Thursday, September 8

New Additions

That seems like a title I would have used before. Again, I'm no longer up for checking over 420 posts to see if I have. :( I think that kind of makes me a terrible blogger in some fashion.

Here to share some pictures of recent happenings! Let's start with a creepy crawly visitor:

 One of the brothers had this little one fall onto him the other night and made him a little habitat.
 After much scouring of the internet, I found that it is a Hubbard Silk Moth. Wikipedia doesn't even know about it!
This is about 35 days after its hatching, the week that it's supposed to bury itself and pupate!

It's a pretty local resident and has only gained its reddish hue in the past week. Those light white-looking scales are actually metallic silver. Wicked-looking but gentle. It's been fascinating to watch and strikingly resembles the mesquite tree it was in. 

Next comes a quick update from the garden that I've deemed the Blooms and Suckers era.
 A few days ago, we had a few buds like this one. This is from Gryffindor.
 Each day, we see more and more flowers! If you look closely, there are three in this picture. This is from Slytherin, of course.
 There are not too many spots that have multiple blooms where each survive, but there's still hope! This is from Ravenclaw.
If you lean the right way, you can see what looks like tiny black seeds inside. The original seeds were not black so I don't know what to do with this information. This is from Hufflepuff.

I cannot wait for more buds to bloom! I cannot believe how much energy these chili peppers have to give because they have so much going on right now. Take a look at what else they are up to:
 Gryffindor is overcompensating for its sudden nakedness by popping out a ton of new leaves.
 Slytherin had started this project the earliest and now has a new branch that grows like mad.
 For the longest time, each plant had little nubs where each big leaf came from. Once that leaf is gone, like here on Ravenclaw, they put energy into expansion within a week or so.
I believe these new growths are what are "affectionately" called sucker branches and while I've plucked them off on the cherry tomato plants, I welcome them on the peppers. They were never supposed to have such giant leaves but in fact a couple of busy vertical branches. Yay for finally getting these guys into a more familiar climate!

Speaking of the tomatoes, look at how they are taking off! I really hope that I see signs of budding soon. They like leaning in whatever they please despite my efforts to correct this.
Next up, I forgot to share this sooner, but we've already fulfilled our new recipe a month quota! I don't know how it ended up happening, but it was yet another recipe that required quick frying. The difference this time was that I did not burn anything or anyone! I AM trainable! Sorta. Here is a snapshot of half of the skillet barbecued pork chops we had:
They came out week despite my inexperience and their thinness. We had some cheesy mashed potatoes, applesauce, and green beans with it. The household has voted for this recipe to be a repeat! Hooray! I am so enamored with this cookbook. Three out of four complete successes! Number four (the meatballs I told you guys about) is under personal debate for the next time I feel brave enough to try again despite the family surviving un-scarred from the first time.

Lastly comes something else I've been making with my own two hands. That reminds me that I made an odd purchase at Ace Hardware yesterday when we got the final pieces for a well-working bathroom sink faucet: plant labels, a meat thermometer, and pan scrapers. I used up all of my labels with the addition of various herbs and the lettuce, I got a meat thermometer for myself to help with my cooking journey, and I actually got the pan scrapers to help me open up my Simply Adorned charm more easily. My nails are not yet strong enough, but the first time I tested it out, it opened! Unfortunately, my hand kept going and proceeded to take a chunk out of my other hand's cuticle. It smarted. Not my brightest of ideas but it more or less worked. Anywho, the things I've been making with what's left of my two hands:
 I know you've seen the top two Outer Space inserts, but I like taking the pictures in groups of six now. :D There's a Bear theme that happens in FMIL's classroom twice a year now, and the last pair is Lunar/Asian New Year inspired. The Chinese dragon is cracking open a fortune cookie with a heart and peace sign as a fortune.
I just finished these before blogging. As an aspiring school teacher and the school year just starting, I had to make obligatory Apple themed inserts. Next week, I'm going in and they are starting their Plant-themed experiments, so I made a seedling and tree inserts. I believe that two weeks from now (the beginning of October probably), there will be a creepy-crawly Bug theme. I had to make pretty bugs after watching the Hubbard Silk Moth caterpillar crawling around its chalice and subsequently viewing hundreds of pictures of different worm-like critters. 

I had challenged myself to use every current Stampin' Up! color in these inserts and as of the last pair, I've already succeeded! I'm glad that forced me out of my comfort zone because I've loved these new color combos. I now have an entire dining table covered in various scraps and feel that I should probably celebrate this feat by cleaning up a little. >_<; Whoops. I still have plenty of theme ideas but feel that this is a pretty good pausing point.

Lol, I hope you have enjoyed these snapshots and will see you soon! <3

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