Monday, January 31

335. Cross-Eyed

After a lot of hard work leading up to staring at a bunch of pixels while going cross-eyed, I've finally finished and made public my secret project. It's another blog that focuses on my now official affiliation with Stampin' Up! I was given the wonderful opportunity to become an independent demonstrator and I jumped at the chance. I've spent the last few weeks working on the websites, reading up on the manuals, investigating all of the techniques, oogling ideas from other demonstrators, and going crazy trying to understand all of the legal jargon. Oh, and creating projects to show off, of course. Blast and a half. I mean that in both a positive and slightly negative way. XD

I'll be keeping my blogs separate entities because they focus on separate ideas. Granted, some pictures and such shall overlap because it is a significant part of my life now, but we'll just have to take those situations one step at a time. Now that I've made sure that everything is set to go live, I think I can finally go rest and maybe cough up a portion of my lung. The last lingering gift my latest cold or whatever it was has left me. :)

See you tomorrow! <3

Sunday, January 30

334. Paper Delay

Go figure that I procrastinate dealing with paper by organizing paper.

I was going to attack my projects today but hit a creativity mental block so I went and organized FMIL's craft supplies. The collection is mostly my fault because it was all accumulated within the past year. Paper packs, punches, ribbons, Cricut cartridges, stamps, cardstock, and more. :D I am a horrible influence.

We had a nice and quick family "linner" and we watched the ProBowl. That was pretty fun to see the good sportsmanship and levity between all the different team members. I really enjoyed the last minute of play when they were only half-heartedly tossing the ball around and letting the losing team score an extra touchdown. Much respect was shown and we really appreciated seeing that in hostile times like what's going on now around the world.

On that note, I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, January 29

333. Rummage

I don't believe that it is a coincidence that "rummage" sounds a lot like "rubbage."

Today was a very long day.

It started off early after not much sleep to set up the garage sale with a friend in a different part of town. We had quite the flow of people, the bargaining and unpredictable atmosphere is not my cup of tea by any means, and made some money today. I was freezing my tukkis off and was so cold at one point that it was difficult to text. That and I could no longer feel my toes because silly Floridian me decided to wear flip flops. Teehee, I had to look up how to spell "tukkis"/"tuchus", etc.

Made it through the sale, packed up all the leftovers to be donated to a local shelter for victims of domestic abuse, cleaned the garage, helped pack and stored away stuff, and helped pack for an out of the country trip. A lot of tasks and errands are done.

Once I got home, I just wanted to nap. By 9:30pm, I myself was so done.

I did manage to organize my papers for my project but I'm too tired to make more components. So, I'm out for the night- I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Friday, January 28

332. Fabricating

I needed to look up another word to describe the preparation work we did today.

Kitty did better emotionally and physically with taking his treatments but this by no means means that he was happy with any of it. Also, he has officially begun to blame me for all of these shenanigans. Awesome. I know he adores his dad, so I guess I'll always be the bad cop in his eyes. I still feel really bad for leaving him when we're out for several hours, even when we have family checking on him. He was really freaked when his dad left today and would not go two steps without making sure that the SO was right behind him. Poor thing. I'm glad he's still recovering well.

The last prep work for the garage sale tomorrow is done. Or as done as it is going to get before the big day. Lol. Clothes from around the world, linens from different decades, and knick knacks from everywhere else. It had been and will be a piece of work. Deep breathes. XD

I did manage to work a little more on my personal project. I'm not sure how I would rate the results, but tomorrow's another day to tear it up. :P  I'll see you then. <3

Thursday, January 27

331. Simple & Sweet

I may have started an awful trend in the household this week. FMIL and the SO are both sick now. Therefore, we hung out all sniffle-ly, snotty, and pitiful together today being as comfy as possible.

Then, add kitty to the mix and he is just sleeping through nearly everything. I hope his appetite picks up again soon. We're giving him his fluids but he is not a fan of either his new food nor the prescription wet food. His symptoms are improving immensely and I am so happy with the professional and efficient care we received from this new clinic. Tonight, we're going to risk having him sleep in the room and deal with any accidents. It was heartbreaking to hear him scratching at the bathroom door late into the night wanting to get out and be in his regular bed. Aw, I'm still coughing as I finish up with this cold thing and he's chirping at me in his sleep. He's also taken to one of my fluffy pink robes for his bed probably because it's just as soft and fluffy as he is. :D

I finally manned up and made a cute little project for my secret project. I have been doing everything except that and I think it's because I'm nervous using the limited exclusive materials I have on hand when I need to create good-looking products. Oye. I'll get over it.

I had this sudden urge to cry earlier this evening but managed to stop myself and think, "You have nothing to cry about and if you do cry, it better be for others." Kind of random thought, but it's true. I have so much going for me and such a blessed life. Sure, not rainbows and fairy tales but a darn good start. There is so much more to care about than pitying myself.

