Wednesday, August 31


Whoa. I'm trying my best to get used to the new Blogger interface sooner rather than later and I have to say that getting used to the stark glaringly white simplicity is kind of rough. I love color and I hope that I add some up in here soon.

Again, I've been delaying the inevitable blogging because I'm determined to catch up completely with rewriting my gardening page. Such a friggin' journey, this task has been. I'm in the home stretch though! At least, I like to think of it as such. Updating about current going-ons makes the process seem twice as long. :P

Oh, junk. It's been a week since my last post. What have I been up to? I cannot believe that tomorrow is September. Where on Earth has this year gone?! Time really does seem to speed up as you grow older. This past week has been a fairly productive one for the household in terms of projects. We've replaced two bulbs in the kitchen, one lamp that was knocked over by a moth-chasing cat right after we finished replacing the kitchen bulbs >_<, the bulb in the garage, and a bulb by the front door. Ridiculousness. We're apparently not allowed to see at night around this house, so says the universe. As we replaced the kitchen sink faucet, the main bathroom sink started leaking so we're working on that too. That was in the span of about two days. Such ridiculousness. House maintenance is a never-ending cycle like laundry and dishes. It's eye-twitch inducing.

My order of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Season 1 and  Samurai Jack: Season 1 have arrived and I'm so excited to watch them when I get the chance. I loved those Cartoon Network shows! I've had Season 2 of the latter for a few years and recently gave up trying to find the first one in stores. I also found a spare Nintendo DS charger so I'm back to dabbling in Pokemon: Black again. I'm all about reliving my childhood-teen years right now, lol.

I also put in my birthday order through SU and I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can start trying out a new type of product to show you! I even planned out my supplies, address list, and design of our Christmas cards this year. The only difference is that I'm not finishing the bulk of my cards in two days of August. :D I'm learning, lol.

I thought there was going to be more to share picture-wise, but I guess not. Here's what I got to show for the past few days. Oh wait, I lied. I just looked and realized I've been saving plant pics. Whoops!
What did I do last night?
Oh, you know, maul dinner for the household.
You can't quite tell with the sauce, but the outside of those meatballs are flash-fried burnt.

But surprisingly, it was edible! And we're still alive the following day! One of these days, I'll learn how to fry things. Bless, the SO and FMIL's hearts, they actually ate my burnt meal. Usually, I don't let anyone else eat it if I've messed up that badly. Although I was trying to use it, this meal definitely does not count towards my quota of trying recipes from my giant cookbook. Not in that sad state.

I've been toiling away in the backyard for the past week and a half. The tomatoes looked like they could use more direct sunlight but I was determined not to take up any more room on the patio, so I decided to take over an area in front of one of the walls facing east that had died during the freeze earlier this year. Well, not completely, there's a bush there that half of the household is allergic to that I started tearing out on Mother's Day. I couldn't get the trunk stump out on my own and the friggin' thing started growing back! Here's the process and aftermath of my dumb butt working during +105 degrees days.
 Moving a large rock uncovered the wall of an underground ant hill. They were not pleased.
Most of what I tore up and out.
 The now cleared view of the left side.
The now cleared view of the right side.
The new big plant set up! 
I hauled rocks (with the occasional help from the SO) from all over that area and the rest of the yard to create a separate area. Those suckers were heavy!
 The Thai Hot Chilli Peppers!
Two days ago, I added tomato plant food again. Whole stakes this time.
Gryffindor is now a whopping 44 inches tall.
Slytherin  is now 40 inches tall. 
Maybe I should start measuring how wide instead, :P.
 Ravenclaw is 32 inches and focusing on new leaf growth.
 Hufflepuff has made it to 32 inches in height.
 The Bougainvillea that's only been watered a handful of times in its lifetime sitting in between.
Starting to bloom after dying back this past winter. So pretty!
The hybrid cherry tomatoes were fed too!
Tomato #1 is nearly 18 inches.
 Tomato #2 is 17 inches tall.
Tomato #3 is about 16 inches tall.
Started our third batch of cereal pet grass. Day 0 is the 29th.
All about experimentation this time with a taller container with plenty of seeds, one smaller one with less seeds, and that clear one in the middle for fun.
By the end of Day 2, this was a peek at what has been going on down below while the grass broke ground.

The very end of Day 3!

They are outside for now as they finish sprouting like crazy because Mr. Fuzzbutt has taken an early shine to them. Despite the intense morning sun, the peppers have been able to recover more and more each day. The cherry tomatoes are loving the light. Not much else to report with the rest of the greenery.

Need to grab dinner, I'll see you soon! <3

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