Sunday, October 31

243. Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all! I hope you have had a safe and fun holiday weekend.

I'm a bit of a bum lately and have slacked off a bit with uploading pictures from my camera to my computer. However, you are in luck today! Okay, maybe not that exciting, lol.

We had a handful of the neighborhood children stop by our house tonight and we did manage to carve some pumpkins. I may have been a bit ambitious in the design seeing as how I'm still pretty new at jack o' lantern making. Despite having a few of the old tools break on us and the local Walgreens being sold out of new kits... here are the results in no particular order thanks to the new photo uploader from Blogger)!

A "Boo", ghost with a bat, scaredy cat, traditional jack o' lantern, and one made by the kids in the class. We used battery-operated candles that flickered when turned on. Fun fun! I've always painted small ones growing up and I can see why my mom aimed me in this direction with how messy the activity is, how quickly these things seem to grow moldy and rotten, and just the thought of a younger me with sharp objects... Heck, me now with sharp objects. I became a tad... over enthusiastic earlier and may have taken a small chunk out of my left pinky finger. It doesn't hurt at all and I would not have noticed I had done it if I had not happened to glance at the wound.

And I was right, we ate a lot of the candy we had left over as we waited in vain for more trick or treaters to come knocking at our door. I'm just glad that the commotion seemed to stave off the large packs of javelina that we have been seeing come around the streets every night now. They are really large, smelly, and recklessly brave beasts. The issue was even addressed it on the news after we got all of the football out of the way, lol. That was fun to watch too.

I can't wait to have my own place where I can start my own traditions incorporating all of the ones I've picked up on over the years. Yeah, having my own family is somewhere in there too. Lol. And that part can wait a while, I promise. Baby steps. No pun intended. :P

I hope I can make myself fall asleep tonight with all of the sugar I've had, ha ha! See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, October 30

242. Eve Of An Eve

Is Halloween actually Hallow's Eve? Or is the night before Halloween the Hallow's Eve? Erm. I supposed I shall look that up in a bit. Lol. It just sounded kind of cool in my head. Who knows what is going on up there?

Sadly, one bag of candy of candy has not made it to its final destination. Actually, now that I think about it, that was the bag we got to replace the first bunch we got for the holiday. Whoops! Ha ha, I guess we're more gluttonous than we'd like to admit. Except me. I am entirely the glutton I claim to be. XD I knew this would happen if we cracked the main bag open to "sneak" out a "few". It's a good thing that we bought a back up for our back up. Earlier, I declared that our unopened and final bag of candy would be the one that we would munch on tomorrow as we wait for trick or treaters to arrive. From what I gather, it's a bit touch and go, fluctuating through the years. I hope to see some kids in costumes.

I think the main reason why this head cold is dragging on is my severe lack of sleep. Last night I feel asleep sitting on the couch, wrapped up in my fluffy pink robe, and with my laptop burning a hole through my lap. Well, it wasn't so much falling asleep as it was passing the heck out. Good game me. I couldn't have done the sensible thing and gone to bed when I first thought I should. Lol.

The cats are getting along slightly better today with one acting all funny at my feet right now. He's kind of searching around my legs and the pile of stuff I'm sorting through then creeping behind the bedroom door as if he's scoping out to make sure no one is hiding behind something waiting to jump out and surprise him. Then he just walks out of the room again. Weirdo cat. Lol.

I got a little more unburied, cleaned, and packed for storage today. Sigh, the more I think about it, the more I feel that I can pack up everything but my clothes and keep it in the garage. My door is right across from it anyways. It's not like grabbing anything would require much of a commute. Bah to area constraints. Maybe I'll take a break from homework tomorrow to carve some of the family pumpkins. :D That sounds like fun. And maybe I can convince everyone to help out a little bit. We'll see.

Hope you've gotten your costumes and party supplies all figured out! See you tomorrow. <3

Friday, October 29

241. Brains, Guts, Or Goo

Either way, pumpkin innards are slimy.

I also just got more than half a dozen bug bites within fifteen minutes while trying to sort through more things. It burns and is driving me nuts atm.

I just had to go into class today to see the kids help carve pumpkins. It was actually my first time carving a pumpkin, from what I can remember, and it was pretty fun. They got to choose what shape the facial features were and helped scoop out all the seeds and such from inside the pumpkins once we finally managed to get them open. Man, those suckers were heavy, very thick... rinds? Once we were finished carving, we had pumpkin seed squirting wars and those little things went everywhere. It was so great. Just pinch a slimy seed between two of your fingers and have it shoot out towards a target.

I also ended up with a costume today. It was really cute to see some of the children wearing some of their costumes. Especially since we know that a couple of them are frightening/ frightened. Got a chance to see more during the fire drill. Of all the days, lol. I wore a brown shawl-jacket thing that was like a cape and I flapped it around like wings. I then remembered the story of friendship, "Stellaluna"! It's by Janell Cannon. She's a baby brown fruit bat that was raised by a family of birds. So I crafted a headband with large bat ears and made a few origami claws to cover in brown paper and amused the kids with my bat costume. It's such a sweet story with such cute pictures. So beautifully done.

We tried to make the room as dark as possible after we stuck in battery-operated tea candles. The kids did really well working together, dealing with the icky feeling, and helping find seeds. Lol. We personally have more pumpkins to carve for ourselves this weekend. Maybe we'll be inspired to get creative. Either way, I should have pictures of my makeshift costume and some pumpkins up this weekend.

We got back and the boys had started clearing out the garage for bulk trash pick up day. Hooray! They totally earned the roasted pumpkin seeds we're going to make. XD We also worked on a heavy rearranging of the rest of the floor space. I'm hoping to tackle some of the shelving asap too but we unfortunately can't be too ambitious with the record high temps we've been toying with this week and weekend.

Must. Not. Scratch.

Sigh, that's all that I can think for now as I am still feeling under the weather. Bah... See you tomorrow. <3

Thursday, October 28

240. Back In The Day

My big thing for today was cleaning out a hallway closet that has accumulated nearly everything but a kitchen sink in the past few... decades? Lol, okay maybe not that much but I was finding things in there that were several  years older than I am. So, it's not that far off.

I've been meaning to tackle that closet for a few months now and finally became brave enough to go at it alone today. It's where bandages, light bulbs, and spare sheets and blankets are kept. Well, among other things, lol. I bought a few plastic containers when I first thought about cleaning it out and I think I may need some more.

Wiping away grime and scrubbing away who knows what. I've come across tons of interesting things that have made it through the years of raising three rambunctious and rowdy boys and moves. It's awe-inspiring and even humbling to come across some old memorabilia, books, and decor that have been apart of not just this family but the families that they came from and there's a feeling of being pulled back through time and space when you hold these items in your hands.

