Thursday, September 30

212. Collecting Dust

The SO has been domestic for the past few days and took it upon himself to sweep all of the floors today. I feel like such a brat for not helping him out this time around but we both know it's because I don't feel well. The funniest part is that most of the debris is kitty fur on the tile. Little Man has been so fascinated by the process. We kept telling him that at this rate, we'd be able to build him a baby brother and/or sister. Bet he would looove that. :P He kept a close eye where ever his dad and his fur went, as if to say: Where are you taking me, Daddy? What am I doing over there? XD

I am on the hunt again for more recipes to try while wracking my brains for any recipes we've had that I need to get and from whom. Yes, it does kinda hurt. Lol. What I was most excited about today was stumbling upon an old family recipe book! It's from the SO's paternal grandmother by I think one of his aunts. If it's any indication of how old it is, I really believe it was typed up via typewriter. Okay, I know that doesn't mean it's ancient but come on! That's so cool. I took a quick peak through it and noticed a few recipes that I remember his family making since I've moved here.

It is a fascinating read that I believe there were multiple copies made of and includes little anecdotal notes about times that the recipes have been made or how it came into their lives. Actually, I had a lot of mixed feelings. Some how, I felt a bit of nostalgia reading those words and trying to imagine the memories, awe at how far these words have traveled, and a bit of... sadness knowing that I will probably never meet most of the people mentioned for one reason or another. I feel very honored to be able to include some of these recipes in my own book that I hope to share with many people once it's all said and done.

Honestly, I'm stoked! I can't wait to try a few of the old ones and grab pictures and seeing what the other recipes are all about. Maybe my new personal project can be working on learning how to cook and not so much crafting. It's a little bit more... productive? Well, I guess "instant gratification" is a better way to describe it.

Who knows. I shall definitely post pictures when they come about! I just had to write about that today because it's awesome, lol. See you tomorrow. <3

Wednesday, September 29

211. Destruction Eminent

Well, looking up 8x8 layouts for my recipe scrapbook has been... unfruitful. And frustrating, lol. I've been feeling pretty under the weather today and decided to take it easy. I don't have any of the pictures that I want in the book taken yet so tragedy of tragedies, I'll have to make each of these recipes in order to get a suitable photo for my tome. :P It seems that even though the internet claims that the size is great for making this type of album, All I'm seeing are 4x6 recipe cards, 8.5x11 pages in binders, or typed recipes on printed backgrounds. That's... just not good enough for me. I'm already making a compromise by using paper from my random paper packs as opposed to buying some kitschy kitchen kit. Come on now! Sigh, lol.

Either way I've chronicled two recipes, one that will probably be one of the biggest recipes I'll ever have, so that's a good thing that I was able to make it fit.

Bah. I need a haircut/ trim. It's kind of ridiculous that my hair has gotten so thick again since my trip home in July, that I can't use a hair tie for more than two weeks without annihilating it beyond repair. And of course, I'm thin around the top. Thanks, genetics. Anyways, lol.

Burger King has had pretty lame commercials for the past few years. I absolutely loathe that-that-royal monster. UGH! And now they have that song? It's a million times better than that abomination, but it's still pretty sucky, imo. Oh, and Snickers? That creepy lady costume that the kids are in reminds me way too much of the BK creepy dude. No. Just no. Stop it. Stop it right now and kill it with fire. Now, I have to boycott you too until you straighten yourselves out. Creeps.

Lol, I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. I'm all for psychological advertising subliminal messages, but that is just too far. You might as well be trying to give my non-existent kids treats from an unmarked windowless creepy white van. Leave us alone!

Where was I? ... Um.

I might be taking a few field trips this week. One may be to a shooting range to finally learn how to use a gun other than a blunt object or paper weight while the other may be upstate to help move furniture. I kind of want to do both. I hope I feel better asap.

Lol, the SO got a little mischievous earlier and loosely wrapped one of kitty's string on a stick to the ceiling fan to see if kitty would chase after it. Yeah... that was as good of an idea as it sounds... XD It spun around like a nearly invisible death trap. Okay, not that scary, but the SO and I were definitely ducking and shielding ourselves while kitty completely ignored it whirling around the living room.

Ooh, I hear coyotes. They have younger pups with them. Hm, must have gotten a kill. Well, good for them. : ) I think I need to get some more rest. See you tomorrow! <3

Tuesday, September 28

210. Recipe For Disaster

Kitty cat is currently being a little quirky by sniffing and digging at my pile of recipes that are spread out on the ground below me. Apparently, he really wants me to make some brownie cheesecake. Lol, or is pretending that there's something he needs to see underneath the scrapbook. Oh wait, no! He just stole my clip-on multi-colored mini pen! And he's tossing it around. What on earth... XD

Well, he is currently either taking a break or feels that he has thoroughly killed it by laying on top of everything possible. I really love pets. They are so weird. Lol.

Um... where was I? We got to run a few errands today and I was able to find a solution about affording my new textbooks. : ) Thanks for your help and support everyone. I really do appreciate you guys having my back even from a million miles away. Or like 2000 miles. Same difference. :P

I've started working on the recipe book. :D Hooray! At one point, I thought I might use up a pack of index cards trying to get one darn recipe written up properly. I still don't know if I like it, but it's done and I shall deal with it. I'm still trying to figure out the layouts of pages too. I'm not completely happy with it either. Things just don't seem to fit together quite right. I really do not want to change the size of the 8x8" album though... a 12x12" feels like a bit much! I was really hoping that some of the shorter recipes would fit on just a single page, but that does seem to be happening.

Merrr. I'll keep trying different things in terms of layouts and how to write up the recipes. /eye twitch.

: ) I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Monday, September 27

209. Compare & Contrast

It's really quite sweet when the SO gets all worked up about motors and stuff. Most guys do, eh? :P He's worked with and driven many so I can appreciate all the little nuances that he's picked up and likes to point out that aren't necessarily general knowledge vehicle-wise.

The only downside is, that these things usually come up when I'm falling over from exhaustion. So I'm usually draped over the couch, propping my head with cushions, and trying my best to stare at him with at least one eye open as he's giving all sorts of similes, metaphors, and demonstrations via YouTube videos, pictures online, his hands, or random household objects. I really do want to understand how that stuff all works because I do find it a bit fascinating and the results of all the machinery and craftsmanship to be pretty darn sexy or at least quite impressive at times, I just can't gather enough brain power to remember my age at that point.

