Wednesday, December 14

Foodie Fiona

What year is it?

Ugh, I've been fighting that cold-sinus-thing pretty hard the past few days. Let's see, the garage door has been fixed, the cards and gifts have not only gone out but some arrived by Saturday(!), and the cake pops have been made and delivered. I decided to start a new batch of herbs indoors in individual pots because the ones outside in the planter are overwhelming each other, lol.

The SO and I have been on the weirdest errand runs ever lately. (Sidenote: He knows of the best sandwich shops! They are all family-owned little shops with the most delicious of foods! He knows how to spoil me with good food, lol.) These are unexpectedly dragging us all over town but somehow it's been a bit of a relief to get out of the house, even for a little while. One of those included me getting a new food processor. My little cheap-o one burnt out after I tried to make a few mini batches of cake pops. Now, thanks to my ineptitude for cutting food items and a 20% off coupon paired with a $10 rebate, I have this gorgeous 7-cup food processor that I have named Fiona:

That is her full of the makings of a homemade salsa. It wasn't the best but we liked trying using new things like Anaheim chili peppers, tomatillos, and my cherry tomatoes. The results weren't necessarily bad, it just wasn't the fantastic combination that we were hoping for, but I guess that's what you get when you experiment without any plan.

I've neglected to take pictures of everything that I've made recently thanks to my ill-induced stupor and I'm realizing-regretting it now. Sigh.

Well, hope to have fun stuff to share soon! See you then. <3

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