Thursday, June 16


Why am I awake at this unsavory hour on a summer day when I have no plans??

Because temperatures are quickly trotting past the century mark at around 7 in the morning, we don't have automatic air-conditioning, and the household had our first official assassin bug attack of the season yesterday.

I hate those things. I wrote about them last year. The poor SO. :( He has his first all encompassing allergic reaction almost instantly.

And I am/ we are all paranoid now.

You know that feeling you get after squishing or finding creepy crawlies? Every little sensation feel like something is touching you and invading your space for the rest of the day. At least.

Yeah, that's what we've felt like. I even got bit on my foot twice something yesterday/ overnight but I couldn't react fast enough to catch whatever it was that got me because my leg has been asleep for most of the day. Hooray for trucking away at work on the computer. /sigh.

I have even been keeping the room cleaner than I typically have because of the ridiculous ant issue from a few weeks back. And yet there are still roaches and other creatures still wandering in.

It is driving me insane.

RAWR. I am most definitely not a morning person but I do feel as if we should get something significant accomplished today while we are conscious these couple of extra hours when we'd normally be in dreamland.

I suppose I'm extra cranky because sleep has been awful the past few nights for pretty much the same reasons.

I'm going to go grumble and gripe some more until I'm more awake. I'll see you soon! <3

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