We've been watching a few episodes of "Man Woman Wild" on the Discovery Channel and asking each other "Would you rather?" kinds of questions and/or "Do you think you could do that?" with the stuff the people go through on these survival shows. We've also watched "Top Gear" on the Speed network. Man, we love British humor! It's just so great. Just as goofy as we are but in a slightly more dignified manner. On the last episode of one season, one of the three host was supposed to drive an older vehicle that was built to only have three wheels. The single wheel was actually in the front and even pulling out of the parking lot, he tipped the thing right over. I almost cried laughing. He flipped it over about half a dozen more times and only made it half way through his challenge of 14 km before driving it clear into a canal. I'm sure he was just stick of driving the tiny little flimsy thing. At one point, he even threw it sideways in the middle of a cricket game. Just so hilarious.

I decided on some papers for my recipe book today. :D I also started new classes and am trying to figure out ways to afford the texts. Good fun. Sigh. Lol.

See you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, September 26

208. One Step Closer

Today I crossed off an item that I wasn't even aware was on my so-called bucket list.

I ate a meat muffin.

Oh yes. It was as good as it sounds. :P Today's family lunch-dinner aka Linner was at FMIL's house. She altered a recipe for these appetizers by using regular sized tins and crescent roll dough with either Alaskan salmon with mozzarella cheese or ham with mustard and cheddar fillings. I may have scarfed mine while trying to overlook all sorts of crazy conversation that was going on around me. XD At least, that's what I claimed to be doing, I was just really enjoying the fact that I was ingesting a friggin' meat muffin!!

Rofl, it's the joys of the little things that greatly help me from going off the deep end. Or maybe I just roll around in them to make the insanity a bit more comfortable. Who knows? Lol.

I am so geared up to start compiling everything I need to start my recipe scrapbook.

P.S. Seriously though, I'm still knee-deep in trying to figure out what to do in terms of affording life. It's really pretty sucky. Oh well, I really do have great friends and family that genuinely care about me and that makes me feel very rich. I love you all! :D

See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, September 25

207. Deserter

I'm recovering from my recent sleepless escapades today, but I'm fairing better than expected. Yesterday's details are a bit hazy today.

However, I would like to report that I feel all desert-dwelling because I found a scorpion for the first time all by myself! :D Hooray! We were actually outside oogling a Praying Mantis that was hunting a big ole bug on the wall, mind you that the SO and I were both barefoot, and I took a step back and looked to the side and spotted something on the ground right in the middle of the patio. I thought it was a bunch of dry straw-like tree stuff that was just in the most peculiar shape. So, I asked the SO what he thought it was because it looked like a scorpion to me. Well, lo and behold, he grabs a flashlight and it was one!

He was caught and put over the outside wall after we watched him under a black light half hunt. I just need to say again how much I hate having bugs run into me and touch me. The black light kept hardcore attracting moths that were bashing into my hands, arms, and body. BAH! I'm a big flail-er.

Otherwise, I've been doing a lot of research into my recipe scrapbook I'm slowly gathering the pieces to make it. Sigh, none of the pictures have been printed and after perusing the interwebs today, I decided I'm going with good old index cards and maybe some of my notepad stationery to record the recipes. I looked for ideas on what information to include and how to categorize/ organize my pages. I am beyond excited about that project. Cooking is by no means a strong suit of mine... actually I mess up boiling water more times than I'd like to remember, but I'm genuinely trying.

I'm gonna head off and sort through a bunch of the online recipes I've like to try, see you tomorrow! <3

Friday, September 24

206. Traditional Furniture

Title sounds pretty darn boring, right? I would be the type to rant for an hour about some musky-smelling dusty-old store full of sectionals and creaky beds. However, that's not what this is about today.

The class went unexpectedly smooth as did my lesson. So much so, some of the kids got to play outside on top of getting Music time in. The actual center for singing songs about colors is unfortunately often skipped due to time constraints. Once the pictures are all hung up, I'll be sure to snag a photo of the kids' creations. I really liked how they all turned out.

I don't know how it happens but I manage to get little to no sleep every time I've gone into class lately. I thought I was going to just drop. It's almost as if I've started a horrible tradition.

The kids were friggin' great today. Always good to keep you on your toes, remember what's important, and make you laugh. One of the best moments I can remember is sitting between two girls to make sure hands were kept to themselves. Instead, one gal and the boy next her to her were the ones I should have been sitting between. So, I scooted over and used my bent leg as a barrier of sorts. Well, the girl I scooted away from actually got jealous! She got up, nearly barreled over the second girl to insert herself into the non-existent seat where I had put my leg, but was stopped as she tried to plant her bottom on top of the other kids by the teachers. XD They had only seen her get out of her seat and told her to sit back down on her carpet square. She hesitated for a split second, whirled around to grab her carpet, lunged for me, slapped the square on my lap, and plopped down hard- All in one fell swoop. She was so satisfied that she won on every level. I cried laughing so hard. I officially became an upholstered Laz-E-Boy. XD

Good times, good times. And my first classes towards my certification are wrapping up this weekend. I start new ones Monday. :D ... Actually, I want a breather, like a week or something. T_T

Bah, I need to drag my carpeted butt to bed. See you tomorrow. <3

Thursday, September 23

205. Undecided

Money = Poo. I guess not so much money as bills and responsibilities. :) Just the typical stressing.

I'm still slightly obsessing over these episodes of Sailor Moon. Tomorrow I go in and try my hand at teaching again. Here's hoping that it wasn't a mug full of fail again! Then, it'll be back home for a day of working away at the computer. Joy of joys. Maybe that's why I'm cramming in as many shows as I can in my spare time today, lol.

I just know that things will be figured out. I just hope that the day comes sooner rather than later.

See you tomorrow! <3

Wednesday, September 22

204. So Old School

After a few interesting conversations with old friends on the game, I was introduced to a live-action television rendition of Sailor Moon! I'm sure I just lost half of you. It's a Japanese cartoon aka anime that I used to love since elementary school. It's been around since 1991-1992 in one form or another. The show I'm oogling right now ran from 2003-2004. Got to love the internet!

I once dressed up, thanks to my mom, as Sailor Jupiter for Halloween and such. It was so great. I hope to do it again some day. Lol, keep in mind that I was already in middle school when I did it. Lol, I dressed up into high school too. I would do it now if I had the time too. :D I think she's my favorite just because she was pretty much the complete opposite of who I actually am and just what I wanted to be. XD Go figure.

