Sunday, April 24

Candy Coma

That is what I'll probably be in come tomorrow.

We had most of the family over today for Easter supper/ Zombie Jesus Day and it's been a whole lot of fun. we had a pork roast that was in the oven for about ten hours. In the meantime, all of us twenty-somethings got an Easter basket full of candies and the boys got mini games.

There were small foam dart guns, spring poppers with various athletic ball toppers that you have to catch in a small handheld basket, and there's this tower building game where the pieces are colored bunnies that you assemble according to the color you rolled and once the tower is built you have to take it down using carrot hooks. Really odd, but really cute and fun stuff. Lol.

Throughout the day and into the night, we gathered around and played Mario Party 8 (on the Wii). It has been hilarious fun even when we're losing. I don't think we've laughed that hard together in the longest time and I'm so grateful we were able to do it. The boys and I played the longest and when the fourth player was the computer... let's just say things were very intense and our victory was very narrow. Sadly enough.

It's the first chance we've had since I borrowed the game from my brother back in December or early January to play the game and I think it was a big hit. I'm definitely going to save up to get my own copy. We have another multi-player party game to try that I got new a few weeks ago. I can't wait to play that one either!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and am crossing my fingers that we get a lot of bigger projects done around the house this week because it's our "spring break." Wish us luck! Lol.

I'll see you soon. <3

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