And then, I sneeze a chunk of my brain out. Whatever, it's not like I was using it or needed it to live or anything. Bahaha. Yes, the head cold that I thought I would overcome after day has bits and pieces lingering. On the second day, I didn't sneeze once, went nuts the next day, and then today I had the start of a sore throat. Grr, lol.

But, it's been kind of cool going through some of this stuff. We'll see if I'm up to keep trucking away at it tomorrow or if I'll change it up and work on another cleaning-reorganizing project. Either way, I'm determined to get yet another one done. It just needs to be done one chunk step at a time. Just one step at a time. Sigh. I'm repeating this to myself, lol. I think I'm doing really well with reigning in my over-thinking and typical stressing out! While getting big housework done. Huh, imagine that. Man, I am getting older, lol. Or, whatever, growing up if these are my big accomplishments and daunting tasks. Ha ha.

See you tomorrow. I feel kinda dusty, lol. <3

Wednesday, October 27

239. And They're Off!

You can almost hear the sound of galloping in the air. Rofl. Nothing all that exciting or real.

Another nearly sleepless night and day in the classroom. I finished my compilation and quick reference guide for the ladies. We were hoping to keep track of who is getting what cartridges and the general subject matter on each. I love finding the "hidden treasures" on many of these carts. For some, the main images are not all that interesting, but the feature and accessories that are included are just so fantastic.

It seems that I'm really slacking since I'm the one being blamed for this creative mess. Lol, my successors are quickly surpassing me in quantity and despite their teasing, I cannot seem to bring myself to get another cartridge just to get one. Oh man, it hurts resisting. Lol.

However, with the announcement of the impending releases of Quarter Note and Wrap It Up (as well as Ornamental Iron, Paper Lace, Car Decals, & Sesame Street Seasons) carts and the three newest seasonal mini carts such as Winter Lace (plus Gingerbread & Trim the Tree)... I may be saving up my pennies. :P Who knows.

Another night of the family playing Wii (Wheeee!), which is always fun, and we will be really cracking down in the near future to take care of business. *Starts singing *Takin' care of business! Yeah! Takin' care of business. *Guitar solo ensues* Bahahaha.

Kitty is becoming braver, I believe that there were less fights today. He and I were actually cuddling earlier when I flopped down to space out after coming home from school. It was so sweet and he became jealous over the fact that I was texting with the hand that was closest to his face when it should have been petting him like that other one was. Rofl. He first stretched and reached out, resting his paws on that hand as I tried to text. When I finished writing, he had pulled himself forward just enough to start nudging said disobedient hand. He is so terribly cute and I adore him so much.

I'm slightly cringing at the thought of all the down and dirty manual labor we have planned for the house. I wore some boots today and I think they make me a bit more reckless/ brave. Ha ha. I climbed all over stored furniture to access a now obscure corner of the garage to seek out any autumn holiday decorations. I found some Halloween stuff, even less Thanksgiving items, and grabbed a pot with a huge dead roach inside of it. Yum. I'm ready to purge, organize, and re-store away. Bring it! Ignore the hint of whimpering you may here. Oh, and the solitary tear running down my cheek. Lol.

It's is overall a really good thing for everyone and this is what matters. The dust will settle and weights shall be lifted away. Hopefully a newer view shall arise from the ashes sooner rather than later. Here's hoping.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow! Maybe I'll sneak in a peek at some of the chaos. Lol, or I can leave you as minimally traumatized as possible. :P See you tomorrow. <3

Tuesday, October 26

238. Reality Show

Ever feel like you're being watched by everyone? Or that something you do is so outrageous that it should be on put on public display? I spent much of today feeling that I was on some episode of Hoarders. I'm not quite sure how much I want to discuss my day, lol.

Lots of semi-sudden rearranging and purging going on. It's not bad and I've done my best to reign in my urges to organize since it takes a gazillion year for me to get through. It's kind of exhausting regulating my brain to make sure I don't over think anything and I think I've done a pretty bang-up job (insert smirk here).

You know your task has become a bit daunting when the piles you are creating are about as tall as you are. Kitty has kind of had fun with that. Amidst the whirlwind of chaos and change, he was hesitant but desperate to seek shelter within the familiar and grew to like using these piles to dive behind. The SO would look into the room and not notice his little man spread out in the middle on top of everything while I would walk back in to stare at the piles and see a kitty head start to slowly peek up from behind some stack. XD He is such a silly butt.

I'm glad he's taken all of the changes in the past year in stride. He has never been one to handle curve-balls well and instead of a week of being truly terrified, within hours he's out and about exploring the alterations. There have been a few hissy fights with his cat cousin already. For now, they'll be separated when they can't be supervised and our kitty got a little scratch on his nose. It has never escalated to this point before but they have done a bit of growing and maturing.

Sigh. As much work as it is and as overwhelming it can be mentally, emotionally, and physically... it's all for the better- all towards bigger and better things. No use settling for anything less when we're this crazy and picky. :P Take deep breaths and keep thinking that everything can be livable by the end of the week. Oye. Lol.

See you tomorrow, I have to get back to tackling this! <3

Monday, October 25

237. Bang-Up Job

Today started off early and with a bang. I can't say that I didn't see it coming, but I was kinda surprised how it exactly panned out. (I think I'm about to get a little philosophical...)

However, everything seems to be being handled in a fairly Zen way and I actually don't find myself freaking out. Maybe the fact that this was inevitable helps. It's really a shame when you know a negative outcome is inevitable and yet you still foster some hope that this is the time that old habits will change and life is renewed facing the right direction. Definition of optimism trying with all its might but is only masked as realism with a hint of cynicism. That sounds like one heck of a mixed drink with a forecast of massive hangovers full of regret. Oh joy.

There needs to be some serious cleaning house.

Fortunately, that's not really our problem and the strife we'd endured in the name of this ordeal is just payback for trying to do what we thought was right while being somewhat nice. Oh well.

Next Monday is bulk trash pick up day. It's becoming one of our favorite days of the year.... right. Ha ha. It's nice to have the weight of dust and wasted space lifted, it's just the initial lifting that is the pain in the butt. It was pretty amusing watching the scavengers drive by last time and scour through our dilapidated goods. All hours of the day, pretty respectful people, and some came... bearing interesting cargo. The boys banded together to get an incredible amount done before and I hope we can manage to grab that momentum again. Hooray for another garage makeover and purge. I really could use some space to store some of my stuff so it's out of my room.