Besides, I'm implementing my plan of "Just Do". Remember? :)

I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Wednesday, January 26

330. That Sense

Kitty's ailment is responding well to the treatments. However, kitty himself is not happy at all with undergoing them. Today was tougher for us all but we managed and ran a few more errands. Somehow the simplest tasks became so convoluted but we got some stuff done and I'll deal with that fact.

I'm still not in the best of mindsets but at least I keep on moving on in the process of letting it incubate and develop from vague feelings into something substantial that I can work on and/or with. One thing I am realizing is that I don't have much patience let these days for the nonsense of dealing with others' nonsense. More and more I am detaching myself emotionally from specific aspects of my life. The only problem with that is once I get to this point... let's just say I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. I have all the faith in you for the longest time or I don't give the smallest crap about you and your issues. And me not caring about you is a dangerous territory to be in.

Tomorrow is just another day towards the rest of our lives. Deep breath: in... and out... I'll see you then. <3

Tuesday, January 25

329. Wrapping

Gave kitty his treatments, he was not very happy about this today, but we all made it through. No pictures surrounding this event because it took all the hands and equipment we could get to have it go smoothly. Fortunately, he seems to responding very well to all of the drama.

Then, we went to help a friend pack up some more stuff and set stuff aside for a garage sale we hope to have this weekend. I really need to set some time aside at home to see what we may be able to bring to that event.

My brain in swirling around like some tropical storm with the water and wind as intangible emotions like doubts and fears and the debris of the physical aspects of reality like planning errands and projects. I feel like it so close that my face is emerged within the tumultuous wall and I'm about to be swept away for who knows how long, at what price, and how bad the aftermath left in our wake will be. It's not a very good feeling.

Now is a good time to take a leap of faith, put on a brave face (mostly for myself), and just do. Breathing some time during that process might help but isn't necessary for survival or anything. Lol.

Poor kitty, it's my shift to watch over him now and he's being a little odd. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Monday, January 24

328. Parenting

I am almost done with this cold-thing. I am almost done with this cold-thing. I am almost done with this cold-sinus-ailment-thing. I've been told that I sound horrible even though I feel worlds better today. I'll just keep thinking that my abs are getting a workout from all of the powerful coughing and sneezing I've done today. Maybe that's the silver lining...

I woke up today and went to go check on the kitty who was exiled into the bathroom for the first time in... well, I actually can't remember the last time he was exiled. He wet the bed last night pretty badly which was weird because he had been acting odd and ended up going on the very spot he had been sleeping on all day. Upon stumbling into the bathroom, I see that he's tried to go/ went everywhere. And not only that, but that there was blood. Needless to say, within the hour, we had set up appointment to see a vet asap. Somewhat long story short, he has Feline lower urinary tract disease. A UTI for kitties, if you will. His first one and we were very pleased with the advice, service, and attention we got at this new place.

Now, our little man needs to have fluids pumped into him, oral antibiotics, and prescription wet food every day for at least the next two weeks. We don't think he slept at all the way he was acting today and how traumatic last night must have been. Luckily, he was his usual sweet and well-behaved self with the nurses and doctor and took all of the poking, prodding, and treatments surprisingly well. Tomorrow, the SO aka Daddy is going to administer the fluids solo via a drip needle and we'll be continuously cleaning all of the semi-accidents around the house while we fret. Eh, I'll probably do most of the cleaning so they can be together as much as possible. It's the first time in a while that kitty is really like a baby and I think it's really hitting home/ a nerve. I feel really bad that he has to spend nights shut in the bathroom but we can't trust him around any fabric whatsoever. No carpets, backpacks, towels, rugs, chairs, clothing, and in truly desperate times- the mail.

I have faith that he'll make it through this soon, he is already showing promising progress after just one day of treatment and I'm so grateful that we know him so well and were able to identify every symptom, present that information to professionals, get confirmation on the diagnosis, and start treating the problem right then and there. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that this is not the start to a lifetime of chronic infections, which is definitely a possibility. :(

He'll be five in March.
What a trooper.

I'll see you tomorrow when I will probably post more picture of him. <3

Sunday, January 23

327. Woozy

Sorry. Feel as sick as a dog and like a train wreck, at the moment. Need to go lay down. See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, January 22

326. Lowered

What ever this sinus thing is has really hit me today. There's a substantial lack of mucus to eject and my joints are aching something fierce. I was helping a friend unpack and repack today and it was nice to have some adventures and while the work was not difficult, it physically was. I really get the saying: "I swear they must have lowered the floors another inch last night." Or something along those lines. Climbing in and out of the moving truck was killer and I find that ridiculous. I even joked about maybe this is why I'm such a slob when it comes to taking care of myself- maybe I subconsciously don't want to live to get that old and experience this kind of pain on a regular basis. I have that much more respect for those who have to live with those aches and pains daily for reasons that are beyond their control.

