Saturday, September 3

Piece of Work

It's another one of those nights when I think that I'm going to put off blogging for another day until something happens and I think: "Ugh! I gotta blog about this because I'm so worked up!" Oh yes.

I'm just going to go in chronological order via the pictures on my camera. 

 Our ferocious jungle kitty.
His napping cousin not even two feet away. So peaceful.
Cat cousin and now retired classroom beta, Sky, squaring off while his bowl was being cleaned.
 So many roots!
 Getting pretty tall again.
Batch #3 of Cereal Pet Grass is ready for distribution!
What very well could be our last summer monsoon came in hard and full of dust.
 We got a visit from the almighty MOTHRA!
*Dun dun dun* The SO has a pic on his phone of the beautiful feather-like wings.
I'm still missing many, but I realized what a collection of Stampin' Write markers I've collected over the past two years! Gorgeous.
The newest seeds from our beloved Ace Hardware.
Gonna try the Jalapeños again, but with guaranteed to grow seeds. :P
The SO showed interest in the Cilantro/Coriander and I was more than game to try those after realizing that the Parsley is more of a biennial (every two years!). 
Lettuce is an experiment for the classroom. :D
 Very round. Cilantro is the plant while Coriander is the seed. Go figure!
 They kind of look like my old seeds.
So many seeds and only 45 days until harvest! Whoa.
 Dug up the old Jalapeño seeds. :(
Some of them tried to start growing roots!
The mini green house is being left outside for now.
The old Jalapeños are in the four corners, the rest of the top and bottom rows are cilantro, and the entire mid-section are the new Jalapeños.
Some separate cilantro already potted. Yay experimentation!
Some of the new Jalapeños already potted.
Didn't take a picture of the hole I dug, but I mixed existing soil with fresh soil for little lettuce bed. Whoa, my first thing grown in the ground!
Very hard to tell, but I tried to capture the ton of seeds I spread in each row. 
The stakes mark the beginning and end of each horizontal row of lettuce seeds.
Repotted the straight parsley anyways and combed them apart for the third time this week.
They are just one big hot mess.
Plants in every nook and cranny! XD
And my sweet blue watering can that I love!

Had plenty enough to update about, but what really set me over the edge was while I was cleaning up after setting my garden up for the day, I leaned to put something down while bracing myself on a patio post and when I pushed away to stand on my one, I got a freaking splinter! It's the worst splinter I've had (which wasn't terrible by many means) but when I tried to tweeze it out it splintered into smaller pieces that went deeper in. To make matters worse, I really do not enjoy needles and things piercing into my skin... So getting it out was a pain and a half in a multitude of ways. It's mostly out and rubbing alcohol hurts like heck. Sigh.

We're in the midst of replacing the bathroom sink faucet right now and I had to take a break from climbing completely in the cabinet underneath because I started hyperventilating a little because I may be a tad claustrophobic. But I had really wanted to help since the SO had spent quite a few of the past evenings cramping his tall lanky body in these inconvenient crawlspaces to figure out all of these issues. 

Meh, I feel a tad gross right now, so I'll go and see you soon! Lol. <3

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