Wednesday, May 22

One More Day

Doing my best to deny the fact that we're nearly halfway through this year. Yup.

Monday: I keep making new friends online and it just feels nice. I feel a bit more normal being my goofy self with people who have similar interests. I know for some this is how socializing has always been, but this is relatively new to me. We're all planning how the rest of the week is going to pan out. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Tuesday: Haven't been sleeping well, so after coming home late, I didn't do a whole lot before heading to bed. Felt lightheaded, made myself some pasta the moment I got home, and took over an hour to eat a single serving. I really hope I don't get sick for school to end.

Wednesday: I wanted to be more productive at home today and got home from work three hours late. Yeah... There goes baking and such. Oh! I did say that I had a vlog to share. One more day with kids!

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