Sunday, February 24

I'm Here!

I made it and on the right day. BAM!

The Oscars are going on tonight but I'm getting all the news I need from it via the book of faces. I spent the night helping moderate a chat and working on social media networking for a friend instead. However, I bowed out earlier tonight than the past few because of heading back to work tomorrow. It'll be super hard to wake up in the morning after this great long weekend.

Well, that and I'm naturally a night owl. Gonna miss spending time cuddling up to kitty and with the SO. Sigh.

Planning on seriously getting back to Project Life soon, sorting out my piles of paper work, and planning out ideas for things to do when the in-laws get here next month!

Saturday: I found my camera! It was under somewhat shady circumstances (the reappearance, not my methods of looking) but I'll ignore that right now because I am so happy to have it back! That was motivation enough for me to get out and do some gardening.

Here are some pictures that I've missed posting while my camera was MIA.

The SO and I helped a friend move around some furniture and I also refilled their cleaned guinea pig cage. Look who came to supervise!

The snails in the front office at work got a bouquet of spring flowers. So cute!

 I call them all "Gary", like Spongebob's pet snail because it's easy for me, the kids, and everyone else to remember. Lol.

Then, I lost a bit of mojo after discovering one of my gloves and my favorite hand shovel has been misplaced. Losing things drives me nuts, especially when I have been working so hard to stop that "habit" that's been plaguing me all my life. Grr rabble rabble. I did manage to do some planting.

 Remember when I said I didn't want to do anything but keep Hogwarts alive, as in not try anything new? Yeah, plans changed. :P I planted some seeds from my first harvest of Bird's Eye Chillies and there is garlic, cantouloupe, and peanuts planted on the left side.
 Found two bulbs of garlic that were starting to sprout in the fridge, so I planted those!
  Finally found some raw peanuts, so I planted some of those after my mom's recommendation.
 This is the right side.
This is the surviving pea plant from the seedlings I started a few weeks ago indoors. I planted new pea seeds around it and this was gobbled up by birds early this morning. :(
I found what I'm pretty sure are cherry tomato seedlings in the pea pot, so I transplanted each into its own pot with some seeds. I also have coriander with the first, lettuce with the second, and parsley with the last.
I found these from old fruit I had harvested from the Jalapenos (I cut the frozen dead ones and Serranos down too).
 I transplanted them into a pot too but kept them in bunches. They are just too cute and I'll thin them out later on.
 This strawberry plant is hanging in there still and I read that they do well playing with peas, so there are some seeds around it now.

I hope these new little experiments go well. Can't wait to update you on their progress! Guess it's time to add a new "Gardening 2013" tab now. Just when I thought I was going to get away with refraining this year... Lol.

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