Saturday, March 26

Couch Potato-ing

I think the living room couch officially has an indentation of my big fat tush permanently embedded into it on one side. The good news is that I've planted myself in a different spot lately to, you know, even things out a bit. >_> Right. I'll just keep telling myself that. I'm actually nestled in right now because I couldn't sleep because I feel like crap. Good enough reason, aye?

I feel like I haven't updated in forever. I had a few ideas and would forget them by the time I had a chance to sit down and then couldn't think of what to write other than two or three sentences once I was ready. Maybe my handy dandy and mildly neglected camera can help jolt my brain.

Alright, now that they're uploaded to my laptop... um... I guess that's something to work with. Lol.

Do you see this? It's a tiny cup of ice cream completely with it's own plastic "spoon" inside the lid. How is that for a quick chocolate fix? I saw it at a Walgreens or something, died a little from joy and how cute it was, and knew I had to have it. So satisfying and yet I still want more now...
This is what we caught of the Super Full Moon last weekend after we ate out with the family. It was indeed bigger and brighter!
Slowly but surely, I'm still practicing my knitting. I still do not know how to purl nor do I know how to cast off or end my project because I am that awesome. :P That's on top of my directions on how to do all of the above and that sneak peek of owl is the book I got to learn how to make little toys via a technique called amigurumi. The beauty of that is: it's crocheting. The thing that I'm not learning how to do. This is also due to the fact that I am amazing like that. >_<
I went on a little adventure across town on Monday for some work stuff. I decided to be brave and take the city bus and then walk home. I neglected to remember the fact that the first half of this southerly walk would be uphill. Then, I discovered that all the wind we've been getting was blowing north that day. It was wonderful... 
The sidewalk foliage provided some amusement. That's a baby mesquite tree with it's crazy thorns and three different kinds of flowering weeds.

Look at the line of little cacti! 
Um... I think they're barrel cacti but I have little to no idea of what I'm talking about. 

As uneasy as the trek home made me, at least the scenery tried its best to be cheery. I loved how they've stayed separated on either side of the sidewalk. Oh yeah, I was told that the pinkish-purple magenta flowers on the right were planted there on purpose. Some of them were nearly 4 feet tall!

I worked a little more on my digital recipe scrapbook and hit a bit of a mental road block with a particularly tricky technique. I wish I could share a page, but none of them are 100% done yet because I'm still missing information or pictures. Hm. Oh, who cares? I'll go grab something.

 This is what my page looks like after I input and arrange the recipe components.

And this is more or less a finished page.

Nothing too stellar or mind-blowing here but I'm glad I'm getting it done in a way that gives me all of the information I'll ever want about recipes we've loved. Pain-stakingly detailed steps, generous times and conservative serving estimates, ingredients listed in order of appearance in the recipe, where/ who I got the recipe from and when I obtained the recipe, and a quick fun story about the dish. It's a lot to fit into a 8 x 8 inch page! I can't wait to print out my first completed pages and sliding them into page protectors. 

I've also taken over this section of the living room for project and card making. *Looks around at the chaos* Ugh. The projects are all prepped and tucked into individual manila envelopes and I got many cards done and added to my stash. As I typed that I realized that I have yet to take pictures of any of them... Sigh. 

I think I'm going to go cuddle with mister kitty man until I feel a bit better instead. Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you soon!

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  1. I'm loving the recipe pages you are making! And the recipe on this one looks yummy! You may have to share your book of recipes when you're finished! :)

    Oh! Thanks for your Thirty-One order! Now, you'll have an adorable apron to cook all these yummylicious recipes in! :)


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