Not that I have a massive amount of possessions, but when you have enough stuff to fill up your own apartment and are only living in a guest room at a house that essentially is a holding station for at least four separate homes... tasks like storage become a bit tricky. Lol. Ideally, the SO and I can figure out the majority of the rearranging ourselves since we get into organizational-cleaning frenzies sometimes. Sometimes they happen at different times but watch out when it's in tandem. Ha ha. Hm. I'm trying to remember the last time that happened... I think, no, someone else started that project. Um. Maybe August? Good gravy. Yes, thinking did hurt that much. :P

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that a side effect of our overhaul of the garage is that the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations are pulled from what ever far corner they've settled in and set aside for easy access. I really like decorating for holidays. I can't wait to have a place of "my" own again so I can start my collection again. Yeah, the SO has been asked/ warned, lol. I had a taste of it back in college and it has been hard to put it on hold for the sake of space constraints.

Man, I've used a decent amount of actual descriptive words today. :) Maybe I should have 17 hour days more often. Wait... I meant 21 hour days. Hm... perhaps I shouldn't! Ha ha!

Tomorrow is going the be hectic- see you then! <3

Sunday, October 24

236. Best In Pairs

I really hope this head cold is really on it's way out. I know that most people do not enjoy being sick, but this cold has been annoying in that I have yet to sneeze just once. It's always either two or three times in a row and that has not happened in... well, in a really long while since I can't recall how far back that was.

Needless to say, my brain has been sufficiently rattled today. So, I didn't really mean that it was best. It means that I'm tearing through tissues and paper towels. Bah!

We had a little fire in the backyard tonight and it was nice. It's been a little while since it's been cool enough to do so. Sigh, I need to go drain my nose. See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, October 23

235. Build Up

I guess I have a head cold or something. It's mild enough that I think it's only going to last three days, at the most. If it doesn't, I'm kind of in trouble, lol. I've been able to kind of see myself and realize how zonked out I am because my actions and views are a bit off but the pressure inside my head keep punching to get out. Oh if only we could attach a faucet to the spot just above the bridge of your nose and open it up to let everything out. That would be kind of fantastic.

Got some of "my" native food today with the SO and FMIL. :) That was fun and good. We had tons of left overs. Also, I actually did a bit of work on the recipe book that I had put on hold for a little while. I'm starting to add titles and a few simple embellishments with the Cricut. I really do not have many cute fonts. Ones that I own now are pretty stylized in that they resemble fancy handwriting. I purposely got that cart with that and the phrases in mind for my card-making but for themed scrapbooking... eh. Maybe I should keep that in mind as I peruse the sites.

Okay, my dry nose is making it hurtful to breath so I should probably take care of that now. See you tomorrow! <3

Friday, October 22

234. Bumblebees & Cookies

TGIF! Today was crazy hair day. I cut out leafs with my Cricut, attached them to hair ties, and put a bunch of pony tails on my head. It was an energetic end to an energetic week. More Cricut infestation took place, I tromped around in public with my crazy "hair", and then went to a birthday party at a yummy place where we had a lot of fun.

In the evening however, well... I started having a panic attack. The SO and I had a nice long chat- pep talk and hopefully we can make things better as a team soon because I'd really like that and feel that it's necessary. Got to love personal projects about building character and learning about yourself (etc.)

Let's make my recent posts slightly less monotonous:

 Gift bags that we and the kids are working on with help from the Cricut and my ability to sell products that I won't get commission for ever.

My "crazy" hair. 
P.S. I love that sweater-shawl-thing I wore today.

Oh! Bahahaha. I totally forgot to write about what the title of this post refers to. Teehee, I may still be a bit frazzled. Can you tell? At the restaurant, a few of us teacher-like folk were entertaining toddler-aged company by singing: "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee. Won't my mommy be so proud of me?" etc. Well, add onto that verses about squishing, licking, and barfing up bumblebees; elaborate hand gestures; and being seated in the middle of a high traffic area of a currently popular restaurant. Good. Times. Rofl. What makes it even more acceptable in our minds was the fact that there were tons of families there with pretty young kids. I really like being around people who are not afraid to be goofy in public. Towards the end of dinner, we ordered two sampler platters of each type of cookie they had available topped with a scoop of ice cream. We then proceeded to try and eat them assembly line style. XD Some were pretty darn good. I think they are called "pizookies" because it's fresh baked cookies that are topped with vanilla ice cream on a tiny pizza pan plate thinger.

:D I'm little piggie sometimes. I also find the grown-up game of dealing with money when amongst friends very amusing. You'll chase after them and shove bills into whatever you can grab to force them to take some compensation, toss money and run away, etc. It's such a dangerous yet hilarious game.

Lol, I need to try to get some sleep for the first time this week. Possibly a busy day ahead! Hooray. See you tomorrow. <3

Thursday, October 21

233. Just Wanna Say

For some reason that reminds me of: "I just called to say: I love you! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!" Aww. Great song.

That wasn't the point, but still awesome. Lol. Another day at school and I dug up some owl pj's my mom sent me that I had yet to wear. They were so cute. And then I realized I didn't have a matching pajama top, so one of my regular shirts that kind of matches in color it is. It has lead me to conclude that if I'm to keep on this path towards teaching, then I need a to stock up on multiple colors of clothing and themed... gear. I have a really plain wardrobe for this sort of thing, lol. Earrings, socks, and t-shirts mostly. A few choice costume pieces too.

On nearly completely unrelated note, Provocraft announced the upcoming release of six new Cricut cartridges. No, not the ones for the one that costs a million dollars because it prints and cuts and it is also not the ones that were exclusively for Walmart. Only one is just for this site that had this amazing sale going on and I actually did not get anything. It kind of hurts, lol. Cartridges whose suggested retail price could be 89.99 and it's on sale for 19.99. Right. Deep Breath. I'll just keep eyeballing the new ones and figure out if I really want to pine after any of them. They usually give the green light to talk about the reveal on the various blogs that they work with not too long after noon. Well, it didn't come until well into the evening. I'm kind of surprised by a few of the new ideas in a somewhat confused way.

I was still doing this week sans caffeine. Well, it was another fast-paced day and we used the big Cricut Expression with the kids to make monsters. They are friggin' adorable. Fast forward past me wearing owl pajama pants and I'm a bunch more excited about tomorrow because I have caffeine. :D

See you tomorrow! <3

Wednesday, October 20

232. Where's The Beef?

And by beef, I mean rum. And by rum, I mean caffeine.

