Sunday, March 31

Much The Same

Hope everyone has had a peaceful Easter weekend.

Not too much has changed in the past few days.

I'm doing the same things and have questioned more and more why I chose this way to spend my time- helping someone else completely and leaving no time for myself. I have really just spent the majority of my spring break helping everyone else and not doing anything just for me to enjoy. As proud as I have been for my work, I feel a bit empty.

Often have taken the need to be needed too far. Tomorrow, I don't have to go in for work, but I'm  working side jobs for the extra money and again, to help others. Starting to freak out about going back to work again because I know it's just going to get increasingly draining from here on out.

Thursday: We were car-less since early this morning because "Hank" is at the mechanics until further notice. Had to wake up at what felt like the crack of dawn to sneak in a called in walk-in. I did some cleaning before back to my social media work.

Friday: I spent the afternoon getting to know a little boy that I'm going to start baby-sitting. He's the grandson of a friend. The SO and I ran some errands too, so I loaded up on a lot of cravings-snacks.

I also was asked to participate in an online brawling tournament due to lack of entries by my online coworkers and then co-hosted the rest of the broadcast after having my butt handed to me. That was nerve-racking and the SO felt bad for helping convince me to go through with the public spectacle, but I'm glad it was entertaining because my teammates humored my awful performance.

Saturday: I spent most of the day baby-sitting. I did make a little time to work more on my Project Life. I have finally finished that pesky April and am in the midst of May 2012 when I visited Florida for a wedding. Another intense month, lol.

I've tried really hard to add a little of something to my work. I just never feel like I have enough time. Or maybe it's the lack of continuous support/ encouragement. One of those things that feels as if I'm going at it alone and only the finished project will remotely be appreciated by anyone else. Only problem with that is that point is pretty far down the road.

Sunday: I tried really hard to bunker down and work on my own stuff today. Was pulled away often, but that's how life is, right? Irks the junk outta me, lol. I'm one to fixate as we well know here. We had an Easter dinner with the family here. I think it's the first holiday meal that I haven't taken a picture of. It would resemble every other one and I felt increasingly detached as time passes.

You'd think this dissatisfaction would be enough to fuel me to change my circumstances. We'll see. I seem to enjoy being angsty...

Did more of my recent usual and now here I am. Man, I have been sneezing like crazy for the past two days. What kind of pollen is in the air?!

To lighten the mood, I have found this hilarious:

Wednesday, March 27

Closer To Acceptance

I seriously dreaded writing this next post.

It meant that I would have to further put in writing the awful news we got on Monday. Deep breath and here we go...

Not going to do the daily recap that I've started to do lately. I've spent many more hours awake than originally thought. Working a bit on Project Life but most of my time I've poured into this social media management project.

We learned that one of FMIL's former students had suddenly passed away on Monday night. We had stayed in touch with the family and this little girl was very special to us and everyone she met. Needless to say, we were heartbroken when we heard the news.

I'm still processing everything and while it was to be partially expected- nothing ever prepares you for the moment it comes true. A part of me really cannot believe that she is gone, even if it's to a better place.

Her family was in the midst of a fundraiser to purchase a wheelchair van and her mother wrote about their story on that page that better describes the situation prior to what happened that awful day.

