Monday, April 29

Spring Cleaning

This is to expand upon my thoughts from yesterday. : )

I've been trying really hard to par down on collecting junk with keeping a future move in mind. Been helping others organize and sort through their decades worth of stuff and I don't want to get to that point. I'll never be as simplistic with my stuff as the SO or my folks are, but I'd like to find a happy medium. I've done pretty well with using up the supplies that I have, but I kind of need help.

Using it up with others is motivating in a fun way and it draws my loves of sharing and teaching into the mix. One of these days, I'll have more friends who are actively interested in such things. I have a bunch that have expressed interest but crafting just isn't a priority for them as it is for me. Totally understandable and I love them all the same. It just makes crafting a bit lonely.

Got rid of about half a dozen boxes, recycled a bunch of papers, and sorted the keep pile items into where I'd want them to end up.

However, those spots don't quite exist yet. The nice big boxes that I want to use are holding more junk still. It's hard to figure out what to do with decor items when you don't have your own place to decorate and what to do with those random kitschy items you get as gifts.

I don't want to throw them away because they were pretty recent gifts, but at the same time, I know some of them were given to us just for the sake of giving a present ("Oh, we about to see them. Should bring them something. Uh... what about this random thing? Yeah, we're just going to go with that.").

If we're moving out of state, that'll be a good enough reason to part with them. Take pictures to remember the moment and let it go. For now, those will just end up in their own box.

Another group of things that are taking up a lot of room are memorabilia type of items. I'd love to scrap parts of them to honor them, but for those types of items, I'd need a bit more money to spare. not happening anytime soon. Started writing the year I receive greeting cards (I keep them all because I don't get that many, let alone handwritten stuff from my loved ones) on the back to remember. Wish I had done so sooner. My memory is so bad.

Put a date on everything.

Unless you are one of those people that are really good at remembering where things came from using context clues. I can barely do that on a test.

My cleaning looks so much worse than when I just have a mess. I need/ use up all of the available surrounding space when I'm re-organizing. Just oye.

It will be nice to have everything sorted and contained. Then, I can really tackle parring down my stuff in one way or another. I'm thinking a bunch of giveaways to friends, donations to school or whatnot, re-gifting seems out of the question, and tossing out the rest after documentation.

Oh man, we should revisit the boxes of stuff we packed 2-3 years ago when I first moved in here. I think we were pretty good and it was mostly kitchen stuff I had brought from my apartment. My filed papers and books are still hidden away at my folks' home. At this point, that stuff could fit into a car and driven over. I've squirreled away quite a bit in my multiple trips to visit.

Another visit is being planned for this summer! I'm doing my best to only be excited about that.

Got to stop rambling in a nervous panic-procrastination. :P

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