The kitties have been awfully cute lately. Well, ours has been. His cousin is still a little menace who hasn't been able to regulate his eating. He's overweight and much younger. He'll scarf up all his food in the morning and promptly lose it all over the floor nearly "unchewed". Well, I thought "unchewed" was a word but it is apparently not. However, you get the idea. To top it all off, he then is hungry again and starts to poke around/ play with/ consider re-eating said pile. Argh! We give him a little fresh food to tide him over and that's gone too from eating too fast. Really now!? That boy drives me insane. He often tries to sneak into my room where our kitty's bowl is kept to try to scarf that down too. He knows to fear his auntie in law. He Knows he's not supposed to be in here let alone doing that. He Knows there will be dire consequences. And yet, it's a nearly hexa-daily occurrence.

Going back to me being sick, I'm awfully grateful that the SO and FMIL are helping me get better. I'm content with wallowing in solitude until it passes, but I'm being checked on and having food and things brought to me. It's very touching. They are good people. Just really good people. I am ever so grateful for knowing a few good people when it feels that nearly everyone else is just rotten. I honestly just spelled that "rotton." Awesome.

On that note, I'm going to see what I can do to stay upright without my head pounding. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Friday, January 21

325. Seeing Is Believing

Where to start?

Maybe by saying that venting in my blog makes me pretty happy sometimes. There's only so much you can fit into a status message where it may garner more immediate attention.

I woke up with my face feeling yucky. I think I'm coming down with sinus thing. Ugh. The rest of me feels fine but my nose feels stuffed up and runny all at the same time but nothing is coming out, my face is particularly warm, and my throat (or rather the glands inside of it) feel somewhat swollen. TMI, I realize, my vague apologies. Lol. Right now I'm kind of squinting to see the screen because I guess my face is focusing it's designated amount of energies elsewhere. If I could glare at my face without having to get up and get a mirror or a webcam, I would.

Earlier, FMIL, the SO, and I were trying to figure out dinner plans. An hour and a half later of debating, just FMIL and I went to a Chinese buffet a little ways into town that we haven't been to since my birthday in August. As I was stuffing my face, I realized how quickly my head cold/ sinus thing was hitting me when I couldn't taste the fried chicken that I knew was yummy. :( I could kind of taste when we sat down. It made me a very sad panda but I trucked through anyways and left very full.

On the way home we could see the almost full moon rising in the sky and at first we honestly thought for a moment that it was fake. The past couple of days it has been very bright, almost to the point where we thought someone had left the porch light on and realized it was purely moonlight. I could see the SO's shadow in the moonlight. Intense stuff. Tonight it was huge and yellow and we texted the SO to ask if he saw it too. We always let each other know about that sort of thing. :) Well, not only did he say no but said that we were seeing things. Orly??? So, we took pictures with my phone and I took pictures and some video with my camera, sent him some, and then he called back saying that he got the pictures but that he was only then seeing the light shining from behind the mountains. I forget about the varying elevation thing and relation between perspectives involving the mountains. We hang up so he can take video of hiis view of the sky and actually caught the moon rising above the mountains. It took less than a minute to come fully into view and as often as we see that, it still amazes us all. Anyways, the moon was really amazing looking and it was funny arguing with each other the car ride home. XP.

Something that I still did not get to see today was my email through Microsoft Outlook. For some dumb reason, I'm still running Office 2002 and back then, you had to pay to use Hotmail to receive the service of checking it in Outlook. I missed it by one. friggin. year. Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 can do it without a stinkin' problem. Heck, my version of Windows is no longer being supported by Microsoft anymore. It hasn't been for about two years now. Grr grr grr, rabble rabble rabble. I wish I had the means to get a new computer. That would mean that I had the means to improve many aspects of my current state of life. I'm working on it.

I probably should have switched the bad, the good, and the ugly to the bad, the ugly, and the good so I wouldn't be semi-agitated again right now. C'est la vie and que sera sera.

I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Thursday, January 20

324. Techno Cha-Cha Mix

While cleaning my disaster area of a room today, well it's more cleaning phase one, I was suddenly hit with a bout of homesickness. So, I dug out a special dvd that my mom sent back with me and popped it into my laptop to watch/ listen to the variety show special that dealt with the lunar new year. It's a big thing in our culture and is often very festive and bright and amusing.

And my computer wouldn't play it. What is this crap about having to purchase the ability to play dvds through Windows Media Player? I remember when that came standard! So off started the hunt for a free use download-able dvd media player. Not a video editor just a friggin' program that lets me watch stuff that come on shiny disc so I would stop missing my childhood home. Bah! Lol. It was a very anti-climatic feeling as I hunted down, downloaded, installed, attempted to use, hunted down supplemental patches and programs, installed those, and then tried to play again. Finally, it worked and I got to watch my flip-flappin' concert while I folded laundry.