 "Hello everyone! My name is Samantha, mother to the fabulous PAIGE! Let me tell you about her! She is, first of all, AMAZING!
Born with a neuro-muscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1, Paige has been a brave girl her entire life; diagnosed at the age of 1 month when she stopped breathing, up to the "old lady" she is now at age 8. When she was first diagnosed I was told that SMA kids do not live past age 2! She was unable to swallow by age 6 months and received her g-tube to supplement nutrition. As SMA effects the respiratory system, at age 8 months Paige received a trach and ventilator to assist her breathing when she was no longer to do it on her own. 
I know, I know, a lot to put on a little girl who wasn't supposed to be here right? The hard and terrible thing about this disease is... she's not effected mentally at all and is actually very bright and advanced for her age- like most other SMA kids. She is unable to move or eat at all, but uses an augmentive communication device that she uses with her eyes to voice her needs and wants- just like other kids, some of the things out of her mouth just blow me away! haha! 
Paige has been to the hospital off and on her entire life, but has not (knock on wood) been hospitalized for over a year now! And seeing as Paige is having no plans on leaving me, our next obstile is transportation. Medical appointments, wheelchair adjustments, therapies or just plain-old-going-out is becoming more and more diffucult. At this time I have to transport her in a car seat with a homemade adaptive head strap- NOT the most ideal- but as independent women we need to be able to travel at will! 
As she has grown into my lovely big girl, I am reaching out to the public for assistance. I have done a lot of researching and am looking for a newer handicap accessible van that I can use to transport her for many years to come. The additional need for safety while traveling has become more prominent then ever and Paige traveling IN her wheelchair is the safest option. Even if I modify my van for a lift or purchase a used wheelchair van the price is about the same- crazy right?
Any donation is wonderfully generous and much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read about my perfect Paige. Even if you don't donate, I'm so glad that I could share her story and get the word of Spinal Muscular Atrophy out there- #1 genetic killer of children under 2.
       Thanks again! Samantha and Paige"
She was a phenomenal little girl that I had the honor of knowing with her sassy personality and quick wit.
I loved watching her tease her mom and nurse (and anyone else) with her state-of-the-art eye-gaze talker. She'd be so patient with me as I tried to figure out how she was communicating with me with her eyes and vocalizations. 
My heart dropped and ached for her every time we heard that she was in the hospital again. It would always been for weeks with too many close calls.
Her passing was still a surprise, but from what I understand, it was swift. I would hate to think of her suffering with some illness that dragged on. She was always such a fighter. We're all thinking of her dancing the way and keeping an eye out on her mother, unborn baby brother, and rest of her loving family now. We'll be attending services next week. My first in person, let alone for a beautiful child. Nothing else to do but mourn, pray, and love in her honor. 

Sunday, March 24

Vacation Mode

I'm on Spring Break right now, so time and dates don't mean a huge amount to me.

Thursday: I don't remember much from this day. I didn't write anything down like I have been trying to do each day. Chalking it up to being worn out after a long day at work and looking forward to Friday. Pretty sure I vegged out to YouTube videos and watching the SO play some video games before turning in early.

Friday: I was super excited that it was the last day and was very inspired by watching some of the classes perform what they've learned in their Taiko Drumming class. Was holding back tears of joy during the entire presentation. I began to hunker down with tackling some more social media management with the free time that comes with being on vacation.

Saturday: Woke up late and delved into my freelance work of reviewing YouTube videos and making sure things were kept consistent. Got to love Skype meetings. I did a tiny bit of Project Life. Better than nothing, right?

Sunday: Spent all day working on a live stream. Did take a break to have dinner out with a friend and the SO so I'm full of yum. It doesn't make for great blogging but it took up a lot of my time lately, lol. Here are some music videos that have made me happy lately!

Wednesday, March 20

Newer Arrivals

I'm currently typing this on a USB flexible keyboard that came from a nostalgic shopping spree at Target earlier and it is incredibly difficult, awkward, and confusing. Plus, it smells funny. Lol.

I was forming the latest are package for my bestie and made out like a bandit. Felt cruddy today so it's nice that it me together in the end. Bah! I'm currently am typing this with two fingers (oh yes) and still miss about every tenth letter... ugh. "i'm subitting myself to ths ridiculousness becus f my ssues lately wt y eloed shi and conol ky."

That roughly translates into: "I'm submitting myself to this ridiculousness because of my issues lately with my beloved shift and control keys." Yeah, I think that's one quirky gag-gift-esque item that is going back to the store. My fingers feel like they just ran a three-legged race over a bunch of rocks.

Enough with my herp-derp-ing.

