Saturday, October 1

Kitty Crisis

:( Sadness. Our poor baby boy is sick again. Something different. We spent a few hours at the vet when they squeezed us in. He has not been able to keep food and now nor water down and won't stop vomiting. He's so nauseous and became dehydrated. They were incredibly patient, understanding, reasonable, and thorough at the vet's office. We are so grateful for the entire crew there.

He's very unhappy with all of the hullabaloo , we're still unsure but have ruled out quite a bit of super major concerns and are now starting up a few treatments for other major concerns. Right now we're doing everything we can to keep him from getting any worse because much more than what has already happened and he'll reach the point of no return. We don't have too much going for us in our lives right now, but we do have this furry baby boy and its been a heart-wrenching few days.

He has responded incredibly well after starting some treatments and getting some shots and fluids from the doctor, he even ate a few bites when he got home! We're crossing our fingers that he can keep it down and that it doesn't hurt too much.

I'm in the midst of preparing many materials for my upcoming craft workshop, which falls on the same day as a sweets-themed birthday party, which is the weekend before I may have a second workshop for whomever wasn't able to make it to the first and a wedding! Phew. To top it all off, it's World Card Making Day today and just the thought of trying to make a few cards today kick starts me on a bit of a panic attack. >_<

When it rains, it pours. I cannot wait for the rainbow. See you soon <3

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