It still made me smile and amused me to hear all the familiar songs, even if I don't understand 97% of what is being said, even though their idea of being modern involves heavy techno beats or cha cha moves, even though I spend half of the time trying to figure out who's had what work done to their bodies or critique what their wearing. It's sounds like I felt that this performance was horrible but it was pretty temporarily comforting because those have also been a tradition since I was a small child. Some of it's embarrassing, some of it makes no sense when you try to describe it, but some of it is really beautiful and touching. I'm not quite sure why it speaks to me so even when I don't know what their saying. I guess that's just another mysterious way that life works. :)

I hope that you take the time to reflect or better yet enjoy something you used to always do as a kid and I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Wednesday, January 19

323. I'm There?

I got the crucial emails I've been waiting for to work more on my secret project. Actually, now that I think about it, "they" got my information in the mail at 10:30 this morning and by a few minutes after 4 this afternoon, those emails were in my inbox. Whoa. I think this is as far as I've been able to take this project until I get my snail mail and for that I am way too excited about! However, I think this is as far as I can do now except study the materials I have been granted access to as of this afternoon.

I'm feeling especially gluttonous today. Maybe I'm recharging my batteries after the past few days. Pasta, bread sticks, grilled cheese sandwich, and then tacos. I'm pretty sure that means I started eating lunch until it ended up being dinner. Wow.

I did get some cards made today. Okay, two. But! The last three in the set are being made assembly line style so... um. I'll get them done soon. My secret project has just taken over my brain pretty much.

Something else happened today and for some reason, I feel compelled to write about it in this moment. The SO was moving his motorcycle to a different spot in the garage so we could get access to the ac/heater unit thing earlier and since we were there, he decided to fire it up and let it run because it's been a while. Riding weather and season is fast approaching and we both know he's longing for a chance to take off again. It is very awe-inspiring and heart-warming to see people doing what they love. Parents playing with their children, an artist painting or singing, or a physical therapist see a client walking on their own again... I suppose that this is even stronger when you care for said person. The look in his eyes and the weight of his movements while he was examining that bike made my heart ache with his.

I'm not the type to get in the way of someone and their passion/ love. Unless it's hurting them or others, I don't see why I should. It also doesn't hurt that I love to learn about everything so people can often talk my ear off and I'll be highly amused the entire time. It takes quite a bit for me to become a substantial amount of jealous, so that doesn't hurt either. :P For a long time, I didn't even think I could get jealous until truly I recognized the feeling. Lol. Yeah, once the SO gets a chance to, I'm not going to be surprised or hurt if he takes off for hours at a time or if he wants to take a trip for a few days on his bike. All the power to him and more because he puts up with nearly all of my plethora of obsessions. That's a big sign that you have a keeper- when you don't really sweat the small stuff. Now, if he ever gets hurt- there will be heck to pay. That's the kind of important stuff you save up to care about. XD Before I go, I might as well show you what I'm talking about:

We (mostly I) like to call her "The Other Woman" 
when in reality, I'm the other woman! *gasp*

LOL. Alrighty, I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Tuesday, January 18

322. Hooking It Up

I was a bit bored at one point in the day while at school, so after wandering around and making conversation, I ended up hooking up the FMIL's new school computer! It is gorgeous and I'm very happy for her. That dinosaur beast that struggled to use Microsoft Office 2003 (also a fairly recent upgrade, believe it not!) has been ousted!

Still chugging away even if it is at half speed now. I'm worn out, ha ha. I'm starting to understand how the chairs are lowered every year, especially when the weather is changin'. Growing up is a blast and a half sometimes. XD

I'll see you crazy kids tomorrow. <3

Monday, January 17

321. Bursting

I'm bursting at the seams physically and emotionally. Another big step completed with my special project today and I somehow ended up eating two delicious lunches with good company.

Well, I do believe I'd like to get back to plotting to take over the world now. :P However, I hope that you had a peaceful holiday and remember to keep being kind and doing good. Thank you for championing change, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

See you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, January 16

320. Creativity

I'm not very good at yanking myself away when I'm hot on a trail. I'm waist deep in charging through a semi-secret project that came to me this past weekend. Luckily, I've been too flabbergasted and excited to start being nervous about it until typing that I haven't had the opportunity to right now. Lovely. Lol.

Ack! Got to go, I have friends on the East Coast that are willing to give me some input! See you tomorrow and can't wait to share my great news. <3

Saturday, January 15

319. Grilled

I had a great opportunity come may way earlier today and I am so excited. I hope everything falls into place soon and I can't wait to talk about it more with friends and here!

We had dinner with a visiting family friend tonight and I was the first to be served. The SO's dad ended up flinging hot BBQ chicken onto me. Sauce everywhere. XD I ended up having to borrow some shorts because I couldn't get through the meal with wet clothes but luckily I wasn't burnt or anything and the sauce dried and hardened enough that I could pick a lot of it from my nice sweater.