Monday: I barely got any sleep for a number of reasons and when I got home from work, I crawled into bed and didn't get up until the wee hours. In hindsight, I was pretty dehydrated from the weekend's activities and should have set an alarm to wake up and drink more water periodically because I was still dehydrated in the morning. Apparently, I suck at this game.

Tuesday: Still had the headache but took a few measures to be a bit more awake during the day. Caught up with my internet life that I neglected with family in town. I also tried earnestly to delve into an alternative to my Google Reader by trying out Feedly. It was a very frustrating time looking through the various non-comprehensive starter and transitional guides but I think we finally have the settings that will work.

Wednesday: The drastic weather changes and very high pollen are setting off a lot of illnesses and severe breathing issues for all ages lately. I'm still feeling under the weather (ate a can of peaches for dinner if that's any indication of how off-kilter my mental state is) but wanted to share something fun with you today: the garden! It is Spring now, after all.

I know that there's a bunch of famous birthday and stuff going on in the world right now, but I can barely process it all on my own, let alone analyze it and my feelings here right now.

The surviving peas are surrounding the flourishing strawberry plant. The same one that was not much more than a pair of sad half-burnt leaves not too long ago. They are so pretty together! I'm excited about this companion planting.

The cantaloupe's second set of leaves, the true ones, are coming in and I'm anticipating learning about this new foliage as we watch it grow.

 Oh yes, this is the garlic. They are winning at any competition this garden is having right now without even trying. I have a feeling I need to read up on them really soon. This has given me great confidence or at least relieved a lot of apprehension about growing from bulbs.

Tuesday, March 19

Part Deux

Part of me feels that I should have just waited until tomorrow to post these pictures but I said I'd make an extra post to continue my last.

I obviously took slightly more than these when the family came to visit, but I'm sticking with my "not revealing identities" rule and giving you the rest of the stuff. Minus a few super blurry or detail shots that don't mean much without the personal back stories aka good scrapbooking fodder. I would have taken more if 1) my camera was faster (as in lightning speed) or 2) everyone else wasn't snapping pics on their smart phones.

It was kind of weirding me out to be around others who were doing quick snapshots of moments and quirky places. I've gotten used to being the only one that wants to do that kind of thing. Ended up making a FB group for us to share our photos in and make collection easier. My scrapbooks came up and then out during the first night and I think we may throw together a quick little photo book for this trip as well.
 With the folks in from Minnesota, the SO and I keep talking about relocating there and what we'd find so drastically different, like these mountains he grew up seeing.

This is what kitty thought about our emissions testing results. That's my baby boy.

This was a very watermelon color when it first started the night that they arrived at the household for dinner. We kept looking for a comet streaking by but had only briefly seen it the night before.

This was my dinner on Friday night at the hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Shredded beef enchiladas thanks to a craving for meat.

This was where we tried to spend time at on Saturday morning and failed thanks to not checking in ahead and realizing their hours had drastically changed. It was almost the thought that counted.

A very prolific Saguaro cactus that greeted us every time we visited the family at the resort where they stayed. So many arms and so old! I have never seen one this thick up close before.

This is the view from the hotel's on property fancy restaurant. At least, just from our table Saturday evening. It would have been perfect if it hadn't been so windy! We had to secure all of the menus and napkins down before the flew off into the ponds.

The lamb that the SO had with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus that night.

I ordered a grilled pork chop with cauliflower potato gratin. There was some sort of berry and other fruit topping/jam/glaze on mine but I can't remember what that was even two minutes after I ordered it let alone now. It's too bad that the menu on the site right now wasn't what we had. :(

A close-up picture of the fire pit that we sat around after dinner to pass around a few desserts. It was warm, intimate, and fun. 

Sunday, March 17

Meeting The Desert

The visit with family is over and we are wiped. The flurry of activity and massive amounts of extra sun (the temps spiked to the 90's) have taken their toll on us. Now, I just want to sleep for an entire day. Cannot imagine how they feel coming back to 19 degree weather and snow. >_< We're thinking of moving there, why now? :P

Thursday: It killed me to be at work for a full day while they arrived mid-morning at the house. I got to briefly say hello via speakerphone during a break but missed out on ideas being hashed out. Mostly. They hung out until their check-in time of 3pm. I don't think I've ever heard such a late time slot.