Another full unpaid workday and I have a fully Halloween decorated door and hallway. :) Got to love using child labor to create handmade artwork to hang, eh? Bats, webs, spiders, Big Mac franken-monsters, foot print ghosties, and tissue ghosties. Actually, I was surprised that it got done in one day.

It is also spirit week and today was pajama day. I wore sweats, a tank, slippers, and big fluffy pink robe. It's kinda sad/ weird/ funny when you change out of your pj's into pj's to wear out. Saw some cute footie pajamas today lol. Kids clothing is too darn cute. Put together some autumn-themed gift bags for the kids to put their handmade goodies into to bring home. I hope to snag a picture of them once they're finished. I'm supervising the use of the class Cricut when the children are choosing monsters to cut out for their respective bags.

I can't believe that I toured all of Michaels and only walked away with a bottle of glue. Oh man, was it difficult. However, I have no room to store holiday decor and temporarily no use for cute notepads. /deep frown. Most of the stuff that was bought tonight were actually gifts for others because seeing them made FMIL and I think of 'em. Lucky dogs. Rofl.

No, I did not set anything in fire today. Yay me, lol.

All of this and no caffeine either! Ugh... I want to pour myself into bed right now. And I think I will! Ha ha. See you tomorrow. <3

Tuesday, October 19

231. It Goes On

The night-before tradition carries on in terms of when I go to volunteer.

Two oh so lovely hours of sleep this time around. The kids were as hilarious as ever and energetic. I have a spider bandage on my shirt and had stickers stuck onto my forehead that I just kept on for a little while. The topics they were learning about this month were insects, spiders, and monsters. :D So the cute Halloween themed crafts are in full swing to have them done and ready to take home soon. Too friggin' adorable. The kids made some Frankenstein-looking monsters today and they were hung up out in the hallway as soon as they were finished. I snagged a picture of each student that completed one standing (not always the case, XD) next to it, making their "scariest" faces. I think trying to get them to make the face was the hardest and funniest thing that I tried to do today.

Then, I set the microwave on fire. Believe or not, it was my first time doing so. Hooray... Here's what happened: 

Still frozen Hot Pocket for lunch on a darn glitter foiled fancy paper plate. I thought it was steam I was seeing and then I saw the flames. Released what happened, stopped microwave, blew out flames, proceeded to have a bunch of people pop in asking if someone's food was burnt, and received surprised looks when I admitted to there actually being fire. Good flippin' game, me. The cheap paper towels you see are what I ended up cooking my lava pocket on and I put it all back on the plate to eat. :P The smoke/ fire alarms thankfully did not go off and we cracked a couple of windows to let out the smoke smell before the kids got to school. Lol.

Tomorrow, I'm heading in to help decorate the classroom door and hallway for the holiday. It should be fun. I also may have gotten a few more ladies hooked on the Cricut after working with it today and the Mini Monsters cartridge. A couple of demonstrations and quick lessons and excitement took off. There will probably be more of that tomorrow. Teehee. I should get commission or something. That may be 3 to 4 machines I've pretty much sold by the end of tomorrow. Rofl. If it turns out well, I shall try to snag a few pictures. :)

I took a nap today but I still think I may pass out soon. Baaah. I feel like that saying is true: "Instant human: Just add coffee" except replace coffee with caffeine. I went without it today and it was... a sub-par existence for me, lol. I still am having a lot of fun though and each time I'm there, I feel I'm gaining a little more experience and know-how to give back. It's all pretty exciting. I'm really thankful that at least this personal project has worked out so well and how many people have helped me out. 

I keep leaning back towards my bed, so I think I'm just going to give up trying to stay conscious. XD See you tomorrow! <3

Monday, October 18

230. Hula Hoop

Got some cleaning done today. Insert deep and labored sigh here. I was so game to get a ton done in terms of organizing my room. That is, until I saw it again. Yeah, another sigh here too.

In some attempt to keep myself from mindlessly surfing for something mind-numbing on the internet, I did a quick browse of what Hulu had to offer, bookmarked a few things and have had it playing various shows while I sorted through a few piles. It lets you watch TV episodes and clips from popular shows as well as a couple of movies. Yes, for free and sans a registration. And yes, it does have its limitations. However, just short of getting a DVR or hogging up space on that of others', I've used it to keep up with a few shows this fall.

By this, I pretty much mean Glee. XD I did see some new Family Guy too. It's almost an alternative to having cable TV. Almost.

I need to keep cleaning. Looking at it is kind of depressing, lol. However, before I go:

Happy Birthday, Hann! <3

:D See you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, October 17

229. Ready Yet?

Hurry up and wait. It's like the motto of the military and today.

I was vaguely on edge of getting things planned for today done or the next ball rolling and was constantly stopped for one reason or another. Don't you hate that feeling though? It can be when you're singing a song and the conductor suddenly cuts you off in the middle of a big long note or when you're about to go downhill on a roller coaster ride and the ride suddenly malfunctions and stops. Okay, maybe that's an extreme heart-in-your-throat moment, but you get the idea.

Is it bad that I like playing games that were intended for children? And theoretically educational? I think there might be something a little sick about it. XD I'm just a sucker for cute and colorful. And simple. Lol.

Oye, I don't know where I'm going with this but... See you tomorrow. :D

Saturday, October 16

228. Spaz

Kitty yet again made a bit of my day.

Tons of work was done in the garage today. We can actually fit three cars and a motorcycle in it now. Plus, almost everything is on a good shelf. The left over plastic shelving left by the previous owners are how in the backyard holding wood and coolers. We finally figured out why one was especially wonky- they had assembled one upside down. Awesome. Simply awesome. Lol. Of course, they are cheap and warped from heat and bowed a bit from the weight of having stuff on them too. Well, they are out of the way. :D Hooray! Mission accomplished.

But I guess that wasn't enough. Because as the temperature was creeping up, we got the insane idea to do yard work out front. Yeah... more mesquite trimming. You can reference the post from a little over a month back to see the utter wickedness of these things. I'm all scratched up today but not nearly has bad as the boys who decide to throw a ton of caution to the wind in their stubbornness and determination and just get themselves stabbed by those thorns. I don't think there was as much bleeding this time around. Huge amount of space opened up by the end of both projects. It was a bit of a mistake to do it during the hottest part of the day though. I had to go inside for a short while to recover from getting a tad worked up. I actually put effort into keeping hydrated today!

Fast forward to the evening, I was sitting watching some TV and slipped off my flip flops. Within minutes, uber cuddly kitty comes and starts rolling on and wrestling with them! I laughed so hard- he is so weird! He just loves rolling around in outside dust. I guess I had picked up enough that he loved my shoes. He was truly flipping out like it was catnip, which is especially funny because he could really care less for catnip toys.