Today marked one week since the tragedy occurred in our town. We had chills watching the clips of those that were there continue to be made and updated. Human nature is a powerful thing- both negatively and positively.

I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Friday, January 14

318. Fortress Of Stuff

After a fairly energetic but good day in class, I came home with my battle scars and boxed myself in with most of my card-making supplies to bunker down. A while later, I've been working on my estate in the Sims 3 again and I'm still surrounded  by my gear. Awesome. Tomorrow it is for crafting!

I did end up getting some boots that my mother and I ordered about five days early. I love them and have only tried on one so far! Lol.

I'm currently watching the cats face off over and over again- talking all sorts of big game to each other but I don't think either has done a darn thing about it yet. Ideally, this won't escalate and they actually get along. And then I can run out in the middle of the night and grab my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. XD Sigh.

I can feel myself getting cranky so I think I'll start to think about going to bed. :P See you tomorrow! <3

Thursday, January 13

317. Designer

I'm kind of peeved that I'm so dependent on caffeine to wake up when I don't even have it all that often. I felt pretty useless at school today while they were dealing in a influx of new students. I can't believe that they started their first class this year with one child and the past 2.5 weeks, they'd received the names of about 6 incoming students. Whether they actually make it to start is an entirely different matter but that's almost besides the point.

I did have a little time to reflect on how I was going to put one of the best presents I've gotten to good use and have determined that I'm going to make time this weekend to seriously work on my card stash which is nearly depleted. Unacceptable if I am to call it my current obsession! Lol.

Maybe I'm wavering a little by further working on that mansion in Sims 3. My mind can be quite the ridiculous place to be.

I'll see you tomorrow! <3

Wednesday, January 12

316. Celebration At Heart

We watched the memorial service on the news today and were pretty pleased with all of the speakers. The bone the SO and I had to pick was the incessant, interrupting, and inappropriate applause by the crowd that was there. It just goes to show that we're an anything goes place at heart with some Southern hospitality but barely any of a Northerner's manners. Sigh. Was it really too much to ask to not clap after every statement the President made? That's what an uproarious standing ovation after the speech was finished is for! :( Either way, it was a lovely memorial for all of the victims of the shooting and the community. It was very touching to see how the vigil has grown outside of the University Medical Center and uplifting to hear that Congresswoman Gabby Giffords opened her eyes for the first time today.

I've been thinking more and more of what I'd want our own place to look like. The dream home and the first place. Then, my mind went on a tangent and just had fun thinking about heavily themed rooms which I draw minimal inspiration from. That led me to starting to build a mansion in the Sims 3 game despite how poorly it runs on my laptop that will be about celebration. It's a home but has very themed areas and rooms that maybe I'll throw parties in if I ever get to finish it. There's a craft classroom, museum-gallery, office, library, fish and bug viewing rooms, art studio, public restrooms, and a garden complete with pond in the middle of the house right now. I'll be working on a gourmet kitchen, breakfast nook, and ballroom-esque dining hall/area next I think. It'll probably end up three stories tall and I think I'm going to have a adjoining gym on the property and like 5 car garage. A cabin-themed den area, cutesy rooms, probably a beach themed guest room, science-technology room, and outdoor party area with a pool.

Ambitious, I know. I just really enjoy seeing ideas getting visual representations. Any time I begin to brainstorm, I have to jot it down to get it out of my system. It's dragged me out of a nice warm bed a number of times. I realize that I'm a bit of a sick puppy. :P

Tomorrow, I'm heading into the classroom so I should probably go get ready... *takes a good look around at the mess she's made with her crafts* Ugh, that just reminded me that I have yet to completely unpack and rearrange the room to accommodate everything that I came back with. T_T Oh dear.

Don't forget to cherish life and the people and places around you. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Tuesday, January 11

315. Hold That Thought

I've been put on hold and have put conversations on hold numerous times today. Very stop and go with a bunch of... stuff I'm in the midst of doing or trying to do. Sigh. You know how on a roller coaster or riding in the car with an obnoxious friend as the driver where you get jerked around because they keep putting on the brakes more often than they should? Yeah, I'm gaining a headache while trying to catch my breath and figuring out where my innards shifted during the continuous lurching. I guess it's just been one of those days.

I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Monday, January 10

314. Pretty Darn Fulfilling

Okay, it's not that exciting or serious but I needed to spell PDF in my title. We're still keeping an eye on the news as we begin to get back to everyday life here in town.

On that note, I had a good helping of caffeine and felt more consistently productive today and I don't like that a good night's sleep and breakfast doesn't do the same. :( I need to improve a few more things because I really don't want to be dependent on a soda or coffee drink to help me start off my day.

