Wednesday, January 9


I've really want to sit down and relax after work and get down and dirty with Project Life lately but over the past three nights, I've collected about a total of about seven hours of sleep. Not exactly fun for my body. Or my brain for that matter. So, I've gathered all of my supplies around me and promptly zombie'd out until trying to go to sleep.

Spoke with my mom for a bit today. My dad's surgery is was squeezed in and is scheduled for Friday afternoon. He'll be in the hospital recovering for about a week if all goes well. From what I gather, the main surgeon's not terribly concerned about the severity of the procedure. Still doing my best to not over-worry about things that may never come to fruition, let alone within my control. Deep breaths.

My family's doing their best to keep on keeping on with their usual business: cleaning up after the holidays and getting back into the general routine of things (despite doctor-specialist visits every other day, it seems). Again, it's just going to be something weighing heavily on my mind over the next few days. I really should take after their example in action as well as in my talk.

Cold front coming in on Friday and so is our monthly Ladies' Happy Hour. That'll be a local Greek restaurant that I've heard rave reviews about but have yet to try. So, I'm quite excited. It's also partly a going away party for one of FMIL's friends. She's moving a day or so after.

I can feel my brain wandering off, so I'm going to lay down. : )

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