Sunday, May 5

All The Sleep

I was all pumped about staying up late and doing all of the things that I wanted to do for me (stuff I find fun) and all that I've managed to do is sleep or want to sleep.

Cannot even begin to explain how that works. Maybe I'm still vaguely sick. I don't necessarily feel like it, but the body temperature has been slightly elevated for more than two weeks now. Don't you just love how I said I couldn't start to understand what has been going on and then trying to justify it? Yep. That just happened.

Thursday: It was FMIL's birthday, so we tried to cater to her. When we finally got home, I tackled the dishes (it sucks that the dishwasher has been broken for months now), and then set off to make a taco pie recipe she had found online. That was interesting and the first time we used ground turkey.

Friday: My class performed at a school assembly today and our schedule's been out of whack this week because of all of the special events. Next week isn't going to get much better, lol. Oye.

Came home, ran some errands, and then went to Happy Hour to celebrate FMIL's birthday with a few friends. After, I wound down with some video game livestreams.

Saturday: I woke up disgustingly late. More catching up on online media. It was International Scrapbooking Day and I had planned to bunker down and tackle a bunch of my PL 2011 album. Yeah, I barely made it through the first two pages. The body was overtired for 90% of the day. I did spend some relaxing time with the SO.

He teased me about how gung ho I was about the weekend on Thursday night, wanting to do all of the things and by "all" I had meant "sleep". :P Have been a tired pup I guess.

Sunday: Today, I got up pretty early for a weekend day. I have been hanging out with friends online trying to have a laid back day. Worked on the scrapbook pages just a little bit. It's a bit mind-boggling to be able to more or less remember what I was doing on a particular date/ week for three years.

Side note, my hair has gotten really long. It's nearly at my elbows and that's pretty rare for me. If it's not cut before my visit back to Florida, my mom and I will probably hack a good 6 inches off of it. She's right. I don't know what to do with this much hair!

Here's a video about rants because we all have those kinds of days. :)

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