Monday, February 18

Really Now? Really?

Twice in one week I forget to post on the proper day. *head-desk* All I've wanted to do is sleep whenever I get home. I'm getting enough, maybe not restful with the cold front that came back.

Friday: There was the meteorite wreaking havoc in Russia. The SO and I spent a few days helping a friend move and rearrange some furniture. We ran a few errands and I ended up picking up a few new seeds. I think I know what I'll be up to this upcoming long weekend!

Saturday: I spent some time with old virtual friends by accident but it was nice to be in familiar settings. Honestly, I slept a lot of this weekend. The SO did too and his head cold is almost gone. Our kitty is acting a bit out of character, almost as if his body is making him uncomfortable. We're keeping a worried and watchful eye on him.

Sunday: I chatted with my momma today after half a week of us playing phone tag again. Dad's back at work, her car is back from three weeks in the shop, and... *drum roll* one of my best friends published his book- The Sacred Texts: The Book of Azrael (v.1)! Squee! You can click on the image below for an enlargement and to read the back cover!

This is the project that I've hinted at helping out with for more than a year now. Here's the Facebook Fanpage and the Amazon page! It's available in paperback and on e-readers and will come soon to Barnes & Noble. I'm getting my copy signed when I visit this summer. Cannot wait! Gotta go finish up laundry. Oh, laundry.

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