Sunday, January 27

Almost Back To Business

Finished my last bit of penicillin treatment earlier this week. That's a relief. I think it was taking much more energy out of me than I initially thought.

Still having dry coughing fits, the weather has started to warm up significantly, and kitty and I are still finishing up our resting period. While I haven't quite started up on PL just yet, I did take a look at where I left off. I did, however, finish up my Garden section for 2012. Woohoo!

I'm thinking the only thing I'm going to care for, if the Hogwarts had gone kaput, are three cherry tomatoes with some filler-cover plants like I had planned. SIL is interested in taking the potential abundance of fruit off of my hands.

If my garden has finally all called it quits with this year's big frosts, then I take it as a sign that de-cluttering my life is a good step. Especially if it is in preparation for a big move. Less stuff to store/ take. Yeah, I'm trying to look for a silver-lining. I guess it was as good a time as any for something like this to happen.

You know, the dramatic and turbulent time during which I was super angry with most of the world and I shut down caring while turning up the resentment dials to near maximum due to high levels of betrayal. Yeah, that.

I'm getting back more energy each day and planning out a course of action. In the meantime, there's been lots of quiet and simple bonding with SO, the kitty, and I, which has helped a ton. It reminds me of what I actually care about no matter how much garbage the rest of my life may throw down.

We're talking about daydreams and things that we haven't talked about in a long time and stuff that we used to talk about when we first met more than five years ago. It's been really comforting to check-in with one another and see what page the other one is on with some issues and if we're still on the same page with others. Just a different way of reaffirming that we've been making the right choice with being together for all this time through all of these trials and few successes.

My big goals to start this upcoming week are organizing important papers, construct a better wardrobe for this cold weather (for some reason I kept out half a dozen sun dresses and not enough pairs of thick pants the last time around), and (of course) Project Life.

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