Saturday, June 25

Animals on Parade

How is it that all the critters are coming out all over the place now that it is officially summer and we're regularly reaching past the century mark? Where were you in the spring when it was bearable? Even though we haven't had any significant rain in the area since November, these skinny guys are pulling through somehow. You have got to admire the resilience of nature.

Here are some more pictures of the wildlife!

I'm not fast enough to catch a picture of the hummingbirds,but we did see this woodpecker awkwardly helping himself while the sparrows and finches looked on incredulously.
 It's through the window screen, but that's a quail parent and its babies.

Of course I would try to get a better picture than that!
Can you see them now?

Suddenly, the babies took off towards the big bush, one parent instantly followed, & then we discovered that the other parent was right behind the palo verde trunk. What a blur of legs!

This is what I found outside of our front door this morning.

 The baby has hatched!
What a striking family resemblance.

I love zooming in.
Such a startled look!

There was also a minor scorpion incident this evening but I'm not going to show a picture of that. >_< The ants and roaches have started up again in full force and I'm crossing my fingers that we don't have any more assassin bugs in the house. Regardless, wasn't I right about all of the sightings? It's one of the things I love the most about living out here (and one of the heart-stopping qualities).

Alright, I took a break from my break from crocheting a baby afghan blanket and now need to get back to scrapbooking. See you soon! <3

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