Wednesday, May 29


I realize that my blog has gotten extra boring this past year with the format I've chosen to use. I apologize that the day-to-day updates are not insanely entertaining, but it's more of a record for me to use later on with my scrapbooking. That and to keep myself accountable towards the goals I set for myself. I'll be able to look back and see what I valued and spent my time on, etc.

Monday: It's Memorial Day and we spend it low-keyed and quiet. It was a nice change. I've had much more exciting things in the past but looking back on the past years (mostly thanks to this blog), I can see how things have changed for me in terms of family dynamics.

I can see that I've gone from hopeful and open, to angry and resentful, and now I think I'm drained and numb. That's definitely going to change because it needs to.

To lighten things up a bit, I did use this tutorial to do this to my nails! I'm so glad I tried it out.

Tuesday: I volunteered to go back to work to help FMIL pack up her classroom as I have done for the past few years. It's a mind-boggling time for both of us. I'm still in denial about all of the changes that are going to happen next school year.

Afterward, she and I brainstormed a gift package for one of our friends that we'll see this weekend. The window-shopping has begun in earnest!

Wednesday: My work schedule gave kitty a strict timeline in terms of feedings and his stomach does not want me to sleep any later than 7am. You are lucky that I love you to death, my furry little boy. it works out for me to get up, grab him some food, and turn on the evap cooler at the same time. I'm trying to go with my body's timer and stay awake when I get up early.

I'm getting bored with all of the things I've used to kill time lately, so I'm trying to channel that energy into productive things like catching up on purging, cleaning, organizing or picking up practicing cooking again. Heck, I haven't worked on Project Life in... a month. Holy cow.

I haven't been taking many pictures either so I'm trying to make up for that too. It goes with my current mental state of being jaded and numb. Unacceptable. That has got to change for me and those I care about. It's probably best if I don't sit down to make a plan how to get out of this funk because then it'll just be over-analyzed and worried over. Let's just do stuff. Will definitely keep you posted on that! : )

Oh! Again, before I forget any longer, this is a picture of the bats that FMIL and I saw coming out from under a bridge at sunset last Thursday. So cool.

Sunday, May 26

Summer Vacation

I've already started losing track of the days. Sigh. That and there's a to-do list that has been staring at me for the past two weeks and it is not pleased.

Thursday: Rough and long day at work. It was the last day for the students and there was a lot to clean up. I thought I would be more upset and saddened by the year coming to the end, but guess I was too worn out or preoccupied with getting through the day to let it hit me.

Friday: Grading day except the grades have already gone home. Nearly half of the staff are moving on next year, so there was a whole lot of packing up going on. Lots of changes are going on next year and I'm having a difficult time processing it all. It's hard to imagine that place without the people who I have come to deeply respect and taught me so much.

Saturday: I was reluctant to wake up early for a brunch-luncheon with a few ladies, only to find that the SO was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for some breakfast burritos. It was a long day, but I'm glad I got to hang out with so many cool people. I don't think it's really sunk in that it's summer vacation even though I've nearly shouted it from the rooftops.

Sunday: I finally slept in sort of late and it feels good. Kitty didn't super appreciate his breakfast being a little late. A friend of mine boosted one of my characters and I have really enjoyed playing Diablo 3 again on my own toon. It's been a pretty relaxing day for kitty and I while we try to stave off the heat. I'll have pictures next time, my camera battery is charging right now.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Please stay safe and remember to thank all that have served for their sacrifices. <3 br="">

Wednesday, May 22

One More Day

Doing my best to deny the fact that we're nearly halfway through this year. Yup.

Monday: I keep making new friends online and it just feels nice. I feel a bit more normal being my goofy self with people who have similar interests. I know for some this is how socializing has always been, but this is relatively new to me. We're all planning how the rest of the week is going to pan out. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Tuesday: Haven't been sleeping well, so after coming home late, I didn't do a whole lot before heading to bed. Felt lightheaded, made myself some pasta the moment I got home, and took over an hour to eat a single serving. I really hope I don't get sick for school to end.

Wednesday: I wanted to be more productive at home today and got home from work three hours late. Yeah... There goes baking and such. Oh! I did say that I had a vlog to share. One more day with kids!

Sunday, May 19

Bits & Moments

Friday: I was so relieved for it to be the weekend, but it was a long day. Lots of stuff to try to tie up at work because next week is the last week of school. I'm pretty darn sure that the adults are much more ready for this vacation than the kids are. :P

It was also the night of our office party and that is always fun! I love the house that it's been hosted at, I've gushed about it plenty of times. This will be the last time though. We had so many people retiring and/or relocating. My gut is wrenching at the thought of how the dynamic is going to change next year. So far, I do plan on coming back, we're just not sure what my title will be.

