Sunday, May 1

Picture [Im]Perfect

I think that I'm caught up with the pictures I've taken in terms of uploading, labeling, and sorting them all out! Phew.

Here are some pictures that I've been meaning to post:

Notebooks of little notepads for the students for the end of the year.

A rare moment of our kitty teasing his typically bullying cousin.


Some gift card holding thank you cards made for our lovely office managers.

Based on this card that I made for my Stampin' Up! blog because of a lovely seasonal stamp set.

A close-up of a card that I also made for my Stampin' Up! blog based on a lovely new summer stamp set. I adore the bold and crisp graphic. 

Crawfish that some of the older kids that I've worked with are now caring for as a way to learn about different types of lives and habitats.

Today was such a great day and I could not be happier about how it turned out. I was a little stressed out in the beginning but the household rallied together so well when it came down to it.

After many of us had a late night last night, we were worried about getting up as early as we'd like to in order to tackle our biggest household project in a timely manner. Eventually (lol), we did! Okay, by "we" I mean the boys came together to clean and prep the roof for re-coating. It was a borderline chilly and then windy day, but overall was a wonderful day to get things done.

We also had gathered together today to celebrate FMIL's birthday because it's tomorrow (bleh, Mondays). We combined about five big recipes of Beef Stroganoff and did our own take. The original plan was to hang out and play video games together, but before that, we wanted to move an old couch that has been sitting in the backyard for the doggie to use as a bed out to the curb for bulk trash pickup that's also tomorrow. The ball started to really roll after that!

We started sweeping out the patio and then started clearing it and then I started wanting to chop away at an overgrown tree-bush that has been encroaching on the space... and the boys took to the idea and ran with it. I was beyond elated! I have been trying to rally them together especially with bulk trash pickup day fast approaching and the freeze happening a few weeks ago that annihilated much of the beloved (and not so beloved) plant life. We've been hoping that some of the plants would come back. Some did and some didn't and we purged much today. I think the only reason why we lost steam was because we can only fit so much in our trash for pickup. :P
Oh so yummy vanilla ice cream chocolate cake. 
The background is tinted a light blue and that's FMIL's favorite color.

What you see above is about one-third of what was actually there before the men attacked it. We maimed several dead plants and trees throughout the yard and property. 

Kitty stealing a drink from the plant watering pitcher.
Silly boy. 

The beginning of my pepper plants.

 Then it went nuts.

I tentatively re-potted the survivors today and put the biggest plants in their own/ new pots.
I really hope they keep living despite barely having any roots.

Now that I'm not all grimy and dirt-covered with gravel falling out of my hair... (>_< I may have gotten a little over-ambitious with de-rooting a dead bush), I feel so proud of all that we accomplished together today. 

-- EDIT -- Whoa. Saw the news broadcasts as well as the President's speech! I hope that this means that we're that huge step closer to bringing all the troops home and ending this war. <3

Thanks again for tuning in and I'll see you soon!

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