Thursday, June 23


I have been having some pretty bad cravings for the past two weeks. I've been annihilating shredded cheddar cheese (two bags down, I don't even know...) and chocolate. Today, I bought two more bags of shredded cheese (it was half the price of getting cheese sticks or cubes) and some chocolate-vanilla pudding. I am just hunkering down like whoa.

A few weeks ago, FMIL, the SO, and I were watching America's Test Kitchen and saw them test for the best overall chocolate chips and then modify Toll House's chocolate chip recipe to make their own Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie. We just tried it and wowza. I don't know if they're the best I've ever had, but they are certainly darn good.

Before I made them rounder.

The first batch, fresh from the oven.

Some of the cookies from the second batch abandoned ship coming out of the oven and were shredded as they fell through the oven rack grate.
:( Sadness.

They turned out just like they said they would in the episode and recipe. How often does that happen? I love how they included sections in their recipe that explain why they altered certain ingredients or steps- just like in the show! I highly recommend them. We added walnuts to ours.

Right after we finished baking some pizza in the oven, we got a call from the other household about a bobcat sighting in the backyard. So, a few of us drove over to go check it out. We crept into the house with our phones and cameras ready. We're not very convinced it was a bobcat and we're thinking lynx of some hybrid. It definitely looks like an adolescent whatever it is though. These are not the best of pictures but we didn't want to bother it too much or endanger each other by getting close. All through various windows and a distance of at least five feet away.

This is next to a small patio right off of the master bedroom.

The noises we made stirred it. What a skinny kitty. :(

See that tail? Doesn't look like much of a bob.

It came up in front of the master bedroom window to look straight at one of the guys in a show of dominance.

"Alright, nap time's over. Time to get out of here."

"Just gonna hang out here for a second. You're not making me leave. I'm choosing to leave."

 Cat butt. 
Just like any other cat would to do you.

How cool was that?! That was my personal first sighting of a wild feline in the semi-wild since moving here. Very thrilling. Neighbors and the real estate agent had said there was a bobcat that hung around this former vacation home by the pool in the shade on lounge chairs that the previous owner had in that area. It's been a full year, but I think its back! It worries us a bit that it's accustomed to the area but we don't have small pets of children running around right now, so we're all going to cautiously co-exist. 

We're assuming it was waiting for this to happen before heading out:

Softer and hazy sunset due to all the smoke in the air from the local wildfires. X(

Sigh, I need to get back to work. I've been awfully distracted today by the weight of thoughts that have been on my mind. I'll see you soon! <3

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