Wednesday, September 28

Standing Tall

You know how I've been talking about how the monsoon storms were done for the season? I neglected to pay attention to the weather reports on the news that said we could expect some rain this weekend. I guess that wouldn't have really mattered either way because we had a bit of a freak storm sweep through yesterday afternoon. The winds blew hard in nearly every direction and it's a good thing I didn't water the garden yesterday.

The SO noticed that something was pretty different in the garden, went to check, and then called me out to help while the rain had let up. The top-heavy tomatoes had been knocked over and down into the dirt. Whoa. This is partly what I get for not thinking of a better way to support them since they kept growing  roughly 6 inches a week.

Can I say how much I loathe bug bites? I have been feasted upon everyday that I've worked in the garden for the past two weeks. It makes for a very unhappy me. The SO took me to the store to grab even bigger cages and taller stakes for all of the big plants and ARGH!

I just had to change from Capris and flip flops into sweats, socks, and a robe. There's a friggin' mosquito in the bedroom and I can't seem to squish it. They are so light, you don't feel them landing on you. >:(

FMIL, the SO, and I did some yard work. I was the only one that was being bit. Lovely. I'm sorry I'm having a fit right now because the bugger just got me through my sock! ROAR!

It was much easier for us all to pitch in to re-cage the tomatoes. We were all hoping to avoid this but none of us predicted how big they would actually get. You guys (/gals)! They are so tall! It's so much easier to see all of the baby tomatoes now. We also re-staked the Bird's Eye Chilies and it's pretty funny how much better everything looks like appropriately sized support. Their houses are looking much better.
  They've gotten so big!
 The chilies are all bearing fruit now!
 They look so much better now.
 Tomato #1, Phineas, has the first and biggest tomato so far.
 Tomato #2, Ferb, has plenty of its own.
Tomato #3, Perry, has quite a bit too! 

 You can see at least six baby tomatoes here on Ferb!

I'm about to chew my own limbs off, so I'll see you soon! <3

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