Friday, December 23

Eyes Of A Predator

I will not procrastinate on this post any longer. No matter how cruddy I feel.

That chest cold I thought I was finally getting over? It is not letting go without a fight. My sinuses. To quote one of my favorite artists, Meghan Murphy: "I was so sick, I was more mucus than human. Ugh." Just stick an "am" where the "was" is located.

This past Tuesday, we had the somewhat unexpected happen in our household. It's a little graphic and you've been warned. You can skip until past the italics. The sixteen year old calico cat that belonged to FMIL has been battling with breast cancer tumors and had decided to... well, not deal with that particular tumor anymore. She ripped it out of her belly and, despite having a large gaping wound, then decided to carry on about her business- jumping up on top of a tall armoire and playing with a ball that had been batted underneath the door to her bedroom.

The SO, FMIL, and I brought her into the vet to confirm our suspicions and upon hearing so, the decision was made to put her down. She was her stubborn self to the very end. I have teased that she's been death incarnate and was, at this rate, going to out-live us all, and this was just her merely opening a portal to the underworld. We can all still hear her distinct and loud yowl-meow and feel her piercing stare even now.

After it was all done (we were glad to have the opportunity to stay with her through the process so that she, nor FMIL, would have to face death alone), we talked in the car on the way home about how she was probably going to reincarnate into a predatory bird (if she hasn't been several already) and we'd probably feel that glare of hers and be screeched at any day now.

With those thoughts, rest in peace, Clown.

I'll see you soon. <3

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