Saturday, September 10

Short Stops

As the torrential rain pours and I'm running my laptop on its battery because of the close lightning strikes, I know I probably won't water the plants tomorrow. Even though I did it earlier today. Go, modern rain dance. Of sorts. Not has powerful as getting the fancy drive-thru car wash, but pretty close for someone who doesn't own a vehicle.

If this is the last storm of our summer monsoon season, it is really going out with a bang. North of us, there are tornado warnings because funnel clouds have been sighted. The dog is being a terrified nuisance because she won't think she's safe until she has successfully managed to climb under our skin, literally. I don't know what else to do with her but either all of us sit on her or I bash myself unconscious to effectively ignore the shenanigans. Sorry, there is not much more we can do about the noise.

Well, before the sky tore open, this is what was happening in the garden after the other gusty storms:
 Gryffindor is definitely suffering right now, but there's too much lightning for me to go out and try to do anything about it.

  Slytherin is as invasive as ever, but it's new lower branch is still trucking along. We're keeping a close eye on the flowers that have finished blooming.

 Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. The former is trying out budding again while the latter is getting just as
"furry" as Gryffindor.
 This cannot be a lettuce! It's appeared in the past two days and is over an inch tall! Possibly a Palo Verde? Keeping a close eye on it, just in case.
 You can barely see them, but those are Dill sprouting!
 This is either Tarragon or Thyme, it's hard to tell because it's almost between the two labels. >_< I'm guessing Tarragon.
This is the little Spider Plant that has finally recovered from being planted in a pot. New growths!

In the meantime, I can show you what I've worked on for the past... two nights. I was scouring the internet for storage ideas for all of the Simply Adorned charm inserts that I've been making and it has been tough. I finally found a solution that I enjoyed thanks to Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail: Her Gift Card Wallet design!
She doesn't want us to embed her videos so you have to click on the link to watch the quick YouTube tutorial. She is so creative and lovely. I spread the inserts out for the sake of the picture, but I put four per row and think that I need to make at least one more. :P
 I used Stampin' Up! cards stock, Cricut's Lyrical Letters, and the images were inspired by Cricut's Simply Charmed. Cute concept, right?
 These are themes from different classroom lesson plans. I think I'm going to have much more of these in the future.
 This one holds the generic everyday inserts.
 I will probably add more monochromatic and personal themed inserts in the near future.
 This sweet one features any holiday or seasonal inserts.
 There's not many now, but you know I have a bunch planned. I've only made it a third of the way through my preliminary idea list!

How sweet is that? It saves me from throwing them in a box and flipping through them like a deck of cards. I comfortably fit four per row, meaning that I can keep 24 inserts per booklet (or 12 coordinating pairs). The pockets are 1 inch deep and the entire thing is 5 by 5 inches when closed. 

After my first time making one, I realized I wanted to make sure I had enough give for a small spine and somehow the second one came out all crooked (it had a spine though!). That was one sign that I took to mean I needed to just go to bed already, lol. 

They peek out in the picture, but keep in mind that these tiny pieces are only 1.25 inches tall! They fit all snug and I can recognize what they are just by seeing a little bit of the top and slide them out with my thumb. Can you tell that I like blue? And my Silver Sharpie. XD I adore that thing.

Off to make some semblance of a meat sauce! See you soon. <3

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