Speaking of spazzes, we got the weirdest handwritten in crayon on construction paper letter in our mailbox today.

Dear Sexybeast,
Yeah I know What 
your thinking "Man some 
jank kid is writing [blood <-- ] a letter..." Well I'm 
awesome so keep reading. 
I just wanted to let you 
know my friend almost
got hit by a car so I 
turned around and pushed 
her on the floor. It was 
funny because she started 
bleading.. So I laughed
Well my dog bit a car 
today then the car fell 
on it's side and died. 
Well I'm board of talking 
to you. bye.

- Love you
P.S. Sorry for ding
Dong ditching you!
<3 you

In those colors, at those times, with that spelling and punctuation. And a spot of faint blood at the spot in the [ ] that I put with their caption and arrow. No lie. It was sealed with a "Beary Cool" sticker from a Build-A-Bear set. What. the. heck? Kids need to get off the drugs. XD That was one of my first thoughts. It looks like a teenage girl's handwriting. I know my friends and I would say something similar... but... not quite. And most of us can spell. I would have made my friends correct it, lol. I don't really know what else to say about that. 

Or anything else today for that matter. See you tomorrow! XD <3

Friday, October 15

227. Doorway

Sometimes, it's the moments and little things that make you forget everything else that happened that day.

Oh wait, there was a wicked storm earlier. It was wicked in how suddenly it formed, how quick it thundered into down, and how strong the burst of gusts were. We rushed around to do what little errands we had when it started to rain, but I think we were spared in a pocket. Hadn't seen one like that since moving here. It appeared around the mountain and was suddenly on top of us in about 15 minutes. The huffing and puffing was a good hour. Too odd.

Anywho, kitty has been very affectionate and cuddly the past few days. When he was begging for my attention earlier, I decided to follow him, just in case. Sometimes, he'll lead you to his food dish or water bowl (or sink if he really wants fresh running water dripping from the tap) when they're empty. Other times, he's been known to lead us to creepy crawlies of all sorts that we missed noticing. Or sometimes he just wants attention or is being a tad weird, lol. I followed him into another room, frequently stopping as he paused to check to see if he still had my full attention, until we got to the front entryway. I thought he was going to sniff at the door and want it to be opened  even though he doesn't fully grasp that it leads to the outdoors. However, he was starting to rub up against the corner by the coat closet. So, I opened and held it open a bit so he could investigate.

Man, oh man. I think I rocked that kitty's world.
It was as if I just opened the wardrobe door to freakin' Narnia!

He was so stunned. I guess he had forgotten that there was a door and a space behind it in that corner. He jumped back a few inches and froze in a crouched position for a split second, looked up at me in utter horror, and then bolted back into the living room where his dad was. I laughed so hard. It's not like surprised him with the action, he watched me do it, it was the result that stunned him. As I tried to explain to the SO what had just happened, kitty went back into that other room and was sitting in front of the re-closed door about a foot away sniffing at the scents coming out from underneath. It's a pretty big gap beneath the door too, I honestly thought that maybe he saw a bug to in and wanted help getting at it.

Oh kitty, you're hilarious and sweet. You totally brightened up an otherwise fairly tense day. I hope that you can find some little moment that lifts up your day each day. See you tomorrow. <3

Thursday, October 14

226. Pen-tastic

Again, by pen, I mean keyboard. Oh wait, no. I really do mean pen. XD I had forgotten for a sec there.

So it seems that I've done more drawing than writing today in regards to my story. I also started doing research into the names of my characters too. I usually like to splice things together, but this time I think I'll use somewhat obscure but meaningful names. :D I'm kind of excited.

I'm also kind of sketching like a big girl for the first time. Well, that's what I'm calling it. I'm drawing the basic shapes in highlighter, then sketching out ideas on the base in more highlighter, and then going over the final lines in pen. This is an alternative to just sketching in pen and not knowing what was just an idea and what I finally liked. It's taking some getting used to and then I had to deal with my natural light going away and my highlighting disappearing under the lightbulbs' glow. Lol. One of these days, I'll get this whole drawing thing right. I've come up with some pretty cute, imo (in my opinion), results. I've shared them with a few people who seem to really like the pictures so far. I kind of wish I had some color pencils or something though.

I also tried to play WoW a little more, but the servers and game play are still... on the fritz in their own ways. Oh the joys of the week post a patch. It hurts me something fierce. Ha ha.

Through the magic of the internet... or more specifically, Facebook, I was able to find out that a friend who I have yet to meet is actually in town! Except it's for not very fun reasons or good circumstances, but in every cloud there is a silver lining. We hope to visit with her over the weekend. I can't wait! I think this has been two years coming now. I shall keep you updated on that. Maybe I should draw her a picture... We're definitely arriving bearing gifts. Psh, there is no way that would not happen! Just need to think of what exactly to bring... Hm.

Oh, I also had my arm twisted by the SO to play the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii tonight. He threatened to keep all the snacks away unless I played. How rude. XD He would have too. Action games always intimidate me. I am horrible at jumping in or out of gaming and then there's real-time fighting... and then creating strategies... ugh. It's just not my forte. I love watching other people play, oddly enough, but I've personally tried to avoid it or keep it to a simplistic minimum. However, I was hungry and I had been watching him play it so I wanted to try deep down. Okay, it wasn't all that deep, but somewhere around in there (*points inward*), I was hoping to play. So, I did. And I was easily frustrated and a little stumped and a tad fearful of the creepy baddies, but the SO did feed me cheese and crackers he prepped. Rofl. I don't know how ridiculous/ sweet/ weird that is but I know it's some high level of lazy. Of course he snuck in a slice jalapeno into my cheese and cracker goodness just to... challenge/ tease/ surprise me. Luckily for me, none of them have been too spicy.

I hope that this weekend brings good things around here. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Wednesday, October 13

225. The Pen

Well, it's more the keys this time around because I wanted to have all of my notes in one spot instead of all over the place on scraps of paper and various notebooks.

I'm in the writing mood tonight but not for here! It's a story or idea I started on and have been mentioning the past few days. I'm organizing and rewriting a few of my notes to make them a bit more cohesive and clean cut. I hope to share some sketches or bits here soon!

I hope you have a good night and remember that it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month (How can you forget with the bombardment of pink?). Reach out and show someone that you still care and find your own way of helping fight all cancer with me. :)

See you tomorrow. <3

Tuesday, October 12

224. State Of Being

How weird. I wrote a quick entry and posted it, only to find that it disappeared on me. Anyways.