I finally finished my card-making tutorial that I'm going to use to teach my friends how to make a basic card. It's mostly about reminders on what items to use, the measurements, and pictures on how to cut and fold papers. I have tons of more information and tips to give them about finding and using great products as well as ideas on how they can expand the techniques. I am too excited to do the webcam session with them. I really love PDF and how clean and accessible they are!

I also cooked dinner today too. The SO and I have a little vice of avidly watching and drooling through various cooking shows on PBS. Yesterday we saw one that had us wanting to run out to the store at the last moment to try but we settled on having it today. We did our own variation of Lidia Bastianich's Soup with Bread and Fontina pasticiatta. It's a cheesy bread in soup for a first course meal. We grated Parmesean and Fontina cheeses that we found at the store, had fresh baked French bread on hand, and the SO had the idea to toast the bread (since we didn't have it on hand the night before to let it dry) with extra virgin olive oil and hints of garlic powder.

That sucker soaked up the broth like mad! LOL. I know I filled my bowl up past the black line and by the time I sat down to start, this is what I had left. After toasting what was pretty much cheesy garlic bread, I sprinkled on extra cheese that I had saved over it. It is definitely going into our recipe book even if we'll continue to modify it. Mmm...

I mean the following on many levels: It was nice to see a hint of life getting back on track. I hope that this continues. See you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, January 9

313. Storm Brewing

We're still tuning into the news and learning more and more about those that were lost and those that were there when the shooting happened. It just keeps getting sadder and sadder as well as more upsetting. We also watched the national news to see the overall perspective that was being put out there about the events that just happened and the events that have been happening in our area and state. It's getting rougher.

I'd rather not talk about my views about all of the issues that have been hot lately other than this tragic situation. 

I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with me before I learned about these events. I've just been existing in a haze of inaction. It's surprised me the minimal about of effort I've put forth for myself and the environment around me. It is really worrisome and I hope it's not a sign of a bigger battle or storm to deal with in my life, I'm still fighting my way out of the one I'm in right now.

May we all not take a moment of life and our loved ones for granted. See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, January 8

312. A Tragedy

I was woke up a bit early today because kitty had way too much energy to burn and no one around to play with. Not long after I was up with him and watching the Garfield Movie: A Tale of Two Kitties, the ending was interrupted by breaking news.

A local congresswoman was shot during a meet and greet she was hosting at a grocery store in town this morning. A total of 18-19 people were shot, 6 have died as a result, and one of those was a little 9 year old girl. The shooter is in custody and we have all been glued to watching the news all day long. Learning more and more details with each hour while watching certain media venues report misinformation just to be able to write about something first. The congresswoman has survived the bullet being shot at point blank range from a semi-automatic pistol in the head- it went straight through- and the subsequent surgery. It has been heart-breaking to hear the stories of those that were direct and now deceased victims of this horrible event today. An older man who flung himself over his wife who was also shot, an aide that was engaged to be married, and the federal judge who just got out of church and decided to stop by and say hello to a friend.

Granted, it was pretty much on the other side of town, but it does hit home. Our thoughts, prayers, hope, and condolences go out to all of those affected by this tragic atrocity. We hope to learn much more during tomorrow news broadcasts and press conferences. I'll see you then. <3

Friday, January 7

311. Diving In

I took time out to get back into our game tonight after a hiatus of about three weeks while I was packing and visiting with my folks. It was nice to stop and get back in touch with something that was purely for me- even if it involved a bit of brain work.

I must be on a guide-writing kick because not only am I going to create a reference guide for myself about the basics of the game's nuances, I'm also working on two crafting tutorials: one for basic card-making and another for understanding how to make a quick mini-album out of A10 envelopes. I'm pretty excited and it makes me think more and more about doing this on the side. More specifically about becoming a Stampin' Up demonstrator. However, I only may have enough money now after the holidays to sign up, there's no way that I can fulfill my quota as a hobby demonstrator. I still don't know nearly enough people to supply either. Le sigh.

I'm kind of in a muddled haze after turning off my brain for the past month to go through all of the motions of the holidays. I have no idea what damage I've wrought by doing so but it's not the end of the world. It's better to have my sanity and deal with the consequences than to kill myself over something that won't mean as much in a few years. That's something I've learned and started to do in my last few years of undergrad studies. One of these days, I'll perfect the technique and prioritize properly. At least, I hope so.

And I can't wait to do a project with my brand spankin' new Cricut Expression! I'm still in shock. Lol. See you tomorrow.

Thursday, January 6

310. Grumbly

I didn't eat anything during my ten or more hours of traveling today. :( Usually I grab a snack once I'm past security but the lines were so long, it took me an hour to get through my lane and due to my first flight leaving about 40 minutes behind schedule because of impending weather, I barely had enough time to use the bathroom and buy a traveling pillow before my connection flight was boarding.

So, not only has my tummy been grumbling, but the skies were too. It was a bumpy ride but not nearly as bad as the worst turbulence I've experienced. For this, I am super grateful. Especially after hearing some fellow passengers think that what we experienced was bad.