The SO was sweet enough to give me a ride into work because FMIL took the day off to spend with her family. I got to sleep in (every minute was needed after nerve-induced insomnia) since I didn't have to walk.

I was going to hang out with a friend going through a rough patch after school, but it was canceled at the last moment and I rushed home to run errands with the SO and then more or less did my normal wind-down routine and helped a bit with dinner prep.

We had everyone over for one home-cooked meal of Chicken Divan using a family favorite recipe. I was probably more quiet than I should have been but realize that I was more tired than initially thought after work and general stressing out. FMIL left that night to stay with her family up at the hotel.

Friday: It was grading day and nice to get a lot of stuff done at school sans students. Got to grab a quick lunch with some of the ladies and then was able to head out early (not as much as originally planned) to run a few more errands before heading up to the resort to hang out poolside. They wanted to soak in as much sun and heat as possible while they were here. Understandably so!

For dinner, we reconvened and went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant for some authentic Southwestern "cuisine". Afterwards, we hung out at the house until the boys decided that they were going to check out the bar scene downtown while every one else headed back to their rooms. Grandma put me in charge of watching them and they were pretty good. Got back by midnight and we hung out playing Wii bowling together.

I have managed to sneak in some journaling on my April 2012 pages. There's an extra set of pages due to my shenanigans with Flat Stanley at the local plant nursery almost a year ago. Phew, time is weird.

Saturday: I dragged the boys and myself out of our beds, grabbed some breakfast on the way out, and met up with the rest of the family to check out "Traildust Town". It has re-enactments of cowboys dueling and whatnot, but it turns out that the hours for the shops have been drastically cut down in recent times. So, that was a bust.

We didn't want to do too much driving to see anything else while the moms went to visit other relatives, so we checked out the same downtown area and visited some shops before grabbing delicious sandwiches for lunch. Then, it was back to the pool to reunite the group in the sunshine again. For dinner, we went to the hotel's on-property fancy restaurant for great food during a windy night. Dessert was had around a fire pit and it was just nice to spend so much time getting to know each other retelling those embarrassing family memories.

Sunday: The family had to leave by the afternoon in order to drive upstate and catch their flight, so there was brief pool time again (thank goodness that this place isn't all that far away because we live on the outskirts of town) before eating at the hotel's grill for light lunch. We said our goodbyes and were good about keeping tears to a minimum while half-planning a trip this summer to meet again.

There will be more tomorrow and some pictures. Too exhausted to think much more.

Wednesday, March 13


I nearly forgot that today was Wednesday and therefore blog post day until I finally checked in on my beloved Google Reader (I blast through about 150 posts a day) to find that the service is being retired in July. Ugh.

It's been a long day, but I'll get to that later.

Monday: The SO and I have really been into the new SimCity. Depending on who you ask, it's the fifth or sixth installment of the franchise. We've been watching some streamers play and we had some fun money saved up and splurged. I think I mentioned that on Friday.

I'm trying to clear out some of the food storage that has gotten a little out of hand and that's been... fun. On the plus side, I had chicken nuggets and tater tots as a treat to myself for making it through the long day. Planned out the next few days of cleaning and did some chores. Nothing too interesting because I was wiped.

Tuesday: It hit me mid-day that the relatives were coming in and I finally started to panic. I've finally caught up on all of my "Water Later" videos on YouTube! I was behind three weeks and it was starting to feel like I would never catch up and then start missing videos. Net-nerd problems, I know.

I treated myself to a nice long warm shower with plenty of pampering and guess what? I worked on some Project Life pages! Nothing is fine tuned, but I slapped the desired pictures onto the pages and all that's left is doing the journaling and editing the photos just a little bit.

