Sunday, January 13

One After Another

You know how I had a cold for the duration of winter vacation (and for a week prior)? Yeah, I had barely gotten over it this past week (tiny bit of residual cough).

Well, I got the flu and it hit me hard on Friday.

A cold front had come in, so the building was pretty cold and I was trying to keep moving to stay warm but noticed that my knees were starting to ache. Unusual for me. I powered through the rest of the day, while looking forward to Ladies' Happy Hour at a place that I've been so excited to try. When we got there, much of our party was running late, so we were just chatting for a while.

My throat was starting to get sore, so I ordered a strawberry limeade and noticed it was getting more difficult to swallow. We started to order appetizers and by the time it got there, I was feeling more under the weather and thought that the food would help. However, I was increasingly light-headed. More people arrived, I tried nibbling my fries but it was too much. The other ladies started getting concerned because after coming back from the bathroom, I guess I looked pretty pale.

My SIL wanted to run next door to Steak 'n' Shake to grab me a milkshake to soothe my throat, but the wonderful people at the place even made me one off the menu. They were so kind and my food smelled so incredibly good. I nibbled at it while the SO was on his way to bring me home. I had gotten him a pita gyro and the bite of lamb I tried from that was delicious.

I had a bit of a temperature, began to hyperventilate, but couldn't stay warm. I've been in bed getting as much rest as possible. My throats been swelling and killing me, there's the sinus pressure, the aching joints have subsided, and very dry cough. I really hope to be in some shape to go into work tomorrow, but there's a flu epidemic going on that our state has recently been added to.

In other news, my father went in for his big surgery on Friday. The procedure went according to plan and he's a little worse for wear. I have received some updates and even a picture of my dad in the hospital. It'll be a long recovery road but hopefully, it will only go up from here. I hope all of my family gets some much needed rest as well.

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