If you want to join me in geeking out, search for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Act 1. :D

See you tomorrow! <3

Tuesday, September 21

203. I'll Pass

Well, when I dragged myself to bed last night, I apparently conked out within 5 minutes. I woke up in the same position I feel asleep in too. My sore back proves it, lol. Wow, I haven't done that in a while. I think the average person takes about 7-15 minutes to fall asleep. I, on average, take between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to fall asleep if I'm lucky.

Today, I tried to unwind but didn't do anything personally enjoyable. Instead, I ended doing housework. Grown up life kinda sucks, lol. I couldn't bring myself to veg out to the TV or find a mind-numbing cutesy game to play online. So unlike me. XD So laundry and dishes are done and they weren't even all mine! That is another story.

The big thing that really seemed to stick out today was our poor kitty. He was very in-your-face and affectionate today and we couldn't figure out why. He had food, fresh water, and access to his potty. Then he proceeded to start spitting up all around the house! :( The poor thing! We have never seen him do that before. Hairballs are once in a  blue moon and once he starts to cough it up, it comes out or it doesn't and we all move on. But today, over the course of maybe half an hour we took turns following him around to make sure he only got sick on the tile. Sorry if this is grossing you out. I guess he had been nauseous for a while because his stomach was empty. He'd spit up a little in one spot and move away a couple of feet and get sick again. Finally there was one big pile that looked like it had parts of a bug. That's what we thought he might have done and were poised to take him to an emergency vet.

So, after a little more comforting, he went off in search of household plants to munch on to settle his tummy. We don't have many available to him anymore, unfortunately. He seems to be all better now, maybe a little under the weather, but that is totally understandable. Our poor boy.

That's two days in a row that I've had to deal with spit up. It's like my childhood all over again, lol. I really miss those days of our family babysitting nearly everyday. Having my own family some day is going to be interesting. Lol.

Mmk, I've off to bed. See you tomorrow!

Monday, September 20

202. Planting The Seed

I'm a tad discouraged today after teaching lessons that I developed and prepped on my own today. It was continuing on a plant theme and involved matching, coloring, sorting, and making patterns. To me, it was a big bucket o' fail. Sigh. It's very possible that the kids were just really rambunctious today, but I really think it could have gone better/ smoother/ period. Haven't felt like such a fish out of water with these kids in a while. Definitely had that feeling today. /frown.

We're having a somewhat-surprise visit from the SO's side of the family. It's been nice finally meeting more than immediate and hanging out. Tonight, we went to a local Mexican food restaurant for one of the school's fundraisers. Pretty good stuff, fun times with fun people, but I am definitely paying for it right now with really big heart burn. And no good milk or anti-acids around. D: It's quite tragic, lol.

I did end up looking up some previews for the upcoming expansion of our game. The Beta testing is in full swing so of course tons of video snippets and images are being recorded and released. It's fun times. I'm impressed by some things and pretty let down by others. The disappointments aren't a complete shock, I've known about most of them one way or another for a few months now, but there is just something about seeing it in digital action that makes it sink in and hit home. "/ Bah!

Lol, how many ways can I frown in internet speak?

I get to try teaching again with more activities that I've come up with this Friday. That should be fun too. I believe that it's a longer period of time and with the entire class all at once. >_< If I was currently wearing boots, I might be quaking in them right now.

I just realized I should have taken pictures with the visiting family and their sweet doggie. Crap. We won't really see them before they head out tomorrow too. What a barge-full of fail. Ugh.

Alright, I need to go bash my head against a wall now. See you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, September 19

201. Mixing It Up

Triskets + Cheese = Amazing Snack that may turn into a meal.

Rofl, my spell check just tried to suggest that Triscuits could be: Biscuits, Promiscuity, or Trisects/ Trisectors. Good game, gg

Can you tell that I've had a fulfilling day? Still working hard at keeping on with working. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir in saying that working is typically not all that fun. No, I am not a happy camper, but I'm camping and that's saying something. Lol.

I'm going to share something that's helped me get through the past couple of days without going on complete rampages: Music!

I've found a couple of new independent artists on YouTube that have made me really smile. So here is a little mix of some of my old and new favorites:

JRA covering Chris Brown's "Crawl":

- - - - -

Alex Goot covering Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream":

- - - - - -

Julia Sheer feat. Eppic & Tyler Ward covering Maroon 5's "Misery":

- - - - -

Jason Chen feat. Olivia Thai covering Ne-Yo's "Sexy Love" Again:

- - - - -

The Band Perry's "If I Die Young" (Not independent artists but beautiful song inspired by the poem, "The Lady of Shalott"):

 - - - - -

Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider covering The Band Perry's "If I Die Young":

- - - - -

Mike Tompkins covering Taio Cruz's "Dynamite":

- - - - -

Drew Chambers covering Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield":

- - - - -

AJ Rafael, Jenny Suk, & Reynald Silva doing a mash-up cover of Alicia Key's feat. Drake "Un-Thinkable" and B.O.B's feat. Paramore's Hayley Williams "Airplanes":

- - - - -

Eric & Marcus Stanley doing a piano and violin cover of "Amazing Grace":

- - - - -

What a pretty way to wrap up an interesting playlist, hm? One of these days, I need to sit to down and make playlists of some my favorite videos. I keep having to go back and forth to switch between them. Lol. Wow, that was a lot of music. Hope you have fun listening to it, I know I have.

See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, September 18

200. Slogan

Well, this is my 200th day posting. I sounds like a really cool number, but it feels fairly anticlimactic. /shrug. Idk why.

I may not have been the best of company lately or the happiest of campers, but I'm getting stuff done. Steadily, I'm getting stuff done. Now, if I can just do it faster and sooner... :P Baby steps, right? I have temporarily adapted a motto of sorts: Just do.

Turn off the worrying or mental whining and just go. Even if it's all on autopilot. Tearing myself up has just resulted in being overwhelmed and tearing myself up further, so just cut it out for now. I'll allow it again in a little while and see if I actually can come up with a plan to solve it.

I'm still waiting for my passport to come in so I can sort my identity fiasco out. :( I was hoping it would be in already. It kinda makes me a sad panda but I'm just gonna keep going and take care of that when I can.