I came to a conclusion today that I pretty much enjoy living life like a bachelor. I like to just chill out at home in sweats and either play video games or watch them be played in good company. This is ignoring the whole being cuddly thing. I came to this conclusion while munching on some cold leftover pepperoni pizza, realizing how content I was with my current surroundings.


Most of the "fun" part of my day was full of dealing with my game. There was a major content patch to download over the course of a few hours, install for a few more hours, and sort through- which is going to take probably at least a week. So insane, but it has ingrained itself into my soul so I have no choice to but to go with the flow and figure everything out. Who doesn't love the past five years of their life being turned upside down yet again? Ugh. So many changes. Why?! Lol.

I was going to write more about something but I'm currently being headbutted in the face by a very persistent and oddly-behaving kitty cat. What *spits out fur* on earth?? XD

See you tomorrow. <3

Monday, October 11

223. In My Head

I've put a little more thought into what kinds of things I want to do for the rest of my life. Not just as a career, but in general. What habits, what hobbies, etc. Then, what I already knew how to do, what I needed to expand upon, and what I needed to pick up. It's kind of interesting because I'm not nearly as afraid as I used to be. Now, if I could be a professional crafting bum I'd do it. :P Yes, I do realize one can make some semblance of a living with crafting for profit, but that's not what I mean. If someone would pay me to make stuff for myself and gifts for my friends, that'd be great. XD Right.

I guess I really started thinking about this again when we were rearranging and checking out boxes in the garage yesterday. I found the boxes that contained tons of pictures spanning several decades and tons of memorabilia. It was fascinating. And dusty, lol. I don't think I've stopped sneezing up the dust and dirt from a bunch of states worth of traveling. I really wanted to go through it and spruce up the pieces that were already in books and organize the pictures that were just thrown into big boxes. They're great memories and their current state does not do them justice.

Then, I was talking to a dear friend that I recently reconnected with (I'm so happy!) about writing to our heart's content. Often times, having barriers and rules tend to stifle our words to the point of us forgetting how to express what we really want to say. I like writing, I do. This blog is a huge example of how much I like to communicate but for so long I had my voice stamped out that I forgot how it sounded. As part of my journey in finding myself and feeling good about who I am, I write and express myself to my heart's content. Sometimes, I even push past that comfort zone, just to see what I can do.

If I'm forced to write something for some purpose not of my choosing, I just write what I want to write about the general matter and then go back and chip away until it meets the requirements. I try not to do it the other way around- make myself cater to the requirements of others. I think it's a pretty good exercise. It's like that saying about the artist who was asked how he sculpted a... horse? "I start with a large slab of marble and just chip away all of the pieces that don't look like a horse." Lol. I don't know, it's similar.

Anyways, that reminded me of a fantasy world I was encouraged to create while talking with another dear friend of mine and the short story that spawned from that concept. I sent some of my notes, the short story, and a quick sketch of one of the characters to her. She loved it all and may be inspired to make some of her own sketches so that made me want to think of more short stories. Teehee. The slight problem is that my first story came from a half daydream turned dream and I kind of want subsequent stories to happen the same way in my head. I want it to appear naturally. Hmm... I hope it happens, lol.

My favorite genre of books is probably fantasy, but I really like sci-fi and mystery too. Nothing too too scary though. :P

I think I should go let me brain stew for a bit. :D See you tomorrow! <3

Sunday, October 10

222. Finally Free

I'm a little wiped today, so I'm not quite sure how sane I'm going to sound. :P

I eventually got some sleep last night after stumbling around aimlessly and nauseous. Yeah, I'm not quite sure why I did that either. Anywho, we moved everything out of storage today so there is no more using storage facilities in these households. Hooray! It's been a few years since that's happened so it's great. It took a few trips but it's done. We then spent pretty much the rest of the day unloading and rearranging nearly the entire garage to accommodate the rest of the things and sorting boxes out. Go figure that the one part of this place that actually feels/ looks like an actual home is the garage. Um... okay. Lol. We'll get there and have this place up and running soon. Or we'll die trying. XD

I got a new motorcycle riding helmet from all of this, lol. Not that I needed one or had an old one. The SO has about four helmets and there's one that fits me just fine. But it's cool to have a spare brain bucket. Maybe one day the SO and I will go on a road trip via the bike. Well, in that case, I'll need to collect some gear like a jacket, boots, and pants. All padded of course.

Another by-product of this weekend project is that kitty got a cat condo! It's homemade and part of the proceeds go towards helping out at a local cat shelter. He likes being up and stretching to scratch things (and we like the color blue :P) so...

Isn't it cute? It was a gift from kitty's human grandpa. :D We've been seeing them being sold every day at the local corner store and were curious enough to stop by today. Kitty's never had one before and he can be a bit overly cautious, so we're really glad he took to it so quickly. We may have bribed him to climb up by opening the shade and windows so that he could look and birds and smell the outdoors. XD Such great parenting, huh?

Oh yeah, we also tossed a few of his favorite toys into the mix to try to get him to explore it a bit more too. I highly doubt we'll ever see him hanging out in the tunnel because it's not quite a comfy size, but he's played with it. Now if we can only get him to be okay with scratching at the rope column, we'll be set. Lol. I'm so excited for him. I've even caught him taking a quick cat nap on top but he still sometimes uses it as a fun step to sit on the windowsill next to it. Lol. Got to love cats.

That's all I have to report today. :D See you tomorrow. <3

Btw, what a fun and binary-looking date we have today, hm? 10.10.10! I once thought I would get married on this date. :) My how things change in a few short years.

Saturday, October 9

221. Last Resort

But not really. :P

The Wii has been a hit with the household today! I do believe that everyone got to play, even for a little while. The weather is absolutely beautiful right now. At night, it is very autumn-like and downright cold!

Tons of gaming today, either on the computer or playing all the Sports and Sports Resort games for the Wii. We temporarily have 3 remotes until we return the off-brand one that doesn't work as well as we'd like. I'm a big fan of the beginner's wakeboarding but I believe the group favorite is bowling, which also happens to be the SO's favorite. Lol.

There are three modes to play: the regular bowling game, knocking down 100 pins, and bowling with obstacles. He and I also determined that golf in any form is not our game. XD

I enjoyed watching everyone have fun. Still feeling a little off today, so I'm going to get some rest. See you tomorrow! <3

Friday, October 8

220. Wheeeee!

Yes, I really needed that many "e"'s in my title for today's post because... we have a Wii up in the house now! a sexy black one too. With that silly WiiMotion Plus nonsense. All super-sensitive and such. But to start back further on the day.

