Sunday, April 10

Scrapped Notes

As a few more pieces of the puzzle fall into place, I'm having stranger and more vivid dreams about the future and people currently in my life. That's a somewhat new concept for me. I feel like I haven't written in here for ages but it was only four days ago. I must have been delirious. XD

In the meantime, we're laying out the plans to do more home renovations and I'm working on finishing my first scrapbook. I started it about two years ago and it's three times bigger than it should have been! Well, to give you an idea, it's 38 pages that are 12x12 inches. Oh yes. I am nearly certifiably insane like that. I had nothing but one cheapo pack of patterned paper, a glue stick (which I loathe), dozens upon dozens of pictures, scissors, permanent markers, and stars in my eyes. Oh, and other miscellaneous craft things like some string and origami paper.

It was way too ambitious of a project for my first time scrapbooking and I've learned so much about the products and a few techniques to streamline the process next time around. *snorts* I am so in love with the concept of mini albums but I don't do enough stuff to take enough pictures of to put into albums and it seems a bit silly to continuously make empty booklets. Plus, to mess more of my mind up, I'm not the type to only use one photo and make that page super pretty with embellishments. I'm the type that crams as many words, snippets of pictures, and decor as possible. Ugh, my brain will be the death me. Lol.

Rofl. Our kitty is choosing now to be a complete spaz. That's talent in such a tiny space. Maybe it's because of the super sudden cold and wet front we're under right now.

I guess I shall keep scouring YouTube for new and fun music to listen too while we figure out what the rest of the day will be entail. See you soon! <3

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