Tuesday, August 23

In The Details

Gonna make this "quick" (for me) because I want to try to get some extra sleep before going into school tomorrow. :D

I know I just wrote about my gardening and I feel bad gushing about them constantly, but I really wanted to share something I found while I was checking in on the chili pepper plants today! They're getting BUDS! For flowering. I hope.

 Look at Gryffindor go!

 Slytherin will not be out done!

 Ravenclaw is starting up as well.

 And even Hufflepuff is joining in on the action!

I am beyond excited to potentially see some flowers in the next couple of days or weeks. Be prepared for pictures of that sight! :P

It was a pretty warm one here today. I believe we tied our record of 106 or 107 or something. Yummy. In other natural news, there was an earthquake on the east coast of the country and in Colorado. I had friends in Georgia through New York feel it. As far as I know right now, no one I know was personally affected but I'm working on getting in touch. Most of the people I know, including my family, are in Florida and they are much more concerned about the whereabouts of Hurricane Irene. I was there for the ones of 1999 and 2005. They made everything pretty darn soggy, to say the least. I'm keeping a wary eye on this year's storm. 

I prepared my package for my bestie today and this is a doodle I drew inspired by the quail I saw scurrying by in the back yard while I was writing a letter to her. It's on the stationary she just sent me. :D

Last but not least, my Cricut cartridge case. It has garnered interest at school, so I'm bringing it in tomorrow to show. I like how it inadvertently matches the Cricut Expression the household got for me last Christmas. Yes, I know I'm a very lucky gal! Blotted out my name in this pic but you get the idea. I went a little crazy with the vinyl but I never get to use that stuff (that I accidentally purchased anyways). The inner contents are flopping around a little inside because a hefty chunk of the filling is missing that I was using. Laying it back down and scooting things upwards takes just half a second though. I'm still pretty pleased with the results!
Well, there we go! Just wanted to share those things. I'll see you soon! <3

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