Sunday, February 10

Round Two

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Happy New Year (of the Water Snake)!

It's been the second round of a head cold for the SO and I, so we've been pretty pathetic in our room. Well, in retrospect it seems a tad sad, but we did what we could to take care of one another. Especially me returning the favor after a solid month of being almost out of commission.

We were able to get some errands done yesterday. There are new sheets on the bed after our old ones suddenly tore down the middle. They are now the wrong color for the rest of the bedding (whoops) and a heavyweight flannel which was so good to burrow into last night. It kept the warmth so well and that's been great on our joints in this recent cold front.

The Northeast got quite a bit of snow over the past few days, but with a bit of preparation, it seems that most people are sitting tight until the shovels finish their work.

The SO and I have been snuggling up with our tissues, watching some shows online, and I've played on his computers while he's been resting up. Oh, we also got kitty some new grass, a test kit of four types of cereal grass seeds, and some new turkey-flavored treats. He's been kind of spunky and cuddly lately. This has distracted me from working on anything else.

His cat-cousin is back to living at this household again. That makes three cats now that should be kept separate and let out to roam the house at different times or in shifts. Sigh. More and more company keep coming.

It's been half-days, but I've ended up working longer hours than usual, but it was broken up by an impromptu lunch date and SIL's Ladies' Happy Hour that was just us at a local place with great food. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it, but the stars aligned and I'm grateful for that time.

Like I said earlier, it's the Lunar New Year but we're continuing on our streak of toning down and scaling back on the celebrations. We ordered some takeout and barely made a dent with all of our hacking, lol. I may do something with the kids at school this week, but probably not go all out like I had last year with my dressing-up and doing presentations for all of the classrooms what with my hours this year.

I want to believe that this will be "our year" but am finding it very hard to keep that faith, mostly within myself. Maybe if enough of that builds up, I'll react by pushing it aside and making something better and towards the life we want to live for ourselves. Kind of feel like Eeyore with that raincloud that bores down always with all of this heavy and serious hovering above my shoulders.

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