Sunday, May 19

Bits & Moments

Friday: I was so relieved for it to be the weekend, but it was a long day. Lots of stuff to try to tie up at work because next week is the last week of school. I'm pretty darn sure that the adults are much more ready for this vacation than the kids are. :P

It was also the night of our office party and that is always fun! I love the house that it's been hosted at, I've gushed about it plenty of times. This will be the last time though. We had so many people retiring and/or relocating. My gut is wrenching at the thought of how the dynamic is going to change next year. So far, I do plan on coming back, we're just not sure what my title will be.

I am all about the passive sentences. Apparently.

Oh! I've taken pictures that are decent enough to share! Remember when that was a regular thing? This is a peek at my outfit for the party. A friend wanted to see my boots, so I took these to show her online. I really love these. They are so comfortable!

The contorting and brain power it took to take these... Oof.

Saturday: I crammed in some last minute house cleaning for last minute company. Ended up being volunteered to cook dinner as well. We had Beef and Broccoli using leftover BBQ tri-tip. I was proud of my efforts, it's the second time we've tried this recipe and it's still a keeper.

Served over steamed white rice. The SO added Sriracha to his.

I bought my tickets to visit my folks and friends in Florida (finally). It's costing us more than ever but we really wanted to have this time together with my dad having had his health scare these past few months. Money well spent.

Sunday: I've been stressing out about trying to make myself relax. It sounds dumb, I know, but it's the kind of stuff you deal with when dealing with a nervous person. I recorded a garden update vlog but it's not ready yet.

Through the weekend, I've been helping out with my friend's social media project. It's just going to get worse when summer hits. I need to learn to reign myself in.

Wow, do I enjoy the night time's peaceful quiet. Just a few more days... Got to keep focusing on the good and happy moments to get myself out of this mental funk.

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