We cooked two meals today! A taco-billing bake thing for lunch and some sushi and salmon for dinner. It totally slipped my mind to take pictures until each were already divided and being delved into. Whoops. I loved the taco one and tried the swordfish sashimi and salmon. Not bad, but still not quite my cup of tea yet. That's a work in progress too but at least I'm giving it a try.

Bah, I want to do more than just survive or get by- I want to fight, live, and thrive. Well, thriving comes after, lol. I'll get there. We'll get there.

Lol to giving mini pep talks to myself in the midst of pondering.

At least I have a pint of Oreo cookies and cream ice cream. Mmm... it feeds my soul. Ow. And freezes my brain. {{>_<}}Hmph. Lol. I did have my discounted DCWV (Die Cuts With a View) paper come in the mail today. Single-sided, 12 x 12 patterned paper pack of over 100 sheets that was originally $19.99 and I'm grabbing myself one for about 5 bucks before it disappears. It's a summer release that's on it's way out. I also have the coordinating matstack. So pretty. Tropical yet soft colors that I feel are great all year around. I'm still determined to actually use up things that I take a liking to. You know, instead of hoarding it for a rainy day because I won't even use it then. XD I am in love with the sunburst mini album from Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail.

Oh! That reminds me. I finally caught one of her live UStream broadcasts last night. I still cannot believe that I missed last weeks because I lost track of time while trying to pass the time until the show started by watching older recordings of her show. Really now? Really? Such a fail. Lol. But I avidly watched and even participated in the chat while the household knew to leave me alone. Rofl, that's like the first time I think they've really done that. There were a few instances when they forgot and began to wander into the room to tell or show me something, but saw my headset on and remembered. I guess the SO warned them because I hadn't really mentioned it to anyone else, lol. How thoughtful, looking out for his family so I wouldn't kill them with my stares. J/K (just kidding). Lol, that's an oldie but goody abbreviation. Why is that word sooo long? Lol.

Anywho, I honestly thought last night's show was going to be a bit boring because she wasn't going to teach about one of her fabulous mini albums. It was a Bountiful Autumn Wreath project. Paper flowers on a store bought grape vine wreath. Let me tell you, absolutely stunning. Can I just say how much I adore this woman and her work?! All of the leaves and flowers were made from paper- a large sunflower for the centerpiece even included the seeds pokies in the middle. I don't have many punches, so I have to go through my Cricut cartridges and figure out what flowers would work best to try out her simple tips on my own. She even gave a preview or two of her latest released pattern, the Birdhouse mini. Go check it out on her Etsy shop! My newly fed soul cries a little because I totally wish I had the funds to spare to purchase one of the amazing kits that she puts together. My favorite of the two is the one that features the bright and fun colors of the Jubilee paper line. Ugh! So pretty. XD The papers from the Conservatory line/ kit are stunning as well. I'd feel bad chopping up those papers.

Okay, I need to stop freaking out before I have a conniption. :P See you tomorrow. <3

Friday, September 17

199. Being Bad

So, It was really difficult for me not to mentioned it yesterday, but I kind of did something pretty bad. I'll give you a hint of what's to come:

Yeah... one of my subscriptions on YouTube finally featured a video of her painting her Cricut Expression using the same spray paint I have but in a vivid purple. It's like the second true video on there about painting it that I've found. There may only be about half a dozen Expressions I've seen there that have been altered in appearance. So... it was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back since I've been very much on the fence again about doing it.

I figured that maybe if I just started to tape it off, I could at least mull about it a little more and see how nervous or excited I got. Well, once I taped it all off... I decided I was so excited that I got the first layer of paint on right after I finished. Sigh. It doesn't seem as if I have any self-control anymore!

Here is the damage with the FMIL's new Cricut for comparison:

I think the original accent is a pretty mint/ teal shade. With the paint I have, it may still work.

That whole in the bottom was the scariest to tape off! :(

I may have gotten a little paranoid with my taping off...

Bam! Lol, one thing I was supposed to take away from the videos was to tape off the inside, unlike them.

There is so much tape overlapping. It better work!

Isn't that such a lovely bright blue? I get a little worried that I can't see the similarly blue painter's tape. Lol. 

Maybe one of these days I'll actually start something like this during the daytime when I can see what I'm doing without having to try to hold a tiny flashlight with my knees or using my face. Lol. Plus, I can see what spots I'm barely getting and which spots I'm about to drown before it's too late. Lol.

We'll see what happens. See you tomorrow. <3

Thursday, September 16

198. Breaking It Down

Well, almost. I really hope I don't break anything else this week. Earlier, the SO and I mauled an old cellphone of his. I think it was a Motorola Crazor. So not ancient but, for some kids these days, it was eons old. :P

Um... I'm not sure what else to say. Lol, here you go!

Ripped the front cover and its bracket thing off.

The inside of the top half. :D

The inside of the back of the top half. XD

Oh no, we broke this part off to pry off a metal frame.

This is the... microphone, I believe. 

The key pad skin! I ended up keeping this part.

It just plugs in! Kept this too.

Do you kind of recognize it?

... I forget what this is. I think some circuitry that was broken off?

 Circuits and such look so cool! Try to ignore my grubby hands which are only there for scale.

The working part of the keypad. Loved peeling it apart.

This smaller screen just plugs in too!

What the screens plug into.

It was a lot of fun breaking it and taking it apart. Well, more taking it apart. We tried to annihilate as little as possible, lol. I think the SO was more amused by the fact that I've never taken something that 'technological' apart before. I was beyond fascinated. Almost enough for me to go off and learn more about how everything works. Then, I remembered that I've already tried to do that and failed miserably because it just wouldn't click/ stick in my brain. Much like whenever I try to learn about vehicles and cars... I try and I kind of understand how it works when it's being explained to me... and then yeah. That's it. Lol. 

I saved some parts, mostly the screens and the keypad skin that I was hoping to re-purpose/  up-cycle at a later date. What a cute accessory on a scrapbook page, right? Lol, I can feel the SO sighing, where ever he is right now. I also learned that silicone is toxic. Yeah, there was quite a bit of hand-washing involved. I thought the super-clean assembly rooms for circuits was to avoid debris screwing up all the tiny stuff, but the SO brought up the whole point about women dying after their breast implants explode. Touché. I like how he challenges my brain and we know random bits of info about completely different things. I think I'm more surprised when we know the same stuff. It sinks in for a moment before we take the subject to another level. 