It felt good to crank out a few more pages after envying gorgeous and most importantly finished layouts on my blog feed. I will get it done! Sigh. I haven't even gotten much of this year's stuff done... Bah!

Wednesday: It's crunch day. The family arrives tomorrow mid-morning while I'm at work :( but at least everyone else will be available. The SO got a haircut for the occasion and I will forever be jealous of how easy it is for guys when they need a trim. He picked me up from work and we ran some quick errands like filling up the car and cleaning it out just in case we split parties sometime this weekend.

I dusted before heading to work, finally finished making the new labels for the garden, swept the front and back porches, we've cleaned the floors, the bathroom is cleaned, and put the finalizing touches on every surface. There's just a lot of stuff to work around/ through/ over.

Every day of this week just seems to be dragging on and my energy is drained at work. Definitely needed the extra caffeine boost early this week.

I think another part of me is panicking because we have only one activity that's partially planned during this visit. That's it. There are tons of ideas floating around but nothing resembling an itinerary and that is making me flip out. It goes against so many grains in my body.

We had planned one tour to the bat cave at Kartchner Caverns, but SO's grandmother (who is almost 93!) has already been (she's been to nearly everything touristy here in her many past visits) and didn't think she could make it through. That's fine, it was the only activity that really required advanced notice and would probably be one of the most expensive things we would partake in.

I'm just so used to having some sort of plan for a jam-packed visit. Remember "Vacation Boot Camp"? It seems more of an epic saga in that blog post rather than the intense work out that is portrayed in the scrapbook I ended up making about that trip. Man, I love that book and scrapbooking. Just need to do more of that.

So my mom called all excited today. She left a voicemail about how the new Pope has been selected and how much she thought I'd like this one. It was terribly amusing and just a quintessential interaction between the two of us once I finally got a hold of her. My thoughts are: "We'll see." I'm glad that the church is being a bit more... progressive with their choice. At least, on paper.

Wow, I just want to sit and relax/ sleep. If I could somehow manage to do both right now, I so would. Cannot wait to update you on our shenanigans. I hope this meeting goes well and that we make plenty of good memories and everyone has fun and... yeah. Lol. Gonna try to calm my nerves before going to sleep.

Sunday, March 10


I actually haven't done much cleaning but have been tidying up like mad for the past few days.

The SO's relatives are coming in this Thursday afternoon and I'm going to still be at work. FMIL is taking a few days off and I was going to do the same until I lost a few days pay due to my recent illnesses.

At least this week also contains a Payday Friday. I'm hoping to get out early that day since it's grading day and there will be no kids to directly care for. Gonna work my butt off to get as much prepared as possible in my classroom.

I don't have too much to do left. Tackling the bathroom, doing some dusting, tidying up the storage area in the garage that we're using, and doing some laundry is pretty much it for me. We'll be mopping but the vacuuming has been done and FMIL has been tackling a lot of the clutter in the living room.

Thursday: Spent much of this day waiting around for Friday. I felt extra guilty for this because I want to adapt the attitude of tackling every day like a challenge, not wasting a moment. Stayed a little late after school to help a few other teachers, Skyped with a friend, and attempted to make a Brownie in a Cup after reading this article: 50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World; #34's fault.

The results were... well, I was sitting there with a cupful of disappointment. The advice I got was to not use olive oil. Plus, I think I nuked it for too long when I thought there was too much moisture in the cup. It ended up caramelizing the sugar halfway through me trying to eat it.

All of my ingredients.
Friday: Finally have some energy back this weekend and thank goodness because it was a crazy day at school. With state testing this week, we lost a lot of time for our usual academics and didn't think it fair to test them today. Plus, we had a fire drill and bus evacuation drill along with the monthly school assembly. Yeah, it's hard to compete for attention during that kind of day. Plus, it was really windy out as a cold front was coming in and everyone's allergies and sinuses were unhappy.

