Friday, April 1

Spring Is Here

Alright, just because spring is officially here and the times have changed in other states doesn't mean the weather can stop being wonderful.

We briefly had some beautiful 70-something, albeit windy, days and suddenly we're creeping around in the 90's. Excuse me? We're furiously trying to get our evaporative cooler in good working order before it reaches the century mark and we're actually suffering but it's been road block after road block.

However, hours and several trips to our favorite local hardware store later, we have some cool almost clean air coming in through the house! We've gotten to the point of needing a professional electrician coming in to look at  wiring but maybe they could also look at the dining room chandelier that has been on the fritz too.

Ooftah, I've sitting up on the roof in 90 degree weather most of today. I think I want to rest. I'll see you soon. <3

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