Wednesday, January 16

One Step Closer

I think next month, I'll start blogging three times a week. Maybe.

I'd test it out now, but there's too much activity going on in the household that needs to be taken care of immediately. Life is just reminding me that it takes precedence when it wants to in the most stunning of ways.

Went to a clinic last night. I have strep on top of the flu, so I'm banned from school for another day until the antibiotics kick in. I'm very fortunate to have the SO to check in on me and help me stay accountable for myself when my energy starts to run low.

With the somewhat new challenges that the holidays have brought, the SO and I continue to have our heavy discussions about our future. While at an unhappy stalemate now, it seems that there will be many big changes for us this year. Can't wait to take you along that journey.  ^_^

It's been super cold here, with temps getting down to 18 and soon to be 70's. Sigh. I think my garden has had it. The wind keeps blowing off the covers in the middle of the night and with so many freezing nights... I think they have all been done in. Going to keep caring after them in the hopes that spring will bring renewal, but looking at the stems is not promising. I took pictures but have too much to do around here to post them today. Maybe a bonus post tomorrow?

I'm doing my best to lock everything down before an impromptu getaway-sleepover for a while. Kitty cat and all. Not ideal, but we're doing the best we can. Today's my first day out of the oven of my bed. I miss it already.

My dad's doing better. Sorta. He's getting many visitors now and will be going home to rest some more soon. Pretty sore but still looking better each day and we all know he'd rather get out of the hospital as soon as possible. It's driving him crazy and therefore the rest of my family is being driven crazy. Another step down.

Maybe that's what I have to keep thinking about- there's no use in getting so angry or crying about it anymore, just do what needs to get done, one step at a time. If I have more energy for all the extra stuff I like to do, then great- go for it- otherwise, it can wait because it's not necessary.

^_^ We're definitely focusing on taking care of us and honoring the values that matter the most to us. This ordeal is bringing us one step closer to were we're supposed to be.

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