Right after work, the SO whisked me away to kitty's vet appointment. It was a wellness visit and he was so scared. :( While we were waiting for the doctor to come in, he was trying to melt into his daddy's sweater. Thankfully, he was so good with the vet and assistant when they gave him a rabies and upper respiratory vaccine because he was due.

Afterwards, we dropped him off, spent some time with him, and ran some errands including getting some fish oil to help with his dry skin and some pet grass. He seems to have a bit of cat acne lately for the first time, so we'll ease in the fish oil with his food. 

There was Ladies' Happy Hour at a location we've been to before but had been replaced by a different restaurant. There was a nice turn out and the sweetest waiters. Handsome too, lol. The food was good too.

Got a care package from my best friend today too! We chatted on Skype as I opened it and subsequently freaked out. The three sodas I had at dinner may have had something to do with that. It was just too perfect and so "us".

Look at the cuteness!

There was a gift card to Target and it's one of our favorite stores, a Dove chocolate bunny for Easter (my mom used to get me one every year), a handmade card with the supplies I've been sending her, the funniest squishy blue seal that lights up when you bop it (I cried I was laughing so hard- the SO calls it a "Police Seal" because the lights are red and blue), Pez dispensers of Phineas and Ferb because she knows I love that show, a squishy Valentine's lion-bear-dog and she has the coordinating giraffe, and a glow stick wand. I don't know when I'm going to get a good reason to use it, but I'll make an occasion if I have to! 

Saturday: I spent a lot of my day organizing the majority of my paperwork and files, drawers and cabinets, and art supplies. Doing this helped me clean up a bit of the clutter around the house in preparation for the relatives coming this week. Not too much purging going on, which is something I desperately need to do (as discussed with my resolutions and goals for this year). 

 I've mentioned that I really like office supplies, right?

Tapes, sticky notes, paper clips, and miscellaneous supplies in towards the back, normal pens and pencils are in a mug next to the bajillion staples I have in that silver-pink tube, highlighters and specialty markers are in one half of a checkbook box I turned into a container, colorful pens are in the container next to it, and scissors are next to that because we grab them the most.

This does not include my color pencils, coloring markers, or colorful permanent markers. Those are with my craft supplies. I stored a lot of my paper crafting supplies in the art bin beneath my bed since I've begun to stray away from card-making and paper-crafting towards the digital goodness. Still just as easily accessed so it's all good.


Our kitty (and his sister) turned 7 years old today! So big! Even saying that now, I just want to get up and go squish hug him. Love that little boy so much and we are ever grateful that he's pretty healthy. They are now older than their mom was when she passed away from kidney failure. It's probably what's going to do them all in one day, so we're sensitive to that sort of thing.

 Had to deal with this nonsense again. Right when I wanted to relax after organizing so much of my stuff, too. Grr.

Sunday: It's pretty been playing the new SimCity and hanging out with the SO since he was feeling under the weather again.
 This was a beautiful sunset. I don't remember seeing the mountains get this red and bright before.

I also got to playing with some of my older crafting supplies too. I made these metallic and holographic lucky stars after dragging out my origami collection to show the students (we didn't get a chance to on Friday but I'll try again this week). They have been really wanting to see it after having a brief unit on Asian cultures.

I'll show more of my crafting supplies soon since they're even easier to get at now.

Wednesday, March 6

Not Short Enough

Today was supposed to be a short day and it was not nearly short enough. My patience for nearly everything is pretty much shot and I'm pretty unhappy with myself because of that. I've been so frustrated and flustered that I'm not even sure where to start in order to gain any positivity back from myself.

I know I just had Rodeo Break, but I did freelance work then so I'm ready for Spring Break where I hope to be completely selfish. That probably won't happen, lol.

Monday: Speaking of that social media management work, I did more of that when I got home from work. Eventually I was distracted by reorganizing my digital photo storage. I had it listed in folders by year and season, but a few years back I changed what qualified for what season.

It was weird and I don't know why I suddenly switched, let alone why I didn't make the folders consistent. I like having them chronologically and ended up ignoring which three months actually made up the weather/ calendar season and went with dividing the months into quarters.

