Tuesday, October 18

The Fruits Of Labor

Nearly a week since my last post. Good job, me. :P

I had gotten dehydrated from the walk I took that day and it only got worse that night. Kitty's health seems to have evened out in a positive manner.

This past weekend, FMIL and I attended the long-awaited wedding of a co-working friend. This kind couple had been together for over 23 years and had finally decided to tie the knot. It was a fun day with an easy-going atmosphere outdoors.

I may have gone a little crazy in deciding what color to finally paint my nails. I also bought two new colors for myself this week as a little treat for surviving the beginning of the holiday party season. Here's my collection, thanks to my mom, so far. There had been a little spill a little while ago, but I didn't have time to do my nails and clean it up that day.

I also treated myself to an ice cream sundae or two with some leftover fruit (we made some fruit salad to bring to the pot luck reception). It was sooo good and pretty!

We made our quota this month for trying a new recipe from my favorite cookbook: Beef and Broccoli for the SO because he was a trooper in helping me run errands last week. He added plenty of chili sauce to his because FMIL and I can't handle that kind of heat.

The temperatures have gotten warmer again, into the 90's, and I really want the fall weather back. Mosquitoes have nestled into our household and eaten us alive. We've gone through the plants to clean out any still water and they are still driving us nuts.

I realize that I haven't updated about my garden lately despite the fact that I go out there everyday to tend to it in one way or another. There is so much fruit now! Just none of it is ripe enough to harvest yet. >_< I'm becoming increasingly impatient for that time, lol.

I moved the peppers last night to see if they benefit from getting more sun. Many of the oversize leaves have died off but I've noticed that the remaining larger leaves have started to yellow around the edges. Last week, I added more tomato food stakes again to help the fruit be extra-nourished.
Gryffindor's fruits.
 My mom said it was a very good sign in terms of heat and flavor that they were stout in stature.
Even Slytherin's newer branches have fruit.
 Ravenclaw's leaves yellow the most. :(
Proportionally, Hufflepuff is the fullest leaf-wise.
 The tomatoes need so much water nowadays. At least they've slowed down growing taller. Each plant has at least twenty easily spotted tomatoes now. Those are some bell peppers I'm trying to start between them.
So many!
 Ferb is the fullest and biggest.
I cannot imagine what they will look like if they do indeed get to one hundred.
Perry is often invaded by Ferb, but it doesn't seem to mind.
 The four jalapeños that are not a part of the sun exposure experiment, some Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chili) peppers sprouting, and my initial batch of Parsley.
Jalapeño #1.
 Jalapeño #2.
 Jalapeño #3.
Jalapeño #4.
 Italian Parsley recovering after a rough day.
The lettuce is on the move again.
 My herb planter flipped around and thinned for the third time.
No sign of Sage, only one Oregano, and only two Chives. :(

Sigh, I need to go figure out how not to run out of storage space in my Picasa web albums now. Eek! I'll see you soon. <3

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