Saturday, August 20

Agent P

Okay, the "P" could probably stand for "Procrastination" in my case... but it was inspired by a beloved (in the desert and the swamp!) cartoon character Perry the Platypus from Disney's Phineas & Ferb. We friggin' love that show. Thank you, Netflix.

I woke up this morning to a just because/ birthday gift from FMIL:

The picture's only that blurry because you can twist the notebook back and forth for his foot to kick. Too much fun! I started re-doing my notes of what I wanted my next blog post to include and realized, if I have the time to make a list and that much to say... why not just do it? Lol, sigh. My brain and I have not been on the best of terms for the past two to three days. It just hasn't showed up for work in the morning. I've done plenty of dumb things as a result. As usual, I digress. Where was I?

Oh, when I wrote about my Birthday Dinner Spread, we still didn't realize that we had forgotten to put out the fresh fruit we got! Sadness. We had even planned to dip strawberries in chocolate and everything as an alternative option to all of the meat, cheese, veggies, and dips. At least it has been a lot of delicious fun cleaning the fridge out of its leftovers this week. Mmm. :P

School started for most students today. Not ours but we the week was spent finishing getting the classroom ready, meeting with new and potential students, and visiting the classes and schools of former students to help them and their teachers transition into Kindergarten. That was a pretty intriguing experience to have.

One of the best errand-chores we've done ever was the SO and I grabbing bug spraying equipment. We saw amazing results that very day and there has been only a handful of crawling bugs inside the house since. What a relief! We just have to deal with all of the moths now, but the cats and dog feel that they are tasty treats, so it's not that bad for us.

Yesterday, the SO (I tagged along) took advantage of one of the coolest days we're going to have this weekend and climbed up on the roof to condition the evaporative cooler. Algae and calcium build up in the media filter was... unsavory. When we turned it on after letting it pump all of the way through, the house smelled like an old fish pond for a few hours. Gross, but worth dealing with now so the filters won't completely cake up with calcium and therefore last longer.

Over the past few days, there has been quite a bit of welcomed rain. On Thursday evening, FMIL and I were working late and we got a call from the SO letting us know that the winds had gotten so gusty, the power temporarily went out, and he was bring my pepper plants in before they snapped in half. I'm so grateful he's all aware and thoughtful like that. The entire household later went on a field trip to check out some of the local washes and see how our streets were doing. Here are some blurry snapshots from that very bumpy ride:

The last two were just before and while we went through a wash that intersected the road. Luckily for small washes like these, they run off quick into the bigger washes which normally look like large dry riverbeds. We had plenty of microbursts (high powered but limited coverage which means intense hits) and flash flood warnings on the news and radios. Because the rain hit so suddenly and hard, it doesn't the rain time to soak into the ground (that type of rain benefits an area suffering drought the most). I hope that makes sense, I feel like I'm adding background facts in weird spots. Anywho, it has made for some very interesting and pretty sunsets.
It all reminds me of one of the reasons I wanted to move out here so badly. : )

I'm sure I've talked about how much I friggin' love my boyfriend's cat, right? I just can't get over how cute, sweet, funny, or quirky he can be! Last night, during some "rough" housing and play time, two leaves were snapped off of an overgrown Easter Lily plant we have in the living room. With our kitty taking an extra liking to hiding in plants lately (like the oh-so-ferocious jungle cat that he is XD), his daddy helped him camouflage after I had seen the furball try to nudge his way underneath one of the fallen leaves.

Our kitty actually loved it. He tried to crawl forward very carefully to remain underneath and when they started to slide off, he tried to get back underneath. His cousin was not as easily amused. You can't see meee! I love that furry goof.

I guess I've been putting off writing about my plants because I'm still working on recovering my old information. I last wrote about losing nearly all of it. Haven't been able to recover it, but I'm now saving backups of my gardening page on top of backing up my main blog. I decided to take that opportunity and redo the format to hopefully streamline the updates. I'm still trucking along with backtracking and then updating but it's there! A few things that I have yet to write about have been growing another batch of cereal pet grass, re-potting the cherry tomatoes and adding support cages to them, starting up some Jalapeños, and finally naming my chili pepper plants!

Pet Grass II the evening of Day 2. Tiny sprouts!
 The morning of Day 3 after being kept in cabinet under bathroom sink.
 Can you believe how it's taking off?
 By the afternoon of Day 3.
 After this morning, I put them out by the door.
 The morning of Day 4. Oh, yes.
 Pretty much growing two inches a day.
 The evening of Day 4.
 I wish I could do a time-lapse recording of these guys!
 The morning of Day 5. A little worse for wear.
Kitty took notice of the new grass as I was taking pictures the night before, so we let him have at it. He's our fuzzy lawnmower. :D
(Not affiliated with any companies.)
Don't they look like Lady Gaga with their metal neck braces? :P
 I try to stagger for sunlight access plus to try to conserve room on the patio.
Carving the Jalapeño seeds from the fruit.
 You almost see the dimples in these pellets after they nearly instantly inflated.
Each pellet now has 3 seeds in it.
With the two that fell between the cracks, there were 110 seeds planted.
Now, we wait. Is it bad that I'm hoping for a low yield?
Lol, I can't handle that many Jalapeños!
  Meet tall, straight, and true Gryffindor!
  The twisted, a little broken, ambitious Slytherin!

Not far behind is the orderly and smart Ravenclaw!

  Last, but not least is steady little Hufflepuff!

My Hogwarts of peppers. :P It even helped me name the snails!

The SO actually discovered tonight that the clay colors I used glow beautifully under a black light.
 Red-Green Snail is Godric.

 Brown-Pink Snail is Salazar. XP

 Yellow-Teal Snail is Rowena.

Orange-Purple Snail is Helga.

I know the colors of the snails themselves don't correspond very well to their associated house, but the peppers' growth personalities seemed to fit the house stereotypes perfectly in my eyes. I know, I have weird revelations. Isn't that glowing cool? It doesn't translate very well with the digital camera, but it's something.

I got distracted halfway through writing this post by the latest Phineas & Ferb TV movie showing here. It was pretty darn good! 

: ) I'll see you soon. <3

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