plague the modern generations. How people disregard the fact that you can't take back words one has uttered or typed in the heat of the moment. How people can have so much gall and disrespect on a multitude of dimensions the hands that have fed them. How people can metaphorically crap on the faces of those that have reminded them of the dangers of life and society, who took a step back to watch realities shatter, and then were still there to help the reattach the tarnished and scarred pieces together as best as anyone could.

It is mind blowing.

I have to go now. There is much to do now because of moderately unforeseen circumstances and I am absolutely livid.

Wish me luck, I'll see you soon. <3

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