I am all about the passive sentences. Apparently.

Oh! I've taken pictures that are decent enough to share! Remember when that was a regular thing? This is a peek at my outfit for the party. A friend wanted to see my boots, so I took these to show her online. I really love these. They are so comfortable!

The contorting and brain power it took to take these... Oof.

Saturday: I crammed in some last minute house cleaning for last minute company. Ended up being volunteered to cook dinner as well. We had Beef and Broccoli using leftover BBQ tri-tip. I was proud of my efforts, it's the second time we've tried this recipe and it's still a keeper.

Served over steamed white rice. The SO added Sriracha to his.

I bought my tickets to visit my folks and friends in Florida (finally). It's costing us more than ever but we really wanted to have this time together with my dad having had his health scare these past few months. Money well spent.

Sunday: I've been stressing out about trying to make myself relax. It sounds dumb, I know, but it's the kind of stuff you deal with when dealing with a nervous person. I recorded a garden update vlog but it's not ready yet.

Through the weekend, I've been helping out with my friend's social media project. It's just going to get worse when summer hits. I need to learn to reign myself in.

Wow, do I enjoy the night time's peaceful quiet. Just a few more days... Got to keep focusing on the good and happy moments to get myself out of this mental funk.

Thursday, May 16

Not Caught Up

Oh yeah, I said that I'd make a real post today. Oof.

Monday- Thursday: I'm just trying to get through these last few days of the school. The kids have a severe cases of senioritis and it's taking all of my brainpower to figure out how to keep them on task and learning.

By the time I get home, my brain has been mush and I haven't gotten much else done around the house. Whatever energy I have left has been put into helping my friends in their live stream which has had a few special events that have gotten out of hand in terms of publicity. Maybe this will be a good thing?

Something's gotta give and change by this weekend. Let's hope that it's for the better.

Wednesday, May 15

Twenties & Sevens

Will post a real post tomorrow. Friends are hosting a marathon event online and it's gotten out of hand in publicity. Going to be here for a couple of hours.

Sunday, May 12

Slow Sunday

To steal from my FB:  

Happy Mother's Day to anyone who has stepped it up to wipe the noses, hug the tears away, share proud moments, and love unconditionally without being asked.

Not posting a picture from the 80's/90's of my mom because she's not on FB and would just as quickly take me out of this world as she brought me into it. 

I know plenty women who either don't have children of their own or are mothers to children that are not theirs, then there are the dads who have stepped up to the plate and learned to braid a little girl's hair or sing bedtime stories to their kids on their own. They need to be recognized for being the nurturing parent everyone needs.

Thursday: I've had a lazy-mentally stressed out week the moment that I get home from work, so I don't remember doing much this week. Plus, I was feeling well the day before so my to-do list fell by the wayside. I did, however, manage to shoot a garden update!

Things are hanging in there! Right after I took the footage, I went through and snipped off those infected leaves and flower buds. 

Friday: Super not much done besides rest. We ran the usual errands and I am hoping to cook a few things in the next couple of days. I've talked to my brother a lot this past week because he's in between classes right now. He and my dad went on his first cruise this weekend. 

More social media management work, it's been a rough week for them. I did get to Skype for a long time with my best friend! It's been a while and she's about to do some traveling and it may be super hard for us to see each other during that time, so we're cramming it in now.

Saturday: This was pretty much the same besides the fact that I actually managed to sleep in. I'm really lacking the motivation-energy to scrapbook or even catch-up with my YT subscriptions. I wonder what's going on with my head/body. I did get to spend a lot of R&R time with the SO and kitty. It was nice to have all of the cuddles.

Sunday: It's been a quiet and laid back day. I was on Skype dates again and getting ready to go out later. I have a bit more energy today and am tidying/organizing odds and ends. 

Wednesday, May 8

Step Behind

I was hoping to have another garden vlog update today, but I'm feeling pretty nauseous or dehydrated right now. Gonna keep this short today.

Monday: It's Teacher Appreciation Week, so there have been snacks and goodies all around hidden in the work room, office, or lounge for us to find. Finally got a hold of my cousins and it looks like we're on for at least a week in July to reunited after a bunch of years. Ticket prices are the highest I've seen them in years but my folks are helping me out.

Tuesday: I was pretty out of it all day and game home to work a few extra hours on social media management again. That's typically only on the weekends but there was new content added and a bug that was exploited, and it's been a virtual disaster. My job mostly consisted of answer the same 3-5 questions every single time they were asked. With an average of 700 people watching the live stream, that's pretty darn often. Aspirin was desperately needed after a few hours.

