Sunday, February 3

"Super" Sunday

It's the day of that big football game (49ers versus Ravens) and Beyoncé concert. My typical tradition as established my my college years is to have a ton of finger foods and snacks around and watch the game, commercials, and play Mario Party whenever we get bored.

Instead, I'm somewhat miserable in bed nursing this head cold. I'm tired of being sick. My cat has been giving me so much guff about this illness. Every time I sniffle, sneeze, or cough, he's chatting at me and giving the stink eye.

Needless to say, I haven't had much energy to get much done this weekend. We've gotten the minimum of errands done, laundry should get done but probably won't this weekend, and tackling clean-up and organization is put onto hold until I can taste food again or breathe through my nose.

The SO has been helping me out, but he's tired of me being sick too. So many tissues and bouts of hacking coughs in the middle of the night. We've played some video games together, watched some shows, and I'm nearly done with March '12 in Project Life. Haven't taken much pictures lately. Hm.

The garden looks so despondent. There are some baby plants but I'm not convinced that their not weeds. Haven't gotten rid of those in over a month and there are so many now with the random light rains we've had in the past two weeks. Well, so many for the desert, I guess. I think I'll take pictures of that soon.

I guess the only other thing to report is that I finally fixed my blog signature so that it's relevant again! Hooray! Hopefully, I'll be much healthier with more things to report later this week.

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