Sunday, September 4

Box of Treasures

This is me writing as soon as possible so as not to procrastinate. So soon, in fact, that I've cooled down but am still covered in dirt. Oh the priorities of my generation and neurosis. :D

This is another garden post but it's the SO's fault today! I accompanied him to our umpteenth visit to our favorite hardware store this month and wanted to show him the planted that I eventually wanted to get for the herbs (parsley and cilantro). Then he goes and brings one down from the top shelf for me and suggests that I grab more herbs to try out. Herbs are actually something I would consistently use that I could grow in my new garden (I'm terrible at the vegetable-game. I'm working on it.). So, while I'm deciding on one or two more common herbs to try, he looks at the selection and suggest I try one of everything. O_o. Well, one kind of each type of herb. Not every single one they had available. And we did. Oh boy. XD Here is what happened outside today:

I woke up to check on the plants and found that the family dog had run rampart right through the moist lettuce bed. I now have no idea how the two rows I planted will turn out. I've added a few obstacles around the area but who knows what that hot mess will do. Sigh. At least there was some really good news to see:

 Do you see that light spot in the middle?
Slytherin has two tiny flowers that have started to open today!
Heeding some advice, I plucked off the sucker branches that have sprouted on the tomatoes in the past couple of days.
The SO helped me scavenge all of the rocks to put in the bottom.
I filled that sucker up good. With what exactly?
 Sweet Basil,
 Onion-flavored Chives,
Left a space for my peated Cilantro,
 Fern-leaf Dill,
 A ton of Oregano,
 More Italian Straight-leaf Parsley,
Round Leaf Sage,
 Some very sweet Stevia,
 Fragrant Tarragon,
& Common Thyme.

Oh good gravy. What have we done? That's ten different herbs in a 24 inch length of space. I am so excited to see what may happen in that box. At least I can still carry it around myself if I need to save them from the elements or rabbits. The seeds were all so tiny! I couple of them got away from me throughout the garden (>_<) and some went where they wanted inside the planter, but I sowed generous amounts of each in their respective sections. 

It's going to kill me to thin out the herd later on. I have yet to purposely do that because of how encouraged I was with my other plants. Nature has done the selection for me up to this point but I have planted so many seeds this time, there's no way they could all coexist together.

I suppose I should have started out learning how to garden this way but what's done is done! Lol. Upon some calculation, we've determined that we should have some lettuce to try around Halloween and cherry tomatoes to play with by Thanksgiving! That's... actually close! I have no idea what the estimate is for the Thai Hots, XD. 

I need to un-gross myself now. I'll see you soon! <3

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