I am totally running one 1-1.5 hours of sleep right now. I think it's a mini curse I've developed for the night before I go into the classroom to try to help out. It was another crazy Friday with the kids! I have no idea how I managed not to get kicked, smacked, or punched in the head with all of the flailing going on today. Just sneezed on. :P They were learning about insect this week and we made hats that showed the different parts of an insect! The kids looked so friggin' cute with their ant hats. Each of the six legs were supposed to be accordion folded, or folded back and forth to make a zig-zag. Well, some kids got a little carried away or tad impatient and often ended up just rolling up the strips of papers instead. Either way, this practice made for some crazy and wonky legs coming out of the thorax. I actually made one myself and shall take a picture of it tomorrow, lol.

Some of the most exciting news for today is that there was a Pink Cricut Expression donated to our classroom specifically! How awesome is that! Brand spankin' new with it's three included cartridges. I did play with it a little bit. We are so excited about all of the stuff we'll be able to have the kids make in the classroom. They seemed to really enjoy playing with mine last year. It's so cool. There's a whole story behind that but I don't feel like getting into it, lol. But it's there and drooled over. XD

Then the SO came to pick me up from school once the kids were gone and we went to kinda sorta maybe run errands. Since it was Friday, we went to a local deli and got Ugly Steak subs/ sandwiches. They are so good. I had my first one last week at the insistence of the SO and I am hooked. They only have it available one day a week! Ahh! Then we went shopping.

Anyways, there's a Wii(!) and we're hoping to get everyone to play a little bit tomorrow while we're all hanging out together. We're looking forward to it. It is a surprise to some members of the family. So is the whole ganging up on them to peer pressure them into trying it out. :D I hope they get kinda into it. I think it's a nice thing to bring everyone together other than eating food, lol.

The SO and I have been practicing with the included sports games but neither of us have Wii arm/wrist/elbow yet. I think we're saving it for tomorrow after we teach everyone how to use it only to PWN their faces. Bahahaha! I can't wait! Lol. Something I don't suck at completely!

Teehee. Well, I need to get some rest so see you tomorrow! <3

Thursday, October 7

219. I Did Good?

I worked on the game today. :P I got the newest character I was mainly playing to the next... realm of game play. However, I wanted to wait for the SO to catch up (even though I'm the one that's technically catching up because this is a second character he created to help me out), so I went back to my original character. I've been at this for five years and she's... mediocre. Lol, it's the truth. In order to come out of retirement, I'm cleaning the place up and trying to become acceptable.

It's... frustrating, lol and I pretty firmly believe that much of it is user error. Because I've gotten help with my gear, my attributes, and my moves and I'm not doing a terrible amount better. Oh well, we shall see and I shall keep plugging away when I can.

"I get by with a little help from my friends!" *dances around living room* Lol, see you tomorrow. <3

Wednesday, October 6

218. I Spy

I've been having a little rough patch mentally and emotionally the past couple of days. The good news is that I'm aware of it and I'm taking a deep breath and a step back to tackle my problems step by manageable step. While I drown out my own thoughts with music, I wanted to share one cover that just went live on YouTube. :)

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider covering Sara Bareilles's "King of Anything":

I loved her original video too. This is just really fun and hilarious because of the fun editing and playing "Where's Kurt?" while watching the video. Silly clever strategy to make people watch multiple times so they can catch all of the nuances. Well played, gentlemen, well played. I hope you get super famous soon! <3

That's all from me today. See you tomorrow! <3

Tuesday, October 5

217. Brains

I concluded at the end of yesterday that I didn't have much of a brain yesterday. Most of a lot of things are still pretty hazy. It's lovely waking up with a sore back every morning too. Especially when you went to bed sans sore back, lol.

Fairly uneventful day today, but the weather was pretty interesting. It keeps cooling off each day and of course the nights are becoming cooler and cooler. It's beautiful weather at night. The clouds are building up and we actually got some rain today! The desert plants are poofing up, which I'm sure will make us miserable later on in the week :( , but they are also releasing their special fragrances that add to that wonderful fresh rain smell. We have a bunch of windows open and kitty is so very intrigued by all of this.

I was watching more recorded broadcasts from Following the Paper Trail while adding more recipes to my book. We're currently watching "How It's Made" on the Science Channel. This is such a random and inquisitive show. The items that are featured in the show don't have anything to do with each other, but it is fascinating the depth of detail that goes into so many everyday items that we are unaware of! What especially blows my mind are the machines that are made to be used in these processes. It's very brain-boggling.

That's it from me today, see you tomorrow! <3

Monday, October 4

216. Back From Pasture

Well, it looks like I'm back from virtual retirement. I've text-talked to more people today than in a long while, lol. But before I talk more about that, I have to say that I am currently enjoy one of the most ghetto recipes I've ever made.

My mom would be the first to tell you that I am by no means culinarily-inclined. Yes, I just totally made up that term because I cannot think of a better one right now. XD Well, I honestly have difficulties boiling water from time to time. I am trying though! Kinda. Sorta. Maybe... Then, any one of my friends that lived with me during my college years can attest to that. I tried then too!

I think some of the worst times I've had dealt with Kool-aid. I've made plenty of it in the large pitchers at home with my folks, but there was once in the dorms that I tried to make one of those little packets. Yeah... I did not read how much water it was meant for and let's just say it was undrinkably strong and that I took a big ole swig of it. Yes, I did just make up another term. I am on a roll tonight! I screwed up again the following year when we didn't have regular sugar to add and I thought confectioner's sugar would be an ingenious substitute. I was so incredibly wrong.

Well, this time, I was a lot more careful but still pretty... creative with the recipe, lol. I have been craving this recipe so badly lately. So, I made a mini version. Same bowtie (Farfalle) pasta just less of it, only about a quarter of the cheese, a tiny cute can of tomato sauce, and instead of seasoned bread crumbs, I smashed up a bunch of saltine crackers. To top things off, I sprinkled on some Parmesan. Oh, and instead of baking it, I nuked it a couple of times in the microwave.

It looks good enough and still tastes great so... I'm okay with this abomination! XD Nom nom nom.

Mmk, back to the other story. I was/ am a guild leader. Guilds range from being run like a rag-tag band of renegades to a well-oiled and ruthless corporate machine. For the majority of the five or so years of playing World of Warcraft, I've been involved in a guild to the point of having some sort of... authority, I guess. I co-founded a guild over three years ago. It's been primarily run like a small family that didn't mind terribly if you had friends over and everyone was going in and out. We did have some rules about not cheating nor being a jerk but I honestly cared about and for everyone that came through the doors.

