Monday, September 26

Worn Thin

My prediction was true about this past week. It was quite a bit of work but I'm proud of the job I did and feel confident in the choices I've made. That's saying a lot after coming home each day overflowing with a different emotion. Good food and plenty of rest does wonders, lol.

I haven't done much else besides go through the motions of chores and normal living. At least, not much more that I remember doing. Thank goodness for the SO keeping a closer eye on me than normal. I started counting down the days until I could get some sleep again. After being eaten alive by bugs throughout the week, I caved and took half of an antihistamine and passed OUT in the middle of my bed with one hand on the mouse in the middle of doing something on my laptop. Oye, my nerd-dom.

There is something that I had to share from my week at school. I had a mild freak out midway through class when I saw these because I had forgotten about these things that had played such a big part of my childhood.

The flashbacks.

This made me so happy to see. I remember spending hours in our basement den tracing these stencils, drawing in the details, and then coloring my pictures in. There were more but these are some that I remembered the most. I also learned that they were once a part of some promotional sets from Tupperware. So much love.

I feel a little guilty about not actively posting about my garden. With the re-write, I realized that I may have put a little too much detail 60% of the time and was burnt out. This week also made me feel like a plant killer. :( That all aside, this milestone is worth the mention!
The peppers each have peppers growing up to one inch in length so far!
 Little ones from Slytherin.
 For scale. I can't wait until they start to ripen!
Gryffindor currently has the biggest pepper.

Slytherin's new branch has flowered!

Ravenclaw has suddenly put all of its energy into flowering consistently.

Hufflepuff is doing a little bit of everything the others are doing.

The cherry tomatoes have really benefited from being outdoors and fed.
Oh! We've named them! I keep forgetting to post that. They are named after the Disney Channel show: "Phineas and Ferb."
 Tomato #1 is Phineas!
 It has the biggest and first cherry tomato!

Tomato #2 is Ferb.
 They are easy to miss at first but look at these cuties!

Tomato #3 is, of course, Perry!
They've gotten so big and wonky. We're currently brainstorming ideas on how to remedy this.

 This is the initial batch of Italian Parsley.

I haven't taken a close-up picture in a while but it has finally recovered, hardened, growing again, and standing up on it's own for the first time! Jeez, it's about time.

 Here is my lettuce bed. I went through and thinned it out dramatically and now it's hard to tell how much progress it has made since.

 This is my herb planter! We finally have substantial growth!
(And apparently my feet. >_<)
With the intense storms that I wrote about last week (they're probably gone for good now) and the ants invading my garden, I decided to "cheat" a little and replant the herbs that had yet to sprout. Luckily, it has worked so far!
 Here is the new Basil!
I'm thinning them out a little early.

The lone Chive.
I've planted more, it takes a little longer but I've seen some promising signs!

 The transferred Cilantro.
I'm so glad that these have done well after transplanting them here from the separate pot.

The now-sparse Dill.
It's at least twice as big as anything else in the box and sprouted first.

The tiny Oregano.
It's a relief to see that the second try has been successful thus far. Keep going!

 The other Parsley.
I had to thin these out a lot too.

 The hint of Sage.
If you squint you can see the beginning's of my second go way in the back!

The resilient Stevia.
I moved these one inch over because they had settled into Sage's spot and they are recovering well.

 The Tarragon taking off.
In the spots that are a bit bare, I also added more seeds so I'm hoping to see full rows soon.

The little bit of Thyme.
At least, I think it's mostly Thyme, some of these seedlings look a lot like the weeds that I've been plucking out of my garden.

Next up are the Jalapeños.
These first three have a healthy set of second leaves already!
These three are working on it.
That lighter pot has a spare jalapeño, a ghost pepper fruit, and a tomato sucker branch that I felt too guilty to throw out just yet.
 The smaller pot is full of Ghost Pepper seeds and there's a tiny Jalapeño in the big Terracotta colored pot.
The eighth and last Jalapeño.
We're trying pretty hard to think of good names for them.
Have I mentioned the fact that we planted bell pepper seeds?
Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. :D

That's all for now. I'm still trudging along with the recipe project. We picked up some Mod-Podge and acrylic spray for archiving purposes. I am having a hard time getting the paste to not show brush marks even though I'm applying it with a foam brush. Sigh. It'll all be worth it someday. See you soon! <3

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