Tuesday, October 4

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I'm feeling a little aggravated right now, so I thought I'd stop by and not necessarily vent but at least write about other happenings to blow off some steam.

With any loved one becoming ill, we've had our ups and downs for the past few days. The rallying and then the turns for the worst. We have come to the agreement that we're still in the danger zone in terms of our kitty's health. I've avoided getting caught up in anything else because I feel I should be on call for anything that may happen to him. It's been stressful to say the least.

Yesterday, between caring for him, FMIL and I went and bought the last of the supplies we needed. I can finally stop stressing about RSVP's and become a bit more excited about the actual event. It's kind of fun to whip out the holiday recipes a little earlier than normal. Now that I think about about it , we tend to make them at the last minute. We always have way too many goodies at our little get-togethers. It's how I roll and I think I am a fantastic hostess. :P I have been working on some fancy samples to display at the party.

Today, I started some comprehensive cleaning of the house in preparation to the workshop this weekend. The floors have been swept and vacuumed and just need to be mopped the night before. The cats and I shed extraordinary amounts of hair-fur. Most of what is left to do is straightening up which can be down pretty darn quickly. Also prepped the project supplies for all of the lucky attendees. I focused more on quick techniques than the decorating of projects. No cards this time! FMIL has already baked some pumpkin cookie cakes with raisins and walnuts in them topped off with a sweet lemon glaze. It's an interesting combo for sure!

Tomorrow, I've enlisted the help of the SO to bring down the Halloween decorations so I can start putting them up around the house with FMIL and we can enjoy them for most of this month and not just the day before. Man, expecting company over is really kicking our butts in line with utilizing our holiday gear to the max! We'll see how well the animals can co-exist with everything. I'm not too worries because we were able to have much of it around the house last year without too many issues. We may bake some cranberry bread too.

Thursday will be for baking the bread if we haven't already, finishing up the decorating if we gave up early in order to get some rest, and the beginning of hardcore cleaning-tidying. That should be fun. We can only prep so much food ahead of time because there's only so much room in the fridge and we can't keep it out because of the four-legged fiends. Eventually, we'll have cheese, meats, and crackers to add to decorated fudge brownies. There's a fun punch that FMIL makes that everyone loves too.

Friday is the night before everything happens. Even more cleaning and food prep. I hope I've picked out what I was going to wear. I did mention that after my workshop is done, we have a few hours to clean everything up and get ready for a birthday party, right? Oh yes, a busy day indeed, but it should be a total blast to have that much going on. Good food and good company make a world of difference and I can't wait.

Another straggler of a storm rolled on through but the garden continues to flourish. More peppers and tomatoes appear each day, the lettuce leaves get bigger, the herbs are doing their best while dill is fluffy and the most enthusiastic, the jalapeƱos are doing quite well, and I think we may have an appearance in the bell peppers! Or they could be weeds, lol.

A while later...

People are just... human. We are fundamentally flawed and gifted. Sigh. I think that's the best note I could think to end on before I worked up again. See you soon. <3

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