I'm a little fried today from lack of sleep due to massacring ants again and a long day at school trying to developing a few activities/ lesson plans. Yeah, I've pretty much been out of it all day regardless of all the caffeine I tried to pump into myself. Mmm... we had breakfast at McDonalds today. I like grabbing a McGriddle because they're weird. :D It's one of the few good reasons to get up before 10am everyday. Or stay up until 4am. :P Either way, lol. 

Um... what? Oh. Ha ha, I lost what ever train of thought I had. Well, I'm satisfied with what I came up with. I hope the kids like it too. I really want to just keep in mind how good it feels brainstorming up lessons and activities for the students and add that to the motivation I desperately need now. 

Mmm... I want a hashbrown... alright, I have to go before I get myself into trouble somehow. Ha ha! 

See you tomorrow. <3

Wednesday, September 15

197. Trials

Pep talks are amazing things. Good ones are life changing. I need to figure many things out.

See you tomorrow. <3

Tuesday, September 14

196. Sink & Swim

Misery does love company. It's one of the absolute truths I know in life. Maybe the company cheers you up or just sulks with you so you don't go at it alone, it doesn't really matter.

I've had two great people help keep me afloat in this rut that I'm in nowadays. We're just a bucketful of "/ , but that's okay sometimes.

I highlight of my day was the SO seeking out an old mini SD card so I could figure out how to upload music and photos to my new phone. The device is not a complete fail! Hooray!

It has no games and almost every little feature/ button leads you to some mobile web page. The family got a free trial month, but once that's done it's done. We don't have the time or money to throw around for something so unnecessary. I really believe that if you want something portable that does that much, get a laptop. A cellphone is a phone and it's going to be a while until it runs like an all-out computer. Anything available to the public now just tries really hard. And I also believe that if you want something to run like a real computer, get a computer. Which is something I'm working on, lol. /pats laptop. Sorry, I know you try hard, but you are no desktop. :P

I don't like paying money for wallpapers or ring tones and such, so I was trying to make do with what I could figure out now. Those auto-connect to the web buttons are going to really get on my nerves down the road.

Now, my phone can be a portable party. :D I'm kinda happy about that. Lol.

Treading water in a churning sea is pretty draining. >_<
See you tomorrow. <3

Monday, September 13

195. Just One More

I finally have the pictures I've been promising uploaded but I do not have a video filmed, let alone uploaded, of my paper bag mini album. Sadness. I've been trying to calm down and that's still a work in progress.

Let's see, where should I start?

Today seemed to start off better than yesterday. I got two packages in the mail and had no idea which of the items I've been expecting was going to show up. One were these cute little things that I "bought" with a gift certificate from a lovely Etsy shop:

Yes, those are totally Xbox 360 controller earrings. Handmade from polymer clay and clear sealed. So adorable and geeky. I'll be so proud to wear them! Probably sometime this weekend. ^_^

This is a little gift of sorts from my family. We were due for upgrades for a little while now, so I was able to get one. It's pretty nice timing seeing as how my other phone has started to drop calls often and decided it's own alarm times. This is my first "modern" phone. So, it's my first with touch screens, applications, truer web access, and QWERTY keyboard. I'm intrigued, not terribly impressed, but grateful for a hopefully better working phone.

I did, however, spend most of today trying to properly set up my contacts list in it. I do keep a hard copy backup of all my phone numbers, but they were really pushing me to use their phone list feature that is tied to my account online. I played their game, came close to bursting a blood vessel, finished updating the online list that was a few years old, and then found out a way to weasel into using my SIM card's saved list. Lovely. Oh, and I also was ready to argue with the online representative I chatted with earlier because their website isn't compatible with Mozilla Firefox. Bah.

It's a good thing that I'm multi-textrious. Yes, I just totally made up a term. I'm not winning any competitions, but I can very fluent in a variety of button formats for texting. :P

Here are the pictures about pizza from that night too!

Mushrooms, green onions, jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes, black olives, sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, and green bell peppers. Oh yeah, and two different kinds of cheese. :D

The beautiful sunset from that night. At one point, I played around with the sunset/ sunrise feature on my camera. I think I like it. : )

Just a warning, the next part is about Toto the Tarantula. So, unless you agree that they are "the teddy bear of the arachnid world" and are just plain creepy crawly... you can scroll really fast. Lol.

So fuzzy!! You can see his bald spot where he's shot off his irritating hairs. He's near the front leg on the left in the chair picture just for scale. The biggest one we've seen this season.

This is the chicken bake that FMIL made today. We got the recipe from a friend and it is sooo good. All wrapped in a buttery and flaky crescent roll crust. Mmm. This weekend we may try it's sibling version with taco filling! /giddy dance.

I... really don't feel like thinking about much more today. /frown. I'll see you tomorrow. <3

Sunday, September 12

194. Maybe Next Time

I really disappoint myself... often. After you admit to a specific problem, it's feels worse when you keep having the problem under near full awareness. There is just something in my head that doesn't click and I just keep on with my bad habits that are quite detrimental to the plans that I've been making for myself. Almost as if there's another you in your head that wants to see you fail. Curse you, self-fulfilling prophecy. One good thing about all the psychology classes I've taken is that I know more names of things to blame/ yell at- or the fact that there's a name out there for it, so I can find it and then blame/ yell at it. : )

I just don't know what to do with myself right now. I've made progress, but at this point in my life just making some progress isn't good enough. It sounds harsh but it's the truth. I'm so far behind of where I feel I should and need to be that now is the time that I need to be making leaps and bounds of headway.


Sigh, it's not the end of the world, just breathe and do what should be done. It's can be a big deal but no big deal at the same time. Breathe. Breeeeeathe. *sharp inhale and exhale*

I think I need to go seek therapy again. We'll see. See you tomorrow. <3

Saturday, September 11

193. Promises, Promises

I'd like to take a moment's pause in honor of what happened nine years ago today. Time almost seems to have flow while I know for some that it drags on.

I was sitting in my health class in the HS freshman annex writing a letter to my future self complaining about how cold the A/C was. I found out from other students at lunch while everything was still being figured out. RIP and thank you for your brave deeds and sacrifices surrounding those fateful days. ♥

- - - - -

Today's post would have been a bit more visually interesting if I had remembered to bring along my cord that helps me upload my camera's pictures onto the computer. Alas, this was not to be.

If those pictures were posted, you would get to see pictures of a wonderful sunset and reverse sunset, the homemade pizza we had for dinner tonight, and Toto the Tarantula!

