Sunday, April 3

{Not} Fair Enough

The past few (and some of the hottest we've had yet this year) days have been spent on the roof of the house prepping the evaporative cooler for the real summer weather. We've gotten as far as I think we're going to go so the next step will be re-coating and sealing the entire roof. Last year, the SO and his mom patched up the roughest spots but we're hoping that we can get the whole family in on the dealio. Oh yes, I just used that word and it's been that long of a day.

After a series of unfortunate events (:P) FMIL and I went down to the 41st Annual 4th Avenue Street Fair (Spring edition versus the Winter one) and walked around to see all of the booths and roughly 400 vendors. Very cool local shops and bars line that area, it's right by the university, it only runs from Friday through Sunday during the daytime, and it brought in about 250,000 people. Not too shabby, hm? Features local music, petitions, a carnival ride or two, and a lot of yummy food. I actually didn't get anything this time around but it was enjoyable to see so much. I should snap a picture of the ornament I got last time I went. This was my third time!

I really like to go to see all the crafts and goods. Such amazing creations. I was too chicken to take any pictures unfortunately, the thought made me feel like such a creeper. It was pretty toasty and sunny out so I do believe that I'm drained from all the intense sun I've been getting this past week/weekend.

Jumping to another subject, I was finally breaking down a few boxes that have been taking up space in the living room lately to recycle and had the brilliant idea to make a temporary kitty jungle. The packing material were long sheets of paper material like in paper lunch bags so I made all sorts of tunnels and fields and caves for the two boys to play in. It took them a bit longer than expected to get excited about but they finally did play for a few minutes together amongst the rubble and it was great fun to see. I'll try to get a photo or two up eventually. Right now, I don't think I can remember how to work my camera. Sigh.

In almost related news, I. Do. NOT. Like. Cockroaches. AT. ALL. How on Earth do they think that climbing on something alive is a good idea?! Yesterday evening, one was actually climbing up the inside of the SO's pant leg. UGH! Tonight, I was on this very laptop and one was climbing up my friggin' side onto my arm. AAARGH! I yelp often. That's just my abrupt noise of choice for many occasions. Everyone that was in the the house at the time heard me scream-yelp as I furiously swiped it off and tried to squish it. It took a couple of tries because I wasn't whacking it hard enough with my flip flop before it dove underneath the couch a few times. But finally one of the cats not only caught it while it was running out from underneath the couch, but was carrying it in his mouth to go show/give it to his dad. XD He and I are... I want to say having a power struggle, but we both know that I am the boss in the end. I'm such a rotten kitty auntie- when I mean business, I mean business and I always mean business with him. Well, the little booger ended up being my hero tonight, so I fed him a few treats. That still doesn't get me over the sheer rudeness of roaches. Lol. Not. Cool.

I have no idea what else I may start saying if I don't stop myself now. ^_^ See you soon!

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