So, now I have October, November, and December photos in say "2012 Q4" versus December, January, and February grouped together in a "2012 Winter". Yeah, that system must have been a late night backing-up organizational kick decision. It's all better now and that decision was made during lucid hours. This process took two evenings because I enjoy sleep.

Tuesday: I'm still catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, I'm just past the halfway mark with February videos. I finished up the photo reorganization and we ran some errands. Not much to report.

We've really enjoyed when they meet great critters on the SciShow with Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers.

So pretty for something so scaly.

The noise that it makes is out of this world.

Wednesday: That pretty much covers it. I tackled a broken laminator and soundless computer lab today after hours. So exciting, lol. I may have started counting down the days until the end of school. Terrible, I know. I am super grateful for finally having stable work, just wish I had more joy in it again. Going to try to relax and hang out with the kitty and the SO. ^_^

Sunday, March 3


I feel good having finished a book for leisure for the first time in way too long. I was the type of kid that got into trouble for reading too much.

Yeah, it sounds dumb but I would become obsessed with my books and not put it down. I'd try to read in the tub, while eating, and walking across the street if I could get away with it. My punishments were more for life preservation purposes.

Again, there's the link to the book on Amazon. It's my dear friend's first published work! I have poured over the manuscript for years but I still did not want to miss a single detail. The notes and discussions we've had trading questions and details back and forth kept replaying in my head. I cannot wait until more people finish it so that I can discuss it with them!

Thursday: Bah, I'm falling behind on taking notes of the mundane things I do from day to day and it's really hard for me to remember lately what I did a few days ago.

All I remember is talking to my brother for a bit that day because it was his birthday and hearing his excitement after he unwrapped my gift to him. It arrived just on time and was perfect. I ended up getting him the Finn's old sword from Adventure Time. He already had the hat and backpack and found a Jake onesie so this is rounding out the costume collection.

That and I ate a lot of hot dogs.

Friday: It was pay day, so the SO picked me up from an exhausting day at school after I started doing some work in the lab about fixing the headset-sound situation before having to shut everything down for networking work that the district wanted to do over the weekend. We did a bit more grocery shopping and then I remember just wanting to sleep or at least rest. As much as I wanted to get back to Project Life, I just caught up on my YouTube subscriptions and hung out.

Oh wait! I did end up reactivating my World of Warcraft account and spent some time getting re-accustomed to the controls. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and has been in the past. I think that's namely because I didn't have anyone waiting for me to show them the ropes after figuring everything out on my own first (while there would be tons of bugs and server maintenance) and I had been playing on the SO's account for a while now.

Saturday: I was feeling pretty under the weather and FMIL and I took a CPR-First Aid refresher course with a co-worker so we could renew our certifications. It's been about two years I think. I took a nap after we got home and eventually talked to my brother again. It was the night of his birthday celebration with friends and it had not gone well.

They were going to keep it low-key and eat at a local Japanese restaurant before heading to my folks' place to hang out but twenty minutes into dinner, they found out that one of the kids' cars had been broken into and their stuff stolen.

It's a well lit and busy area but the driver window had been shattered and the backpacks of three of the kids stolen from the trunk containing an iPad and two laptops. I felt so bad for them, so did my brother and all of their friends. While half of the group dealt with the police, the rest headed to my folks' house and the rest of the evening was pretty subdued. Poor things.

Sunday: Like I said before, I spent today resting and reading. Snuggled with the kitty and everything. In a two weeks, the in laws are coming into town, so I'll be tidying up quite a bit during that time. We also have to plan out a few excursions and I've been championing those ideas since Christmas. I also made more steak tonight and that was quite satisfying. I tried my best not to look at the recipe to see if I had learned anything from earlier this week. The food came out well, my memory was decent.

My goals this week are to finish up April 2012 in Project Life and to at least gather up the majority of my loose papers in preparation of organizing them.

It just felt really good today just putting everything aside and just reading.
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