The pizza looked really good and tasted good too, for that matter. There was one with everything on it and another that was split so it had a non-veggies section, a non-mushroom section, and the rest had everything on it again. Lol. While we waited for it to... bake?, we were treated with one of the prettiest sunsets that we've had in a while. That's one of the cool thing about actually having clouds this year- that there are more reverse sunsets. And the SO and company have been finding wolf spiders and tarantulas almost every other day.

Well, we think Wolfie's coming back again and again. Maybe it's the backyard lights that we had installed attracting all of the yummy bugs. There have different tarantulas being found (we're only able to tell because of the differences in sizes). They are right, those guys are pretty passive. No charging or chasing after us, but at one point, he did mean business. Toto (the SO and I named him :D) had his butt way up in there air and already had a bald patch where he has recent shot off his spiky hairs.

I still have yet to shoot the video/ pictures of the finished mini-album. I may have a new obsession in learning and figuring out those things. I keep watching/ playing the videos in the background constantly. Keeps my brain juices going. That almost sounds kinda gross. :P

Sigh, I'll just see you tomorrow. <3

Friday, September 10

192. Remodeling

Well, if you're reading my blog from a reader, then you have no idea what I'm talking about. :D Head on over to the actual page to see what I've been up to earlier this afternoon. I don't know how crazy I am about the new background, but I figured it's a bit closer to what I ideally wanted as opposed to the original layout. Bah. It's a good thing I save coding, lol. My biggest gripe with this new look is the proportion of the background image to the font of my entries. I want you to see more of the cute background that I found, but still want you to be able to read my web log because that's what it's there for. XD

I also rearranged a couple of widget-thingers, it's something that I always do when I'm in charge of websites and forums. It's just like with writing a story or my albums too. ... Or any organizational system I have... (LOL, oh dear), every time you go back to look at it, you always keep fixing it up and changing it around. I think I did pretty well with holding off here! XD Think about it as a midlife crisis since it's since been 6 months out of my year long project. I've finally started to give some serious thought as to what I'm going to do after a year. I know I still want to keep writing, but I have no idea where I'm going to be then to figure out the frequency. Oh well.

Nothing has changed content-wise, well, you know, aside from this new entry. :P I removed the Labels aka Subject Matter section from the side bar and used the fairly new Pages feature from Blogger. So, up above *virtually points upwards* is a bigger Navigation bar now. For at least... a month (Honestly, I have no idea how long ago I tried it out but I could probably go through my blog archives and realize which day when I was super frustrated with technology that I created it, lol), I've had a separate page for Tutorials but it only had the one origami butterfly tutorial. That was part of my motivation to make another tutorial for my 6 month anniversary. Well, now there's more than one tute up and can be found there, my FAQ has it's own section for now- I still don't know how I feel about that because I have no idea if anyone actually finds it useful/ helpful yet, and the Subject Matter section.

I have to say, that that last one was a bit of a pain. No matter how times times I look at the tutorials on how to isolated the widgets that Blogger offers onto one of the Pages, I cannot get the coding to work for me. Ugh, just thinking about it now and I'm growing frustrated at the memories of my futile attempts. Where was I again? I am just all over the place today. Sigh, yes, more than usual. Lol. Okay, I ended up typing out alphabetically every label that I've used thus far and adding the search link for each one. Then organized them into sections and organized the sections. Is this any more indication to what the state of my mind usually is? Scary, isn't it. I agree, I don't walk around in there without a flashlight either. :P I tried to copy and paste the widget info and it kind of worked. Well, the links did, but it also took the habit of what's built into my blog's original coding with shrinking the font of the list of links as it goes on. That equals microscopic links. I like tiny, but I also like being able to see.

Lol, anywho. It's done, it'll be fairly easy to add new labels, I don't have to mess with the old labels anymore, and I got to organize them to make them slightly more sensible for you all. I really wanted to use the word "sensicle/sensical" but neither are actual words. Nonsensical is though? Sigh, lol. Let me know what you think of it when you get a chance to poke around.

And I know my archival list is getting a bit big, but I haven't been able to find a better way of displaying it that I was satisfied with it. /frown.

By the way, now is a great time to get anything crafty that is related to summer. I believe the stores are really trying to diminish their inventories of it because a lot of the autumn and winter holiday stuff needs to be out and about now. From what I've started to see already, this is some of the cutest stuff I have seen yet! Ugh, I wish I could stock up on it all, but alas, that stuff adds up fast! Lol. /sob.

Alright, I need to tear myself away and knock myself out. See you tomorrow! <3

Thursday, September 9

191. Carried Away

It's somewhat horrendous the times that I've found myself going to sleep. I'm slowly losing my normal sleep schedule/ timer! :( Despite tensions still running high for one reason or another, (oh. I think I just figured out what's been causing the return of my insomnia... /frown) not much conspired today until the evening.

I got a chance to spray paint! Way too much fun. We made joke about suddenly finding nearby buildings covered in spray paint, but I figured that I wouldn't be able to bring myself to do so since I would either be so proud of or excited by my murals that I would go ahead and sign my name. :P It's something I would probably do because I'm a dumb dork like that. :D

Well, you saw what my ATG gun looked like yesterday. By the way, once I made yesterday's post, I thought of a bunch of more adhesives to mention. Oh well, maybe next time, lol. Here are photos of me getting a tad carried away with the spray paint!

Ha ha, my magenta pink toe nails match the old color!

A close-up of my taped off ATG, but what are those other things?

The innards that spin so I knew not to paint them.

Maybe I should have waited until I was ready to change out my tape. The large coil is what I've actually already used. I don't think it's going to last as long as I thought it would! Lol.

All done! I tried to keep the cover clear.

The back. I love the gorgeous blue color!

 Reloaded with tape and everything! Oops, you can still see some pink.

A scraping tool and bone folder that I got with my Cricut in Cricut Green.

Lol. Those other blobs were some of my Cricut tools! Now in blue. :P

Like I said, too much fun. I didn't get much on my jeans or hands and I didn't spot any blue on the rocks in the driveway. I was just so psyched after getting one side painted that I grabbed some of my tools, taped them up, and started painting them blue also while I waited for my gun to dry. I've used my ATG gun and it still works beautifully. I have to say that I am not the best taper-offer and was a little impatient. So it's definitely... homemade/ handcrafted/ imperfect, but I still love it anyways. I'll deal. Or figure out how to touch up those little spots later. :P 

I love my blue tools too! Won't get them confused with anyone else's! I'm really kind of worried about painting my Cricut now, especially after seeing the job I did with taping off parts today. Lol. There are only about two videos on YouTube showing you how, and I think that's mostly because it does void the warranty and the Cricut Expression does come in special edition colors. Bah! Maybe I'll just paint one section at a time and be super careful. Lol. I don't see how that solves anything either. 

