Friday, September 9

Lesson In Patience

It's so nice to have everyone in the household excited about my garden corner to some degree.

It pretty much means that I can check on the plants constantly, I don't have to in order to stay in the know because everyone else is getting curious throughout the day, examining each of them, and reporting any news to the rest of us.

It's actually pretty fantastic lately because with how fast some of these guys are growing, they really do change from morning, afternoon, and evening. I have been having a bit of an issue with ants in my herb planter and lettuce bed. I really think they are making a vacation home in each area. Those... jerks. I have a theory that they are attracted to the freshly tossed soil, consistent water, and new seeds. I've tried a few natural repellents-concoctions but they just go about their business: waiting for it to stop being unbearably hot, going nuts if it looks like its about to storm, and then go to bed at night. Sigh.

I have been pretty fretful that they were destroying my plants before they even got a chance to sprout but look at what we've discovered today!

You may be able to see it but here's part of the top right row:
and here is a chunk of the bottom left row:
Holy Cow! They've survived being trampled on by the dog, being continuously invaded by ants, and my erratic-unsure watering! Whoa. The kicker is that they are mostly in their respective rows. :P

FMIL happened upon this with the cherry tomatoes, I have no idea how none of us have noticed before today:
Tomato #1

Tomato #2

 Tomato #3

Those, my good friends, are BUDS! Wow! I know I calculated that we may have tomatoes by the end of fall but I didn't completely process that it meant we should see something like this happening right now. Amazing.

This is a gratuitous picture of FMIL's tiny large-egg-size terrarium of Butterfly Bushes. It was planted a little more than a week ago and has the potential to become 8-15 feet tall. Another holy cow concept.

Growing a garden does not get stale, no pun intended... somehow, I feel that it could loosely have been a pun. O_o I no longer really know what I'm talking about so I'll see you soon! Lol. <3

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