Tuesday, October 25

Don't Understand

Another week has gone by and although it's just the beginning of this one, life has gone downhill at light speed. While I won't get into details, I will say I can see rock bottom from where I'm sitting right now. As honest as I've been with myself for a while now, I did not see this coming so suddenly and deeply. Quite frankly, it sucks. I'm so terrified of what is to come but I know that life waits for no one. We'll just have to see. :(

I haven't been able to figure out how to easily shrink all of the pictures I've stored on Picasa without letting the downloadable program track way too much information about my life or without going through the several hundred pictures one by one. That's fine with me for now because I don't think I have anything new to share.

One of the things that have perplexed me the most lately are my Bird's Eye Chilies and Hybrid Cherry Tomatoes. I have very few red fruits on some of my plants but they're from newer smaller growths and not the fruits that have been around for weeks. Why are they ripening sooner? It's mind-blowing and I have resigned myself to never understanding a single thing about plants and gardening. My job is to just go with it now, lol.

The SO and I went to the first scrimmage of the college basketball season at the local state university this past Saturday. It's his favorite sports team and we went ahead and bought team shirts for the occassion. It was nice to be amidst the excitement and community support for these young guys who have been giving it their all. They also honored former members during the event and it was pretty cool so see people that I've gotten so used to watching on the television live.

Oh, I also finished this year's Christmas cards. Hey, at least I didn't finish them as soon as I did last year (mid-August). I also cut down the number of cards to roughly fifty and instead of postcards, made full cards. Tried a few techniques that are personally new to me and had a lot of fun. I won't post pictures of these until they're sent out in early December, so maybe I shouldn't have mentioned them. :P The two things that they share with last year's card are a snowflake theme (mostly unintentional) and a "Season's Greetings" sentiment (also mostly unintentional). As much as I have been collecting ideas and trying to design them since mid-August, until I got all of the supplies I wanted in front of me... Well, I had to change up quite a bit of my vision for them at the last moment. Despite all of that, I am very pleased with how they have turned out. I learned my lesson very well last year and stamped a nice message inside each card instead of trying to find several dozen ways to express the same nice things I wanted to say. This way, I can get away with just addressing and signing the cards or adding a quick note if I want to next month.

I think I'm going to do something personally productive and work out or something. See you soon. <3

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