Wednesday, May 8

Step Behind

I was hoping to have another garden vlog update today, but I'm feeling pretty nauseous or dehydrated right now. Gonna keep this short today.

Monday: It's Teacher Appreciation Week, so there have been snacks and goodies all around hidden in the work room, office, or lounge for us to find. Finally got a hold of my cousins and it looks like we're on for at least a week in July to reunited after a bunch of years. Ticket prices are the highest I've seen them in years but my folks are helping me out.

Tuesday: I was pretty out of it all day and game home to work a few extra hours on social media management again. That's typically only on the weekends but there was new content added and a bug that was exploited, and it's been a virtual disaster. My job mostly consisted of answer the same 3-5 questions every single time they were asked. With an average of 700 people watching the live stream, that's pretty darn often. Aspirin was desperately needed after a few hours.

Wednesday: After a yummy lunch of homemade tacos for Teacher Appreciation Week, I made a spur of the moment decision to walk home. Kind of a mistake. I haven't been feeling well and was wearing a dark long sleeved shirt. Ingenious. I trudged home and haven't felt well since. Should just head to bed early.

With Universal Studios confirming the expansion to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, here's a Draw My Life video.

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