Activity more or less petered out last December. I had put many man hours into setting up websites, forums, fan pages, group pages, a voice server, and more. I put even more hours worrying myself over virtual and actual details surrounding the game and the people I've gotten to know. Heck, I've gone as far as to meet some of them in real life. I put a lot of myself out there online because I have found it's easier not to put up fronts or lie or hide behind a fa├žade. I can use that energy to worry about other things. :P

I guess the main issue is not so much having enough time, but more of desire. How much of a glutton for punishment am I willing to be again? Sigh. I just need to think about it some more, but in the meantime, I can drown my virtual sorrows in the Brewfest festivities! You know it's serious when there's a rendition of Oktoberfest. Lol.

See you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, October 3

215. Creepers

Is Halloween in the air or what? The moment it turned into October the weather has almost instantly turned into autumn. Finally!

Okay, I just got distracted by looking over at kitty and seeing him all snuggled against the back of the recliner chair he's napping in right now. It's insanely cute and silly of him.

All sorts of creepy things and candy are taking over nearly all of the stores and the internet and television are pulling out all of their stops for the season! I don't do "scary" at all but I love all of this activity. I really love how purple, lime green, orange, yellow, white, and black look together. :P I also appreciate how scary things are turned cute too. It really helps, lol.

Of course, this is full-fledged crafter frenzy season. If possible, we're starting to prep for all of the holidays ahead. Scrapbooking is huge on Halloween with all the cute pictures of costumes and decor. You also start to practice party-planning tricks and cooking cutesy/ gimmicky snacks for this holiday and go all out for Thanksgiving. Home decor is huge for this holiday because people actually come into your home for this one. Lol. Home improvement is in now too, lol. Especially with football season in also. And do I really have to go into the winter holidays? It's the climax of all of this! I just scared myself a little there. XD

Tonight was a big night for creepy crawlies here apparently. We found a pretty active wolf spider inside the house, a tiny cricket/grasshopper-looking bug hopping around like crazy in the living room (kitty, my bug hero, got that one), and bugs are frying themselves in the halogen lamp and dying all over the place. Ugh. One even flew to the other side of the room and dropped down on the laptop I'm using right now and goo-ed all over my keyboard. How nasty. Really now? Bah!

That's all I have to report today. : ) See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, October 2

214. Loaf

I am so tired right now I don't know if I remember what went on today. Confoundit!

Um... well... I got another textbook I needed in the mail, I've matted some of the parts for my recipe scrapbook, and we were going to pick up the SO's brother from a concert on the other side of town by a casino- even got out money to throw away- but ended up not needing to and turning around, lol. Aw, poor us. All dressed up and no where to go! Minus the dressing up part, that is. :P We ended up stopping by a corner store and grabbing some scratch off tickets. Most of which were bunk. Ha ha, so same result a little closer to home and slightly cheaper. I am sooo glad we got the gambling out of our system. XD

What else was there? Oh! I helped with every part of making dinner tonight. :D Hooray! So, I learned how to make meatloaf the way the family has mostly done it. Raw meat is really squishy and cold. Lol. I don't really mind since I used to help my mom make egg rolls and stuff by mashing everything together. I think that's one of the only things I'm good for in a kitchen. Ha ha! I also helped make mashed potatoes and gravy and something about mustard greens, lol. Yes, I even had a little bit of everything. We left the meatloaf in the oven a little too long so it was pretty dry, but overall it was a good deal. Here are some pictures! I finally remembered. Teehee.


At one point, we were discussing the options of what to make the meatloaf out of. Ours was all lean ground beef but many recipes we've seen have wanted some combination of beef, veal, and pork. Then there's always the tofu or whatnot version, which we deemed would just be a loaf and notsomuch a meatloaf. :P At least I know I'm not the only goofball in the households.

Yet another recipe or two that I've learned that I could add to the book if I wanted to. Lol, it may be less of a favorites collection and more of a "I can't remember how to make anything to feed anyone but myself, so help me out by saving me" book. Yeah... I can definitely see that happening. Lol.

Oh yeah, we also cleaned the floors a bit, did some laundry, and then we tore through the fridge and dumped all the yucky old stuff out. Yum. That's always a blast and a half, aye?

Oh! And hope you had a nice World Card Making Day. Go figure that it's the one thing that I didn't manage to do today... :P

Mmk, I need to drag my sorry butt to bed. See you tomorrow! <3

Friday, October 1

213. Wicked

Nope, this won't be as exciting as the title implied. Sorry. :P

I redid the format of my recipe scrapbook yet again. I'm just having issues with fitting all of the info that I want on the pages without typing it all up. I'm trying to incorporate everything! A title, at least one picture of the final product, the steps, tips, servings/ yield, prep time and total time, who/ where I got the recipe from, ingredients list, and a little story about making each. We can't even discuss any embellishments at this point! Lol. Yeah... I pretty much have no choice but to make two-page layouts. I hope to also incorporate some kind of organization once I get more recipes in. Right now, it's the order that I think to make the pages in. XD Hoo boy, this is going to be a trip. :P Nothing I didn't bring upon myself though, right?

I took a bit of break and have done some designing on one of those games on Facebook. Well, Pet Society from Playfish games to be exact. :D I love trying to design the rooms over and over again. Right now, my bottom floor is going to be the fall and winter holidays so I don't feel that I have to mess with it for the next few months. Lol. It's a little sad, I know, but it feels a lot easier (and cuter) than going through a similar spiel on the Sims 3.

I did also catch the UStream class by Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail tonight. It was the cover of her Creepy Coffin Mini Album. It was pretty creepy looking! I'm very excited about her upcoming holiday projects and to see what patterns she will be able to post! I am just loving her work. I might just die a little when her winter stuff comes out. :D I'm just saying. Lol.

I found a wicked looking little bug in the living room earlier today. It looked like a cross between a cockroach and a cricket... Lol. Low and flattish with wicked long antennae but it's legs were kind of gangling and sticking out everywhere. Well, after we took a close look at it, the SO smushed it and made me pick it up to throw it away. So mean of him. XD I guess it just depends on who I'm around that makes me kinda okay or not with touching bugs. By touch I mean gingerly pick up with paper towel or a bunch of junk mail ads after making sure that it's thoroughly dead and tossing it either outside, in the trash, or down the toilet. Lol. If there's someone more afraid/ creeper out by it than me around, I can take care of it. If I'm the scaredy-cat in the room, I'm getting a boy to do it if I can. Ha ha. Well, this doesn't fly with the SO and understandably so, so he showed me a new way of not touching it and I picked it up. Bah.

Well, that's my story for today and I'm sticking to it. See you tomorrow. <3
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