After that, I hung out with the SO and a dear friend for a bit. I don't know what was in the water tonight because we were all especially goofy and a tad bit more obnoxious than usual. As distracting as those two are, I managed to work on the paper bag mini album about our kitty. I actually think I may have finally finished it! Actually, I didn't mean to tonight, but while I was taking pictures to post here what I've done so far, I just couldn't stand being so close that I could see the finish line. So... I have been trucking on with it. Man, that thing is very... homely. Lol. I can get a bit obsessive-compulsive/ a perfectionist sometimes, so this isn't perfect but nothing handmade is, hm? I'll just have to keep telling myself this. XD

I still love it to death though! Not only because it's so different from anything I've done thus far and the fact that the paper and concept were super cute, but it's all about our kitty!! And he is so sweet. I love him. I hope to record a video or take a million pictures to showcase it here over the next few days. Videos are still pretty daunting, especially after my 6 month blogging anniversary fiasco. /disgusted sigh. 

Anywho, I need to get to bed before I just melt into a puddle of exhaustion. See you tomorrow! <3

Wednesday, September 8

190. Creative FAQ, Part 1?

Hello there! I mentioned yesterday that I was contemplating trying my hand at an FAQ of sorts about crafts. Well, I am. :D For now, I'm just going to start off with various supplies and it'll be mostly around paper crafting for now since it's pretty much my new obsession. Feel free to leave a comment with questions or concerns. If I don't already know something about it, I'll definitely figure it out for ya. I'm a hound for finding trivia like that. Not knowing it, but at least finding it and letting you know. Lol.

Why not start with the goodies I recently received? All about adhesives!

My new ATG gun. Yes, this is the newer, cheaper one that is especially designed for crafters. The older version is the same size but red and heavier and, at one point, about fifty bucks more. Heck yes, I decided to grab one now! Plus, it's pink because I get to help out with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. And... I may have been watching how-to videos on how to spray paint it, but we already knew that. :P Mine actually came with two rolls of super sticky and permanent tape (the original doesn't typically come with anything regardless of where you get it from). I love it so far. The one of the most secure adhesive that I've used yet, so I see why crafters have invested in it despite playing with many different kinds. It's taken a little getting used to with aim and the trigger timing, but I'm definitely falling for it.

Next up, is the red tape. I just call it by what it looks like because various craft copies make it and call it different things. In the end, it's a double sided super tacky permanent tape. It's actually clear and you peel off the reddish film once you've placed it. It can be used to adhere papers together or, and I have yet to try this myself, to put down powder embellishments like glitter. It typically comes in three different widths, the biggest is 1 inch I believe. I've found that getting the wider was a better bang for my buck since I don't mind a bit more elbow grease and chopping it up into the little pieces I need. It's the other most secure adhesive I've used so far.

The last are Zig 2-way pens. The ones I have are the fine tips. They come in various sizes and shapes, just like pens. The two refers to how the glue comes out at first, with a blue tint. If you adhere your pieces then, it should be a permanent bond. I've had a little issue with this but I think it's mostly because I can't place them together before the ceiling fans or dry air dry it out faster than I can move. Once it dries, it's clear and a temporary tacky. Still holds pretty well, but not under abuse. I also invested in the huge chisel tip to re-sticky my Cricut mats because it's a million times easier and quicker than the sprays that I may have gotten on an impulse before the technique was huge. Okay, huge is an exaggeration, but popular fits. The best thing about that is that it seems to be the same amount of tackiness! That was really surprising to me. Great to use these on the finer pieces or sections of your projects.

I bought my ATG as an alternative to the Mono-adhesive tape runner. The main name I've seen here is from Tombo. Same idea and works out to roughly the same price in refills from what I've seen, but on a much smaller and more manageable scale when you're starting out. Actually, I won't be shunning mine (lol, I just ran out actually), it's just not the right size to go to for bigger projects- which is what I'm getting (back) into now. There's permanent and temporary rolls of adhesive but I've found the permanent to be sorely lacking. I can usually peel up my pieces and rearrange them no problem. Nice for when you screw up, but if I was planning to do that, I would have just gone with the temporary kind.

I still use the good old glue gun with glue sticks from time to time too. There is just something about melting sticks to super permanent weld things together that you probably shouldn't be. Ooo, but those crazy little string webbies that get every where drive me bonkers. If you've used one, you know what I'm talking about, lol. I think there are so much more choices now with adhesives because we're learning more about how things last as time goes on.

Speaking of that, in the paper crafting world, you're going to hear a lot about products (usually adhesives and paper) being acid-free, lignin-free, or even sulfur-free. Although I haven't looked into the mechanics of it yet, it is supposed to help preserve your projects without them breaking down from... well, existing, for a longer period of time. Great thing to think about when you're making scrapbooks. I'm not too worried about my mini albums because they're going to be exposed and touched a lot and I've made sure not to use original pictures. I didn't now about this at first and just used any Elmer's glue bottle or glue stick that was around for my first scrapbook. Unfortunately for me, it's a huge 12x12 behemoth. Thank goodness I've taken detailed photographs of the album too.

There are a ton more choices out there that I have yet to try. I'm tentative about the bottled adhesives just because I have personal issues with storing them. From what I've seen, however, they are some of the strongest adhesives you can get for crafting. Anything you want to adhere together something different like lace, fabric, beads, woven/ knit pieces, or odd-shaped memorabilia, these seem to be the way to go. They dry clear and a little bit goes a long way.

Another really big thing in crafting adhesives now are glue dots. They are usually called that but some companies may try to call them something different. They come in various sizes, but the easiest way to find them is in a single file row on a roll inside of a dispensing box. I've used some and they seem to work really well. Mostly for attaching weirder things like I mentioned above but the lighter of the materials. They're quick and easy and stick very well. Great for attaching flower embellishments. I've seen them on sale often too. :D

Those are closely related to foam-tape/ dimensional stickers/ pop-dots. It depends on who makes them. The looks and shapes even differ between the companies but in essence, they're just a way to pop up certain pieces of your project. Some adhere much better than others, but sometimes cost is a bigger factor than how long a project lasts. Comes in either rolls or sheets that are usually pre-cut for easy peel and stick and peel (the backing) again.

