Sunday, April 17


[Insert any other egg-pun of your choice here.]

We've used so many today in all of our sugar-high glory that both make me sick to my stomach right about now.

Yeah, this little dragon up there? 
I drew him and his Chinese zodiac friends pixel by pixel 
in various attitudes nearly 6 years ago. 
The tiny animated floating bubble head is called kao-ani. :D

My attitude totally warranted me digging through years of hold folders to find him. I have been all sorts of ambitious in minor endeavors for the past few days. I've gathered supplies to hack away at my face-length bangs, give myself a hack job of a french manicure (so I won't be posting pictures of that because it's nothing to be proud of but will suffice as a test run of my materials), stayed up late to work my knitted scarf (ugh my hands are cramping in weird ways- that means I'm doing it correctly!), locating and setting up the household's Easter decorations, and today was la pièce de résistance: a mini haul at a craft store...

So this post is actually one about a little Easter haul and the chaos that ensued. *eye twitch* I just uploaded the photos from my camera and didn't realize how blurry they came out. Bah. Well, that's what I get for rushing. Here they are anyways!

Plastic sacks that are meant to carry your knitting project 
but I'll also be using it as a portable trash receptacle during classes!

Double ended knitting needles so I can try to knit something "in the round",
my own set of crochet hooks because that's what I meant to learn,
and more yarn for me to play with.

Some "berry" garland, a crimper from Stampin' Up!, 
and some two-sided 12 x 12 patterned paper 
that we made into our own Easter grass!

Some ribbon and one of the butterfly embellishments we found today on sale.

And some acrylic paints so that I can spruce up some of the older ornaments.

The Easter Tree! 
We salvaged some old ornaments thanks to our handy dandy hot glue gun and picked up a few new ones today too. We also ripped out what was left of the old crepe paper  in the basket and added in our homemade Easter grass plus we added in some fun ribbon. Between those things, we gave it new life and it was so beyond refreshing!

 A little but of a close-up of some of the tiny ornaments.
We'll be re-painting the older ones after the season is done.
They seem to have been hand-painted, but with smudges and such... Yeah.

This is the wreath we altered. It was just the twigs and golden eggs, which was nice enough. However, we added the ribbon, sprigs of berry garland, sugar coated bunnies, and butterfly clip to make it more festive and our own.

Some decor we dug out and spread around the house, 
like on the mantle and entertainment hutch.

In the special spot on the front security door.

 A close-up of a sweet bunny and wired butterfly breezing into the middle of the wreath. 

Too much fun, right? That's one face lift out of the way. The SO and I are both doing out best to live by a little plan: "Choose an area that's four feet by four feet & fix it." FMIL was getting a bit frazzled about not being able to easily get to her holiday decor because the garage is getting out of hand and I was a bit twitchy about how we still had Christmas lights around the front door, so we fixed nearly all of that today! Roar!

Here's crossing my fingers that we can all keep that momentum going this week! See you soon. <3

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