Tuesday, January 8

Sweet Tomatoes

I was feeling pretty gung-ho this morning and tackled some work that I've been putting off in the garden. While I didn't set out to weed every last bit (I'm hoping that the upcoming frosts will take care of most of those), I did finally put an end to this year's tomatoes.

This time, I remembered to take pictures!

Chopped into bits and put back into the ground.

This Serrano plant had about a dozen fairly new fruit on it. Yup, all gone.

What's left of the strawberry, Oregano, and two of the JalapeƱos are on top of what used to be the tomatoes. 
 These are the seedlings before I thinned out some of the herbs and planted the peas in a pot for kicks.

I trimmed off a bit of the frost-dead leaves on everything and will hope for the best for the remainder of this winter season.

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