Tuesday, August 9

Chewed To Bits

I'm just generally frustrated today.

I know there are tons of things to do and when I find myself focusing on pretty much just one task so that I'm sure it will be finished in its entirety, it gets me frustrated. I suppose I feel as if doing just one thing is being unproductive when I know deep down that its probably better to finish at least one thing instead of starting a million. Way to stay motivated and successful, me.

I have tons to write about in terms of updates about my garden forest but it's a little intimidating! Lol. Yes, I said 'forest' and not 'corner'. Things have gotten serious in that corner of the dining room thanks to the great care they received from my wonderful (not to mention patient and much more logical) significant other. It knocked my socks off to see them once I came back from my trip to Florida and after seeing a few pictures, my mother (whose trees I got the peppers from in the first place) said we were watering and fertilizing them a bit too much. XD She has yet to see how I almost killed them off before leaving. They really don't look as tree-like as I think they should though and they are hardly barking up at all. Who knows. They are alive and thriving in their own way so I'm just gonna go with it and cross my fingers that they will sort themselves out and we see some buds and flowers soon!

I can try to wrack my brain to recap what's been going on for the past... three weeks? Holy cow. I'm still sifting through not only my several hundred photos from even before I left, but I'm also going through the pictures and footage that I snagged from my dad and one of my cousins. I have two more cousins and two more weeks of media to obtain from them. Oye. My mom saw the album I created for my Texas trip and wants me to make one for this summer in Florida. Including the parts that I was not there for. Lol. Hooray!

Oh thank goodness. I just realized that I did manage to post once while I was away. Oh man... I need to go sort through these photos and figure out when what happened or else I'm going to have a heck of a time trying to make this scrapbook. I'll see you later! Lol. <3

P.S. Today's title was inspired by my frustration with the ants that have infest nearly every room of the house trying to look for something to eat. They are resorting to eating dead moths and such. Sigh.

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