But wonder of wonders: my whole family was able to see me off! :D That was nice and totally unexpected by us too. Lol, I had to repack my bags twice because my mom kept giving me stuff to bring back.

The SO was able to pick me up from the airport and took me out to dinner. ^_^ Ha ha, we had Viet food of all things. But it was cheap, quick, easy, and good food.

We got back to the house so I could start to unpack and show everyone the goodies I returned with. In the midst of that, I noticed presents by my room that ended up being for me from the family and Santa!

Let's totally pretend that I have a fully functioning brain that took pictures of all the presents I got when in fact, I have yet to. Sounds good? Lol.

Stocking stuffers: An LED flashlight that we use constantly, orange Tic Tacs that I chug like candy, and Mountain Dew flavored lip balm. Plus, some oh so yummy chocolate because I'm such a fattie like that. :D

I forgot to take a picture of the vintage style Mountain Dew tee but I did get this awesome Mario shirt! My only wonder is where is Princess Peach and Daisy? Whatever, the girls are kind of dumb in this franchise anyways, lol. Isn't it too perfect that I just borrowed my brother's Super Mario Party 8 for the Wii for us to play together here? It was fate!
And this!! A Walmart exclusive teal Cricut Expression! It was such a huge surprise and everyone pitched in to get me one. Needless to say, I was in disbelief and speechless. It came with two special cartridges and I think that it is an absolutely stunning and gorgeous piece of machinery. And the buttons even light up in blue! UGH! How perfect is that?!

If this isn't good karma, I don't know what is. LOL. I am just so stunned even now. Everyone knows I've been coveting an Expression for quite some time and controlling myself and then falling in love when they announced the Teal one for Black Friday this past year. Darn you, WM, for having pretty goods! This way, I get to have my cake and eat it too! I am beyond excited, lol. Can't thank everyone enough, I am going to have so much fun this year in terms of crafting. Now if I can only get the rest of my life to work out that way. XD What a wonderful way to end a nice vacation. 

 This is Kitty, the family dog aka my baby sister, back at my folks.

I do miss my family and friends but I'm experiencing new things and meeting wonderful people and that's what growing up and exploring my horizons is all about. I hope you're wrapping up your holiday season on a good note. See you tomorrow. <3

Wednesday, January 5

309. Airbound

My post from a couple of days ago was the first I've actually wanted to retract and replace but decided against it. I'm having a few technical difficulties with posting today so I'm not sure when this will end up going up.

I'm pretty sure I'm as packed as I'm going to be for flying back to the desert tomorrow. But I did manage to see a few more people before leaving and that's always nice. :) I've decided to have a cyber crafting class not too long after I get back surrounded by my supplies. :P I still can't believe that I'm bringing back an additional piece of luggage chock full of clothes and movies and stuff that I could use but have no room for!

You have an idea of the mayhem I went through to get things in order or at least stored away before I left. Or at least how it made me feel and now I have more to add?! I just needed a few nice tops! XD Oh my. This is going to take some serious mulling over but I shall worry about that when I'm standing in front/ in the middle of it all.

My brother is so sweet, he's letting me borrow all sorts of movies and games for an extended indefinite period of time. :D He spoils me so nowadays. Lol. Definitely fought like cats and dogs while growing up.

Sigh, I'm probably procrastinating going to bed because I'm nervous about tomorrow coming and that means traveling. Not my favorite the process of flying but oh well, I'll get over it. See you tomorrow! <3

Tuesday, January 4

308. Cornered

I'm feeling better today but not everything went according to plan. Okay, I know life doesn't really ever go according to plan besides death and taxes (lol), but it barely worked itself out today. Alright, I'd like to interrupt myself to quote a commercial I just heard:

"Bill's mornings have never been gooder." - Gain with Fresh Lock.

Excuse me? The majority of the times that I've made those kinds of crimes against the English language have been on purpose. However, with how often I'm seeing these tongue in cheek psuedo-words and intentional mistakes... I really worry how many people take them seriously. I suppose it doesn't help that I was perusing poor paid-for tattoos just before I settled in to write today's blog post. That stuff is permanent people! Does it really kill you to spell check with a dictionary? *shudder*

I'm being distracted by the TV. I teared up during TLC's "What Not to Wear" and now there's "Extreme Couponing" and as much as I'm in respectful awe but in mild horror as well! Nearly needless to say that it is fascinating to see $1200 worth of groceries of ordinary product from regular grocery stores drop to little more than $50. That is insane.

Um, where was I? Lol.

We did make it to the beloved card & comic book store today, but one of our favorite people to see wasn't in. :( Then my brother and I were kind of cornered by another... customer because we were going through our collections at a table in store. I won't go into too many details, but I felt extremely uncomfortable and a little scared for us. I ended up leaving pretty upset at my brother for perpetuating the situation but was so grateful that we trust the store owner that was there and that we had invited two of my wonderful friends along. I am fairly cretain that

Oh man. A $5743 haul and only paying $241?! At least this guy is donating his 1100 boxes of free Total cereal to his local food bank.