Wednesday: After a yummy lunch of homemade tacos for Teacher Appreciation Week, I made a spur of the moment decision to walk home. Kind of a mistake. I haven't been feeling well and was wearing a dark long sleeved shirt. Ingenious. I trudged home and haven't felt well since. Should just head to bed early.

With Universal Studios confirming the expansion to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, here's a Draw My Life video.

Sunday, May 5

All The Sleep

I was all pumped about staying up late and doing all of the things that I wanted to do for me (stuff I find fun) and all that I've managed to do is sleep or want to sleep.

Cannot even begin to explain how that works. Maybe I'm still vaguely sick. I don't necessarily feel like it, but the body temperature has been slightly elevated for more than two weeks now. Don't you just love how I said I couldn't start to understand what has been going on and then trying to justify it? Yep. That just happened.

Thursday: It was FMIL's birthday, so we tried to cater to her. When we finally got home, I tackled the dishes (it sucks that the dishwasher has been broken for months now), and then set off to make a taco pie recipe she had found online. That was interesting and the first time we used ground turkey.

Friday: My class performed at a school assembly today and our schedule's been out of whack this week because of all of the special events. Next week isn't going to get much better, lol. Oye.

Came home, ran some errands, and then went to Happy Hour to celebrate FMIL's birthday with a few friends. After, I wound down with some video game livestreams.

Saturday: I woke up disgustingly late. More catching up on online media. It was International Scrapbooking Day and I had planned to bunker down and tackle a bunch of my PL 2011 album. Yeah, I barely made it through the first two pages. The body was overtired for 90% of the day. I did spend some relaxing time with the SO.

He teased me about how gung ho I was about the weekend on Thursday night, wanting to do all of the things and by "all" I had meant "sleep". :P Have been a tired pup I guess.

Sunday: Today, I got up pretty early for a weekend day. I have been hanging out with friends online trying to have a laid back day. Worked on the scrapbook pages just a little bit. It's a bit mind-boggling to be able to more or less remember what I was doing on a particular date/ week for three years.

Side note, my hair has gotten really long. It's nearly at my elbows and that's pretty rare for me. If it's not cut before my visit back to Florida, my mom and I will probably hack a good 6 inches off of it. She's right. I don't know what to do with this much hair!

Here's a video about rants because we all have those kinds of days. :)

Wednesday, May 1


The weeks are getting longer as I'm looking forward to summer vacation despite the severe financial strain it'll put me under. We'll figure something out. Sigh.

Monday: I hadn't written any goals until a few days later. Must have been that tired. There was an incident at work and I got injured. Nothing too serious, but because it broke the skin and the nature of my work, I had to go to urgent care to get a tetanus shot.

That took a couple of hours and I'm super grateful that the SO was able to come pick me up because I (again) began to hyperventilate while getting a shot. I hate shots. He also took me to get some yummy food after.

Only it took hours to be able to eat it because phone calls to file work incident reports had to be made and then my mom wanted to hear more about what had happened. I didn't sit down to start my winding down routine until 8pm. I really love/need that time to reset my brain.

Because it had been pushed back so long, I completely lost track of time while virtually hanging out with friends and the SO let me know how late it had gotten when he realized I must have had no idea.

Tuesday: Was pretty tired (duh), but it was a better day. My injuries are pretty minor, the dozen or so bandages had been taken off, and the arm isn't too sore. Ate tons of soggy leftovers and my brain was mush by the time we got home from work.

All I remember is trying to stay awake while catching up on reading blogs and watching videos before I gave up and went to bed around 9pm. Still waking up a few times in the middle of the night for undetermined reasons. The SO has not been sleeping well/ much either. We're a cranky pair.

Wednesday: It's the beginning of May. Holy cow. I was still tired, it has been uncomfortably warm in the house, and still have a cough and drippy nose. What the heck?

Had a follow-up appointment right after school and the SO made time to take me. We also shopped around for a present for FMIL. Her birthday's tomorrow and we should be going out to dinner with a few friends this weekend to celebrate.

After more errands, we came home took a deep breathe, and got up on the roof to condition and prep the evap cooler for use again. It's been in the mid to high 90's lately and my room by far the warmest in the house with the two walls being shared with the garage (including the laundry machines), and then the backyard.

Didn't do much this time around, just sat on the roof hanging out as the SO worked on it. He was too tired and short of the extra patience it takes to explain how to do these steps. Well, explain it to me and my slow processing skills (which only worsens when tired). No one fell/ was pushed off of the roof, so we're good. :P

So, right now, there's a clean ceiling fan rotating above me, the cooler's pump churning behind me, and a working floor lamp beside me again. Summer is pretty much here. Besides the whole waking up at the crack of dawn part.

Here's a song that I wasn't very fond of at all until I began to listen to covers of it: Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack"

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