Monday, August 15

Birthday Blog

At the very moment that I start to doze off while on my computer, I figure that I should probably write a birthday blog.

It's my birthday. :D

A few signs that I'm getting a decent bit older:
  • It's 10:30pm on my birthday and I'm all: SLEEP!
  • I was grateful to spend the day working. 
  • I wanted to cook my own birthday dinner and entertain others.
  • The soundtrack was conversation and non-cable comedic television show playing low in the background.
  • I'm thanking the stars for dishwashers right now.
  • I'm starting to know the meaning of "working vacation."
  • There is a lot of flailing and unearthly noises involved with gross motor movements like standing up.
Probably the fact that I had a few more reasons in my head not too long ago but can't think of anything else at the moment. Sigh. I'm more tired than I thought. Every day that I'm up and at 'em, I am so grateful for my youth and good genes. I don't really have anything else going for me in terms of how on earth did I survive? I'm slowly but surely making lifestyle changes for the longevity aspect.

Sidenote: Why on earth do you insist on knowing personal information like my birthday, but don't send me free stuff on my friggin' birthday, you FB applications?! Go fly a kite, guys. That is the absolutely nicest way I can put that.

I did find it a little interesting that it seems that I got more well wishes this year than last year. I guess I was surprised because I assumed that people would feel as drained as I do on a Monday. LOL. It's much appreciated that I was on the minds of these people for a few seconds today.

My mother's birthday was actually yesterday and she didn't realize it until my brother wished her a happy one a few hours after she'd already started going about her day. I'm not sure how I made it out the door all dressed with the animals and plants fed early today so I guess I'm getting closer to that point. Ha ha, then all my birthdays will be full of surprises.

I've delved into the terribly addicting world of Tumblr with the same username and the title of my little spot is Sak Scraps II because I don't have any intention of abandoning this form of blogging anytime soon. I love to type-talk about myself way too much to limit myself to any one venue. :P That did mean that I went around making sure I followed users that I had already bookmarked by other means, instantly warping through and losing a few hours of my life, and then rolling up my virtual sleeves to finally tackle and learn about internet trends and memes to learn how to pretty much win at the internet. :D It's been waaay too much fun and I'm glad that the sudden influx of information has temporarily waned. Lol, I tend to use bigger and fancier words more often when I'm tired because I seem to want to make sure that my delirious point is made.

 Birthday Pie! I didn't make it. 
It's Hershey's Creme Pie and it was lovely in so many ways.

 The spread.

That's is a delicious and creamy four cheese pasta casserole from my new cookbook. It won a place in our favorites unanimously. Gruyere, Romano, Parmesan, and Gorgonzola. (I'm too tired to properly add in accents in this post. :D) Hor d'Oeurves of even more cheeses, pepperoni, hot dogs, raspberry chipotle cream/ cottage cheese, jalapenos, and various veggies. We're so classy, I love it. Oh yea, Triscuits! We hadn't had some in a while and got a few flavors.

I'm having such a hard time forming completely and coherent thoughts right now. Lol, it does sound like I'm blitzed on my birthday but no drinks in me. XD I'll see you soon. <3

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