Sorry, distracted again. XD Well, what's done is done and tomorrow is dedicated to shopping with my mom since I can't be trusted to do it well for myself. :D I think that about sums that up. I think I need to get to bed early and load up on caffeine tomorrow. I'll see you then. <3

Monday, January 3

307. Master Plan

No matter how much my brother and I tried to plan it in advanced, today was pretty fail-tastic. Nothing worked out the way we thought it would/ should but we did manage to get some things done. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, it's pretty much my last day to spend with anyone before I head out since Wednesday is dedicated completely to mommy and me time (as well as some serious packing). I'm not really in the mood to write so I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, January 2

306. Fresh Meat Market

Does someone want to throw me a lifeline? I'm being auctioned off and the starting bid isn't even the biggest issue with this picture. The networking has been kicked off into high gear and we have guys coming out of wood work everywhere. I know I'm mixing up all sorts of phrases and sayings but I'm becoming mildly frantic, lol.

We have various family friends from church who are approaching my folks about setting up meetings between me and their sons/ nephews/ grandsons/ grandnephews. Oh good gravy, save me! I did not mean for that to rhyme, lol. Not that meeting people is necessarily, I'm sure some of these prospects are great guys, maybe some that I could hang with, but omg.

I called the SO to come over and save me. XD He said to just try to come back in three days as unengaged as possible. Rofl. Idk, at this rate I might have like three rings before I head back out to the desert. Maybe I could pawn them off to get enough airfare to move further away. I supposed that's jumping the gun just a tad. Ha ha!

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if my mom wasn't telling these people to send pictures of the eligible bachelors along with some stats and short biography. And their emails so that I could test out their social skills. I really wish she was not the ounce serious but I'm pretty sure she is because it's happened before. I am so perfectly fine with finding my own romantic interests, kthx. I know she's holding out on me moving back here and settling down with a nice Asian boy, but that's like wishing that I was not nearly as American as I am. Little late to be holding out hope for the future of our family line. Sorry. >_<

As modern and progressive as my family can be sometimes, it's things like this that throw me for a loop. At least I've always been able to take it all with a grain of salt and as I grow older I keep finding more and more humor in the situation while trying hard to keep as open minded as possible. If anything just to humor my folks.

THIS IS WHAT THEY GET FOR JOKING ABOUT THIS MATTER! Two dinners in a row with a "prospective future in-law" family that keep asking about when the sparks are going to fly and wedding bells will ring. What!?


Lol, I think most of my panicking is out of my system now and I can go try to be a decent hostess and get to know people this evening. Meeehhh... *cue more nervous laughter* This is so awkward. See you tomorrow! <3

Saturday, January 1

305. Happy New Year!

*Hums Auld Lang Syne*

:D I hope you all had fun and stayed safe while ringing in the new year last night! I am again way too tired to function at a higher level of intelligence today. If I had started to write this post about three hours ago, we would have been golden. Now, I've crashed from the caffeine I've been pumping into myself and will have to save video clips/ pictures from our party for another day.

My folks did a ton of the cleaning up and that blows my mind because they were probably wiped. I know my brother and I crashed and crashed hard after everyone had left the house. I'm glad it is done and over with. I did have some fun, the boys shot some fireworks off and the family friends seemed to have a blast. I'm glad a few of my friends were able to stop by and stuff their faces. :D We had plenty of food to go around, for sure. Still tons left! Quail, cuttlefish, clams, beef, stews and soups, fried rice, roast duck, various vegetable dishes that I paid no mind to, and a couple of desserts like cake, cookies, puddings, and fruit. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that each family brought us a bottle of wine which is even more hilarious because we don't really do wine at the house. Lol. Just bottle after bottle and they have like an entire cupboard full of unused bottles.

Then, I loaded up on the caffeine again and graded geometry papers with a dear friend. I just have to say that some high schoolers/ kids are just crazy sometimes (and in different ways). Bless their hearts. XD It kind of wiped us out trying to wrap our brains around the chaos, lol.

Then we and my brother headed to a family friend's house with my folks to say hi before we hightailed it out of there to my friends house to try to get some work done/ hide. There's a long and amusing story behind that I probably should not get into but it goes way back and is pretty unexpected. I was glad to not stick around. In the end, I actually attempted some Guitar Hero, something I have managed to avoid all these years that it blew up on the scene, lol. Just as expected, I bombed miserably. XD But, I tried and maybe one of these days I'll practice enough to finish a song on normal lol.

Anywho, I hope you've had a wonderful start to yet another year, hopefully better than the last! See you tomorrow and thank you for sticking around. <3
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