Wednesday, May 29


I realize that my blog has gotten extra boring this past year with the format I've chosen to use. I apologize that the day-to-day updates are not insanely entertaining, but it's more of a record for me to use later on with my scrapbooking. That and to keep myself accountable towards the goals I set for myself. I'll be able to look back and see what I valued and spent my time on, etc.

Monday: It's Memorial Day and we spend it low-keyed and quiet. It was a nice change. I've had much more exciting things in the past but looking back on the past years (mostly thanks to this blog), I can see how things have changed for me in terms of family dynamics.

I can see that I've gone from hopeful and open, to angry and resentful, and now I think I'm drained and numb. That's definitely going to change because it needs to.

To lighten things up a bit, I did use this tutorial to do this to my nails! I'm so glad I tried it out.

Tuesday: I volunteered to go back to work to help FMIL pack up her classroom as I have done for the past few years. It's a mind-boggling time for both of us. I'm still in denial about all of the changes that are going to happen next school year.

Afterward, she and I brainstormed a gift package for one of our friends that we'll see this weekend. The window-shopping has begun in earnest!

Wednesday: My work schedule gave kitty a strict timeline in terms of feedings and his stomach does not want me to sleep any later than 7am. You are lucky that I love you to death, my furry little boy. it works out for me to get up, grab him some food, and turn on the evap cooler at the same time. I'm trying to go with my body's timer and stay awake when I get up early.

I'm getting bored with all of the things I've used to kill time lately, so I'm trying to channel that energy into productive things like catching up on purging, cleaning, organizing or picking up practicing cooking again. Heck, I haven't worked on Project Life in... a month. Holy cow.

I haven't been taking many pictures either so I'm trying to make up for that too. It goes with my current mental state of being jaded and numb. Unacceptable. That has got to change for me and those I care about. It's probably best if I don't sit down to make a plan how to get out of this funk because then it'll just be over-analyzed and worried over. Let's just do stuff. Will definitely keep you posted on that! : )

Oh! Again, before I forget any longer, this is a picture of the bats that FMIL and I saw coming out from under a bridge at sunset last Thursday. So cool.

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