Thursday, April 14


I'm significantly more smiley today than I have been in a while because the SO and I celebrated our third anniversary of dating today. It was nice to get out of the house and be taken out to dinner. We'd do it more often but things are so monetarily tight right now for both of us, so it's not that he's a bum. One of his trains of thought about this tough situation we're in right now is that we're learning to live and be comfortable with limited means, when life turns around for us, we will have a renewed sense about what we need to spend our money on.

I'm running on no sleep because Sunkist has way too much caffeine in it for my own good. I did channel my frustrated restlessness into finishing the almighty mega-scrapbook that I started two years and two months ago. How freaking ridiculous am I? It's done and I don't have to pull out the pages from any of the sleeves ever again (*fingers crossed!*). What a relief! Never again will I ever wing something so big. Unless we suddenly become multi-gazillionaires with way too much free time and the over-confidence to match. :D It's nothing too outrageous or gorgeous but it's simple and sweet and I love it and what it represents all the same. How many more times can I use "&" in a sentence? Sigh. Maybe I'm more delirious than I thought. It really is like not realizing when you're tipsy -> drunk. :P

I am also tackling my first real knitting project today. Of course I had to accidentally pick the widest and largest scarf ever. Ugh. Foresight. Use it, me. I shall definitely post pictures and a link to the pattern if I managed to not strangle myself trying to finish it. If this gives you any idea, I had to cast on with 50 stitches and then knit 60 rows! That's more than I have done for any of my practice pieces and they were 8 inches long! :( The real kicker is that that's only 1/6 of the entire project. *sob* I hope I can do this. I'm pretty darn stubborn. I think. I'm also pretty indecisive. (Ya think? Lol.)

Alright, I'm going to get back to all that stitching. Wish me luck! I'll see you soon. <3

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