- - - - -

Now, for my recommendations:

1. Mono-adhesive runnner. If I had to choose just one for starting out in paper-crafting, I'd choose this. Fairly tacky, pretty cheap, and pretty versatile if you don't mind a little wrestling with your projects. :P
2. Glue pen or a bottled adhesive. I'd follow that so closely with one of these for the finer areas or a better stick.
3. Glue dots or foam dimensionals. Once you're comfortable and want to dress up your projects more, they are great and fairly painless ways of getting embellishments to stick out on your projects.

There are tons of different kinds to try, but these are the ones that I've been able to think of off the top of my head. Give a bunch a try when you get the chance! I truly believe that behind card stock and patterned paper, that adhesives are the next easiest thing to get addicted to in paper crafting. The scariest part is, you just think of it at a tool so it's likely to go unnoticed as such!

Tuesday, September 7

189. Shenanigans

At the end of the day, I picked up my tote purse to move it and it was as heavy as a brick. I unload a few things that included a sandwich wrap, dvd box set, and a can of spray paint. Wow. It looks like I'm up to all sorts of trouble, eh? :P

Just the result of a few errands that were run today to have a change of scenery. Of course, there were wicked clouds all around us along all of the mountains and they slowly but surely closed in. But, of course, it either hit just before or just after where ever we went! Boo! The SO and I actually love rain storms. Especially wicked ones. We would not mind at all getting stuck at the places we went to today. Except Wal-mart because it's pretty much evil. We went there to make a payment and I hunted around for spray paint and Cricut Lite (which are exclusive to Wallies). I didn't like the colors I found, didn't realize that Valspar was pretty much exclusive to Lowes Home Improvement stores, and found a Cricut Create for about $160 but no cartridges! Bah!

Fortunately, the SO found his box set of Smallville's Season 9 that was released today. All of the stuff was out of order and I'm sorry, but a lot of the people there were just plain gross today. I can't count how many times I saw someone digging for gold in their nose/ ear/ bellybutton or just lifting up their shirt and scratching away while they browsed and wandered. Regardless of it being a man, woman, or child. I'd just rather pay a little more at Target for the cleanliness of the property and customer base. Yes, I realize I'm a bit of a snob, luckily for me, the SO is too. Sorry, but we like to keep things a little classy. Darn you, Wal, for having good deals and a wider selection because you're a monster.

With enough "whining" that I've been doing lately, the SO decided to take me to Ace Hardware. :D Hooray! We love that place. The people there are always so cool, knowledgeable, available, and friendly. I found a nice blue and glossy spray paint that should work on my Cricut and ATG gun. I sooo can't wait!!! I don't think I've spray painted anything in ten years! Not since making a model of Alcatraz for a social studies project. And I believe that was the first time too! Lol. Hm. Wait. I think I did during my... sophomore year of college now that I think about it. Oh yeah! My bestie and I were more or less making cosplay weapons out of PVC pipes, duct tape, and wood! XD We definitely attempted to spray paint those! I loved those things.

Teehee, I found pictures of two of the four that we made that year:

LOL. We're a hoot. We bought the chain, star beads and decorative candle holder (the lotus flower-looking thing). The staff was her's and the mace is mind. :D I want to make more now. I'm pretty sure my folks got rid of mine the moment they could. My craft projects and toys usually horrify them. These were the "darker" themed weapons. The lighter thing was a spear-polearm for me and a scythe-staff for her. So cool. So much work. Lol.

Anywho, I'm super stoked about spray painting this week. I grabbed some painter's tape too. We then trotted on over to Bruegger's Bagels for linner (lunch-dinner). This is where I had a breakfast wrap. :P Very yummy. Later on in the evening, the SO and I finally spent time playing WoW together instead of me playing for the both of us. Lol. So dorky.

Mmk, well I was going to post a FAQ-esque thing about craft terms, but I guess I can save that for tomorrow. :D See you then! <3

Monday, September 6

188. Labor Of Love

Hope you all have had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Thank you for all the hard work- many of you are definitely unsung heroes of everyday life.

Ignoring the sour and stressed mood that I've been in, here are some pictures of what's been going on:

We chopped up this pile of branches...

Into this pile of branch bits. I had way too much fun chomping the mesquite.

Look at those suckers! Each branch is covered in thorns.

My hand for size reference. There was some bleeding and many punctures involved. :(

But the mesquite now looks much less like a bush and more like a tree again! It shall be great BBQ or fire pit wood once it dries.

Just having a little fun by the palo verde tree that was also being trimmed. Spearing prickly pears! They are edible and are sometimes made into jams.

Look at this sweet and silky boy... 

... Look at him! So cute with his penguin blanket. He has found a new napping spot on his dad's dresser again.

These pictures were actually from yesterday, but my camera battery is dying so I wanted it to rest up and give me enough juice to load the pictures onto my laptop. We just wanted to help and had quite a bit of pent up aggression to misplace. :D Well, at least I did. I'm still on edge. I just don't play well with others nor handle being swamped well. :( I need to keep clearing my head and just looking at what I need to do in a manageable way. Cutting those branches was fun though, if I can do it with those clipper things, anyone can. We did make the mistake of getting on a roll during the hot part of the day. Tons of bugs were loving us. Ugh. Lol,  but every time I chomped down on a branch to make it more manageable to move/ toss out, I "RAWR!"ed. XD Yes, it was completely necessary. I was a carnivorous dinosaur chomping branches in half and spitting them out into a pile. 

We've been spoiled with a steak and then brisket dinner two nights in a row. The brisket was yesterday and my favorite of the two. No pics there since we weren't involved in their creation. More boxes from the move have been broken down and recycled, so it'll just take one more load before they're gone! Well, the ones that have been unpacked anyways. The new house is coming together. 

I also picked up the small habit of dual-boxing the past few days. Dual-boxing is term referring to playing two separate accounts on WoW. Of course, I was on the SO's computer because my computer can barely run one at a time. It was a little weird to get used to but I eventually got the hang of playing two characters at the same time. XD Am I a nerd or what?

There is a lot of backpedaling and catch-up I need to do with pretty much everything in my life now. Sigh, I should get back to it. 

Stay safe and have fun this weekend!
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